Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1292 - Swim back through the sea?

Chapter 1292: Swim back through the sea?

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“Ah, you are so unruly. A mere accident caused us to worry for so many years. Seven Star and Big Dipper 1 , those brats; we missed you everyday. Back then, they were turning the Independent State upside down to find you, but you didn’t even give us a call. How heartless.” Although the woman said this, her eyes were incredibly gentle.

Then she casually looked at her chest before saying with a smile, “You’ve transformed quite a bit these past years. If it weren’t for Seven Star saying you were back, I definitely wouldn’t have recognized you.”

Without waiting for Ye Wanwan to respond, she excitedly hugged Ye Wanwan and tousled her roughly.

As she was embraced by this soft and warm person, Ye Wanwan’s lips twitched imperceptibly.

Um… I-isn’t this too intimate?

Could she be using the honey pot trap against me?

What Ye Wanwan didn’t notice was how the other woman’s gaze surreptitiously landed on Ye Wanwan’s messed up neckline.

When the woman saw the half-hidden crescent birthmark, obvious surprise and joy surfaced in her eyes.

Ye Wanwan wore a faint smile that looked intimate, but she knew full well that this woman was probably here to test her.  ( NovelFull )

“Alright, I’m a bit tired. You should go back,” Ye Wanwan calmly said.

“Alright, alright. Xiao Feng, rest for a bit.” The woman nodded with a faint smile and turned to leave.

Outside the conference room, Seven Star leaned against the wall with his eyes closed, deep in thought.

“Seven Star.”

Soon, the woman walked out of the conference room and looked at Seven Star.

“Autumn Water, what did you think?” Seven Star calmly asked, his eyes closed.

“That woman is Xiao Feng,” the woman said.

Upon hearing that, Seven Star’s eyes, which were bright like the stars, suddenly opened.

“Really?” A ripple finally traversed through Seven Star’s eyes.

Autumn Water had an extremely good relationship with the president, and she was one of the few people who had ever seen the president’s birthmark. As for the others, they either unfortunately died in battle or were still held captive by other factions these past years…

“It’s true.” Autumn Water, nodded, her tone certain.

“Alright, Sister Autumn Water, I understand.” Before Autumn Water could respond, Seven Star entered the conference room and closed the heavy doors.

Inside the conference room:

Confusion rose in Seven Star’s eyes as he looked at the girl sitting in her chair.

“Sis Feng, where did you go this whole time?” Seven Star asked aloofly.

Ye Wanwan: “…”

This again, this again! Enough already!

How the heck should I reply? Bro Flattop, where the heck did you go?

“Do I need to report to you about my whereabouts?” Ye Wanwan sat on the sofa sloppily.

“Of course Sis Feng doesn’t need to report her whereabouts to me.” Seven Star walked toward Ye Wanwan and also sat down on the sofa.

Seven Star added, “This time, if you leave without saying anything again, the Fearless Alliance will find you even if we have to dig three feet under the ground, unless you leave the Independent State.”

Ye Wanwan’s face chilled when she heard that, her heart festering with complaints she couldn’t voice.

Seven Star is f*cking pushing me to my death!

With Fearless Alliance’s power in the Independent State, it really would be that easy for them to find a person…

So even if she ran, she’d probably be found by the Fearless Alliance again…

As for leaving the Independent State… First of all, she didn’t have money. Second of all, she didn’t have a passport or ID card. How the heck would she leave? Should she really swim back through the sea?

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