Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 125: Remarkably effective

Chapter 125: Remarkably effective

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Ye Wanwan didn't care to see her deskmate's reaction and fell asleep peacefully.

In a daze, she had a dream.

There were sounds of gunshots, explosions and screaming everywhere...

She could only see fresh blood and blazing fires all over the place.

She was already exhausted but had to keep running and running.

Her surroundings were filled with fearful people and there were people dying next to her continuously. She could be next! The smell of death was getting closer and closer.

She wasn't sure how long she ran for but the road seemed never-ending...

Finally, she reached a dead end and there was only a cliff up ahead. Behind her was a dark vortex and in front was a murderous aura getting closer and closer to her...

She couldn't retreat so she took out a knife and cut those people's necks one by one...

Fresh blood soaked the earth...

"Ring——" The bell rang, it was the start of class.

Ye Wanwan woke up in a shock, her whole body drenched in cold sweat.

Damn it...

Why did I have this nightmare again...

Ever since she'd gone through that terrifying attack overseas, she dreamt of this scary and gruesome image frequently.

However, she wasn't afraid of those images. Instead, she was frightened by her cold-blooded and ferocious eyes in the dream.

It didn't feel like myself in the dream...

Beside her, Si Xia noticed that Ye Wanwan seemed to have a nightmare and he furrowed his brows like he was about to say something. But then, the unexpected "my boyfriend's too skilled" popped into his head and like a curse stopping him from speaking, he immediately shut his mouth.


As her "ultimate move" was remarkably effective, Ye Wanwan had peace for the whole day.

After school, she immediately headed back to the dormitories to look for Jiang Yan Ran.

As there was a basketball match in school that day, there were many people who wanted to watch so the class monitor gave them a day off and they didn't have rehearsal today.

After she went back, Ye Wanwan looked at her normally empty dormitory that was filled with things.

Jiang Yan Ran, who was packing her things, saw that Ye Wanwan had returned and spoke apprehensively, "I've requested for a change of dormitory from the teacher. Since I'm on leave today, I brought my stuff over. If you have problems living with me, I'll request for some other arrangement..."

Ye Wanwan didn't mind but she was slightly worried.

What if Si Ye Han appears again like last time? Jiang Yan Ran would have a big scare!

Forget it, I'll just give Si Ye Han a call later! Having a roommate's not a bad thing anyway--it's a legitimate reason and I won't have to be scared that he'll appear suddenly anymore.

"Why would I mind? I would've allowed you to stay over even if you didn't mention it." With her situation, she definitely can't stay with Shen Meng Qi any longer.

After Ye Wanwan spoke, she looked at Jiang Yan Ran and asked, "Oh yes, can I ask you something? Does Chu Feng from the neighbouring Jin Xiu school's basketball team have a crush on you?"

"How did you know..." Jiang Yan Ran was a little taken aback.

"I saw his love letter to you in the garbage," Ye Wanwan replied.

Jiang Yan Ran was stunned and felt slightly awkward, but she didn't deny it, "He did write me a love letter to confess. At the time, I was in love with Song Zi Hang and didn't care about him. Why did you suddenly bring this up?"

Ye Wanwan rubbed her chin and said, "Send him a text and ask him out for dinner."

Jiang Yan Ran froze, "Huh? But I'm not interested in him at all..."

Actually, I'm not interested in anybody. Anyway, I just fell out with Song Zi Hang. Is this good timing?

Ye Wanwan naturally knew what she was worried about. She held her hand and spoke earnestly, "My dear, how would you know if you haven't tried? The best way to forget a relationship is to start a new one! Most importantly, as long as you believe me and do what I say, I promise that Song Zi Hang will definitely be so pissed that he'll vomit blood!"

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