Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1282 - She’s not a member of the Zhou family

Chapter 1282: She’s not a member of the Zhou family

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“You’re from the Zhou family?” a certain member from the Fearless Alliance shouted coldly.

Ye Wanwan immediately shook her head.

If she admitted that, she’d probably be killed on the spot!

“She’s not a member of the Zhou family!”

Suddenly, the main door opened and the 80 or so people from the Zhou family rushed out. Patriarch Zhou shouted, “Don’t hurt the innocent!”

“Heh, our Fearless Alliance naturally wouldn’t harm the innocent,” the elderly man next to Seven Star said with a sneer.

Fervent discussion bubbled around them as more and more pedestrians gathered in front of the Zhou residence.

Not a single family who received a Seven Kill Order had survived, so to the onlookers, the Zhou family would die without a doubt. After today, the Zhou family would exist no more.

“I want to ask, how did our Zhou family offend your Fearless Alliance?” Patriarch Zhou was very confused. They’d never had any interactions with the Fearless Alliance, so why were they issued a Seven Kill Order for no reason?

“There wasn’t much… It’s just that the location of your Zhou residence is decent and the fengshui is good, so the Fearless Alliance wanted to establish a branch here,” the elderly man next to Seven Star responded with a smile in a matter-of-fact manner.

“What… what did you say…” Patriarch Zhou was livid from anger. “You want to eradicate my Zhou family just because of this… If you like it, our Zhou family can give it to you without a cent of compensation!”

“Heh… you want to give it to our Fearless Alliance as charity?” The elderly man looked disdainful.

Their Fearless Alliance had always been like this – they would snatch whatever they liked. As for people, they would kill them if they wanted to. It all depended on their mood. Reason and logic weren’t important to them.

“It wouldn’t be charity… I hope you won’t twist my meaning. This is an exchange. I’ll use the fortuitous land that you value to trade for my family’s lives,” Patriarch Zhou patiently explained to the elderly man.

Patriarch Zhou feared the Fearless Alliance from the bottom of his heart. They were a faction that basked in murder and slaughter. Being targeted by the Fearless Alliance represented misfortune and disaster.

“Enough nonsense. Since you received a Seven Kill Order from the Fearless Alliance, the fate of your Zhou family was decided the day you received the order.” The elderly man snorted and flicked his sleeves. “Kill!”

The dozen Fearless Alliance members with “Fearless” written on their backs all charged toward the Zhou family instantly.

“Father, don’t waste your words… It’s useless. We’ll stake everything we have today!”

Zhou Wu acted and was the first to meet the Fearless Alliance’s attack without any intention of retreating.

However, although Zhou Wu was quite skilled in martial arts, he was still inferior to the members of the Fearless Alliance. A few breaths later, Zhou Wu was sent flying back like a snipped kite.

Shouts and curses endlessly rang out. Although the Zhou family had a lot of members, they were defeated like a landslide when faced with the elite experts of the Fearless Alliance. They didn’t fear death, but bravado was useless in the face of such a difference in strength.

The elderly man suddenly moved and gripped Patriarch Zhou’s neck with a lift of his arm.

Patriarch Zhou’s feet left the ground, and his face flushed as breathing became increasingly difficult.

The audience grew bigger outside the Zhou residence, and quiet discussion and gestures were heard from them occasionally, but no one dared to walk forward and speak against the Fearless Alliance.

Ye Wanwan had a deep frown on her face. Although she wanted to help the Zhou family, she didn’t know how to help and also knew her own lack of ability.

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