Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1249 - Fragmented Memories

Chapter 1249: Fragmented Memories

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A new problem arose before the old one was resolved…

Ye Wanwan sunk into contemplation.

Many things had long since escaped her grasp and swerved from its path in her previous life.

Her previous self hadn’t discovered her true identity even until death, and she had no idea her memory was forcefully implanted.

In her previous life, Si Yehan never disappeared and remained in the Si family the whole time. Second Uncle Ye Shao’an also didn’t die.

However, in this life, the more she changed, the more things became drastically different from her previous life. This butterfly effect wasn’t too weird though.

This included how Ye Wanwan discovered the secret of her background, Si Yehan mysteriously disappeared, and Second Uncle’s abrupt death…

Soon, Ye Wanwan gathered her thoughts with a light frown.

There had to be something fishy about Ye Shao’an’s death. Based on her experience in her previous life, Ye Wanwan remembered Ye Shao’an as being very healthy in her entire previous life, but this time, Ye Shao’an died on his own bed…

Soon, Ye Wanwan drove toward the Ye residence in haste.

Perhaps it was because too many things happened in succession and she didn’t sleep enough that her head started to pound faintly.

When she reached a corner, her head felt like it was cracking open from how much it hurt, as though someone forcefully broke her skull with a hammer.

It was like a giant hole was torn open, and something ferociously rushed outside…

In the blink of an eye, pieces after pieces of fragmented and incomplete memories appeared out of thin air and poured into the depths of Ye Wanwan’s mind.

In this piece of incomplete memory…

A little girl surfaced in Ye Wanwan’s mind. The little girl was standing next to a lake with an extremely strict and imposing elderly man standing near her.

“Grandpa… Grandpa… I want to see Daddy and Mommy… When will Daddy and Mommy come and pick me up?” the little girl asked timidly.

“They won’t come,” the elderly man replied with a frown as he looked at her.

“Why?” The little girl looked wronged.

“Because they’re already dead.”

“Liar… Grandpa’s a liar! Daddy and Mommy didn’t die!”

“No crying! Crying is the most useless thing! It’s an action of the weak!” the elderly man harshly reprimanded her.

“I don’t want… I hate Grandpa… I want Daddy… I want Mommy…” The little girl looked pitiful with heartbreak and anguish on her face, tears the size of beans rolling down her face.

The elderly man’s expression softened, and he picked up the girl in his arms. “From today onwards, no one can indulge or protect you. You can only rely on yourself and must learn to grow stronger! Do you understand?”

“I understand…”

In the end, the little girl headed somewhere in a daze while holding the elderly man’s hand.

Ye Wanwan felt like her head was splitting.

Although this piece of memory appeared out of nowhere, Ye Wanwan was sure the little girl was her young self…

And that extremely strict elderly man was her grandfather…

The backdrop and architecture in her memory looked Chinese. Judging by the symbolic carved building in the middle of the lake, it must be a little town in City S.

In other words, based on this fragmented piece of memory, she and Grandpa were both Chinese.

She also learned from Grandpa’s words that her real parents were dead already…

Ye Wanwan never expected to have such an imposing grandfather or that her parents both died a long time ago…

She didn’t know how her parents died. Although this piece of memory was very crisp, it was also very short, so she could only obtain a limited amount of information from it.

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