Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1251 - Hidden secrets

Chapter 1251: Hidden secrets

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“I… I want to know… who murdered Shao’an… I’ll end them!” Liang Meixuan said, inconsolable.

Ye Wanwan stood in her spot with a pensive expression.

Ye Shao’an getting killed in the Ye residence was truly too fishy. Besides, she hadn’t heard about Emperor Sky Entertainment having any bad blood or conflicts with other companies recently.

Moreover, companies in the entertainment industry had too many toxic relationships with various parties, and Emperor Sky Entertainment was no exception to that. What kind of deep hatred had to exist for someone to want to end another person’s life…

Furthermore, Emperor Sky Entertainment had been managed by Ye Yiyi for both major and minor matters lately, so if they really had bad blood with Emperor Sky Entertainment, they should’ve killed Ye Yiyi instead of Ye Shao’an…

“Mom… We’ll definitely find out the truth and avenge Dad…” Ye Yiyi looked anguished and resentful.

“Father, have you pulled up the surveillance yet?” Ye Shaoting asked his father, Ye Hongwei.

“I had Steward Huang pull it up.” Ye Hongwei looked like he had aged decades in an instant.

A cunning glint flashed through Liang Meixuan’s eyes when Ye Hongwei mentioned the surveillance.

Ye Wanwan managed to catch that brief flash of emotion in Liang Meixuan’s eyes.

Her brows furrowed deeply instantly. She previously suspected something amiss about Ye Shao’an’s death. An ominous feeling rose in her heart when she linked it with the strange emotions in Liang Meixuan’s face just now.

A moment later, Steward Huang hastily ran into the living room. He first glanced at Ye Mufan and Ye Shaoting before turning to look at Ye Hongwei and Tan Yilan. “Sir, Madam… the surveillance was intentionally damaged by someone earlier, but its contents were finally recovered after we hired some professional hackers…”

“Good! What did you discover?” Ye Hongwei asked.

“Um…” Steward Huang’s gaze lingered on Ye Mufan and Ye Shaoting before sighing. “Sir, you should see for yourself… It’s difficult for me to describe this kind of matter…”

Ye Wanwan’s ominous feelings intensified when she saw Steward Huang’s gaze and recalled Liang Meixuan’s strange emotions earlier.

“It’s an important matter! Quickly tell us already!” Liang Meixuan angrily shouted at Steward Huang.

“Bluntly tell us the truth at a time like this!” Ye Hongwei also scolded him.

“Um…” Steward Huang looked troubled before finally sighing and saying, “It’s like this… Based on the contents of the video, two nights ago… Eldest Young Master and Young Master Mufan both loitered outside Second Young Master’s room for a bit before finally entering the room… It wasn’t until half an hour later that father and son both left Second Young Master’s room…”

When Ye Shaoting and Ye Mufan heard this, they looked at each other, bewildered.

As Steward Huang said, the two of them had indeed returned to the Ye family home two nights ago and visited Ye Shao’an.

But it was because Ye Shao’an called Ye Shaoting that night and said he had something to say to Ye Shaoting.

And Ye Shaoting and Ye Mufan just happened to be together two nights ago, so they returned to the Ye residence together.

However, when they saw Ye Shao’an, Ye Shao’an was sulkily drinking and appeared to be drunk. Every time he looked like he wanted to say something to Ye Shaoting, he hesitated without saying anything.

Ye Mufan thought Ye Shao’an definitely didn’t have any good intentions, so it wasn’t long before he dragged his father away, and they left together.

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