Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1269 - Long time no see

Chapter 1269: Long time no see

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On the way to the airport, Ye Wanwan was looking at the scenery outside the window when she detected something amiss. She frowned. “Driver, this isn’t the way to the airport, no?”

Soon, the taxi turned into the forest on the side. The driver chuckled eerily. “This isn’t the road to the airport. It’s the road to hell.”

A chilly glint flickered through Ye Wanwan’s eyes.

Without waiting for the driver to react, Ye Wanwan opened the back door and jumped out of the car.

At the same time, the trunk of the taxi was kicked open from the inside, and two men in black appeared from the trunk.

The two men in black were extremely fast and blocked Ye Wanwan within seconds.

The driver languidly opened his door and walked toward Ye Wanwan.

The taxi driver, as well as those two men in black, looked very unfamiliar. Ye Wanwan had never seen them.

“Si Mingli sent you?” Ye Wanwan probed with her brows furrowed.

The driver snorted at that. “Si Mingli…? I don’t know him. It looks like you have quite a few enemies.”

“Who are you?” Ye Wanwan constrained her emotions.

“People who will reap your soul and steal your life.” The driver snorted again and sent a look at the two men in black.

The two men in black immediately nodded and walked toward Ye Wanwan together.


One of the men in black’s hands shot toward Ye Wanwan the second he got close.

The wind from his attack arrived before the palm itself.

The man in black was extremely fast and a fierce force accompanied his movements. Normal people wouldn’t be able to block it at all. Even Ye Wanwan reflexively dodged backward and didn’t dare to meet it head-on.

A grumble was heard from the air in front of Ye Wanwan, making the strength behind the man’s strike apparent.

Ye Wanwan’s gaze didn’t drift from the man in black for the slightest second.

The strength of these three people, including the driver, was unfathomable. They were countless times stronger than the other mercenaries she encountered earlier.

These three people looked unfamiliar to Ye Wanwan. She had never seen them, and they didn’t have any existing conflicts.

At Si Mingli and Qin Ruoxi’s level, they probably couldn’t command these three people even if they took over the Si family. Also, from this driver’s reaction, it didn’t look like he knew Si Mingli…

Since they weren’t sent by Si Mingli and Qin Ruoxi, who sent them…?

Ye Wanwan had an abrupt realization that the mastermind behind the assassins she once encountered also wasn’t Si Mingli or Qin Ruoxi. Were these three people from the same group as those assassins?

Before Ye Wanwan could think about anything else, the man in black attacked again. His speed this time was more astonishing than before.

Ye Wanwan instinctively turned around to flee. The man in black was too strong, so there was no way she could defeat him if she fought him head-on, considering her current skills in martial arts. She would be beaten mercilessly.

However, a figure walked around the corner before Ye Wanwan could take more than a few steps and she ran into the person.

“Feng Xuanyi?”

Ye Wanwan halted and looked at the person in front of her with surprise. It was none other than Feng Xuanyi.

Feng Xuanyi first glanced at Ye Wanwan before dryly sweeping his eyes over the three people behind her.

“Long time no see,” Feng Xuanyi greeted her with a light chuckle as he looked back at Ye Wanwan.

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