Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1280 - Don’t spare a single person

Chapter 1280: Don’t spare a single person

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“Fearless Alliance… the SS-level mercenary under Bro Flattop… Seven Star!”

Gasps rang out everywhere.

This taciturn youth who looked like he could be toppled over by a breeze was one of the strongest fighters of the Fearless Alliance!

“Is… this the Li family…”

A while later, the youth lightly coughed and looked at the elderly man next to him.

“That’s right.” The elderly man in black slowly said. “Today’s mission is to eradicate the last two patrician families that were given a Seven Kill Order by the Fearless Alliance. This Li family is one of them.”

Dozens of people rushed out of the Li family’s estate just as he finished speaking.

They were led by the patriarch of the Li family. Veins popped out of his forehead as he angrily shouted, “Isn’t the Fearless Alliance bullying people too much? My Li family doesn’t have any grievances or conflicts with the Fearless Alliance, so why did you issue a Seven Kill Order to us and want to eradicate my entire family?!”

“Don’t have any grievances or conflicts…” the youth, Seven Star, murmured. An inexplicably cold glint flashed through his placid eyes before disappearing without a trace.

“The Li family… bad-mouthed my Fearless Alliance, so they should be eradicated,” Seven Star slowly said, his voice gentle and seemingly harmless.

“Hmph! Your Fearless Alliance does all sorts of evil things! Which actions of yours aren’t atrocious and outrageous?!” the Li patriarch exclaimed angrily.

“Seven Star, their Li family still doesn’t know death is on their doorstep. How comical.” The elderly man haughtily assessed the Li patriarch with a sneer.

“Kill,” Seven Star ordered coldly.




As Seven Star’s words fell, the members of the Fearless Alliance rushed toward the members of the Li family like mad and enraged lions.

In the next second, Ye Wanwan watched in disbelief as fresh blood dyed the earth beneath the Li family’s feet bright red. There were only a dozen or so Fearless Alliance members, but they were fearless against the dozens of martial artists from the Li family. Over half of the Li family was dead or injured in the blink of an eye.

“Youth, you’re young, but you’re so malicious… You deserve to die!”

Suddenly, the patriarch of the Li family leaped into the air and looked like he teleported to Seven Star, his fist swinging toward Seven Star’s temples.

However, Seven Star somehow disappeared from his spot without a trace.

“So fast!”

Ye Wanwan’s heart wildly pounded as she watched this. Seven Star’s speed was extremely fast, so much so that she could barely catch him with her naked eyes.

“Are you looking for me?” Seven Star’s voice rang out.

Before the Li patriarch could react, he felt like a mountain was pressing down on top of his head.


Everyone watched Seven Star’s feet stomp on Patriarch Li’s head.

The youth stood with his arms behind his back, graceful and free. His expression was cold like ice, and his placid eyes didn’t contain any human emotion.

“Get lost!” the Li patriarch’s figure trembled, and he wanted to throw the youth off his head, but Seven Star was like a statue and remained unmoving no matter what the Li patriarch attempted.

“You b*stards…” the Li patriarch erupted in rage.

However, Seven Star lifted a leg as the Li patriarch spoke and lightly tapped his temple with the tip of his feet.

A second later, the Li patriarch’s face turned pale, and he couldn’t utter another word. He fell on the ground with a “Plop,” killed from a tap from Seven Star.

The Li family erupted into chaos when they witnessed their patriarch killed in an instant.

“Don’t spare a single person,” Seven Star landed on the ground and calmly commanded

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