Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1257 - Maybe she partied herself to death

Chapter 1257: Maybe she partied herself to death

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“Ah…” The leader sighed immediately. “What a shame that Fearless Alliance’s boss, Bro Flattop, disappeared a few years ago… Now, the Fearless Alliance is in decline already, which is why the alliance is holding its members to stricter and stricter standards. If Boss was here, she definitely wouldn’t care whether we released a dog or not…” the leader looked gloomy.

“Bro, rumors say that the boss of our Fearless Alliance is a girl who’s also rather young… It’s a pity that Boss disappeared by the time we entered the Fearless Alliance… Bro, I’m really curious how a girl managed to create the Fearless Alliance and turn it into a powerful faction that strikes terror into the hearts of the people of the Independent State… How did she do it?”

“Legend says that Boss is seven or eight feet tall and can hold up people standing on her arm. She lusts after blood and has a passion for beautiful men… Is that all true?” another man asked, full of curiosity.

The leader snorted when he heard that. “Screw off, you punk… Have you watched too many movies? Seven or eight feet all? You’re talking about aliens!”

The man wanted to retort when a large, blinding light came from the front.

The strong men also looked forward and saw a girl with extraordinary looks and nimble agility running on the road with seven or eight cars wildly chasing behind her.

“Ah, look at her. She’s going on an evening jog so late at night; she must be rich! She even has a team of cars escorting her,” the leader commented.

“Of course, bro! Look at that girl, her figure… her face… Tut tut, it’d be too dangerous for her to go on an evening jog so late at night, but it wouldn’t be a problem if there are seven or eight cars escorting her!” Another man vehemently nodded in agreement.

“Hm… Say, why do I feel like that face is a bit familiar… When we first joined the Fearless Alliance and swore in front of the president’s face… Look, doesn’t that girl look a bit similar to our president?”

“How’s it similar? Our Fearless Alliance’s president disappeared a f*cking long time ago… Who knew where she went to party for so many years… Maybe she partied herself to death… Moreover, our president’s portrait is so young! This girl is a bit more mature and, yeah, a lot prettier too…”

“Wait…” A man exclaimed in surprise, “Why are those cars faster than that girl… This doesn’t feel right!”

The leader carefully examined the scene before snorting, “What the f*ck do you know? That girl must be arousing the potential in her body and making the drivers drive on her tail so she can run even faster! Are you dumb?”

“Eh… Why do I feel like that car is about to hit her?” One of the men looked perplexed.

As he said that, the leading car quickly raised its speed and drove toward Ye Wanwan.

At that moment, Ye Wanwan could feel the brush of death as though she would be rolled over by the car behind her in the next second.

Ye Wanwan’s mind turned blank, but for some reason, her body reacted instinctively.

Ye Wanwan’s leg kicked back and purposefully slammed into that car, then her entire body tilted forward and she used the car’s power to leap forward, instantly putting distance between them like a leopard in Africa’s grasslands.

Ye Wanwan’s figure rolled slightly to the side in the air and landed on the ground like a nimble butterfly.

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