Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1267 - A special kind of existence

Chapter 1267: A special kind of existence

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“The Independent State…”

Heidi, the little loli and their group were all taken back when they heard Ye Wanwan’s words.

They naturally knew about the Independent State—the haven for mercenaries and the golden place for martial arts…

“Master, we’ve always aspired to go to the Independent State, but we never had the guts to go…” Heidi said with a smile.

The Independent State had always been xenophobic. If outsiders entered the Independent State without a permit, the consequences were unimaginable. Even if a person had a permit, it was extremely possible for a person to lose their life in a place like the Independent State if they weren’t careful.

It was a nearly lawless place…

Since the beginning of the Independent State’s existence, all the rules were established by the Independent State’s four great patrician families and the Martial Arts Union.

One of the laws was: The Independent State doesn’t permit anyone to bring modern weapons—whether small or big—like a gun into the Independent State. If anyone is caught doing so, any resident of the Independent State is allowed to beat the violator to death.

In the Independent State, carrying weapons was a form of humiliation to them.

This was why most countries didn’t interfere with the Independent State.

The Independent State was considered its own independent world with its own laws. Moreover, laws that disallowed the carrying of guns and producing firearms weren’t a threat to any country in the world, so there wasn’t a single powerful country that wanted to conspire against the Independent State.

For example, if a few powerful countries wanted to eradicate the Independent State, once the Independent State was destroyed, all the martial art experts and patrician families would flood into other countries.

At that point, without restraint from the Independent State’s rules… the displacement of the ancient, martial-arts patrician families with immense backgrounds wouldn’t be beneficial to any country.

What was more frightening was that these ancient, martial-arts patrician families wouldn’t have to obey the Independent State’s laws anymore. The implications of allowing them to use guns and firearms were too horrible to imagine.

Since the Independent State existed until now without any regulations or provocation from other countries, it must have its own complete set of rules and system.

“Master, do you need us to accompany you?” the little loli asked Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan contemplated for a moment before shaking her head. “No need this time.”

Heidi and Old Jiang might have some knowledge about the Independent State, but they had never been there. Ye Wanwan herself was clueless about the situation with the Independent State, so having more people there would actually be a hindrance.

They didn’t say anything more upon seeing that Ye Wanwan didn’t plan on bringing them.

The Independent State was an especially unique entity and was completely different from any country.

Rumors said that martial arts were very prosperous in the Independent State, but they were a bit behind on things other than martial arts.

For example, magic in the Independent State was at least a decade behind China. Any great magician with talents in magic tricks would be able to earn a lot of money in the Independent State and would be respected.

Of course, that was if the great magicians who dared to go to the Independent State weren’t discovered to be outsiders by the residents of the Independent State or didn’t lack a permit. Otherwise, they would earn money, but whether they could retain their life to spend it would be a completely different matter…

Except for that, the gambling scene in the Independent State wasn’t weaker than that of big cities in some of the powerful countries, like Las Vegas.

Also, underground boxing competitions were also very popular in the Independent State. There were also matches between humans and ferocious beasts on top of human vs human boxing matches.

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