Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1243 - Forgot her own self

Chapter 1243: Forgot her own self

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What Ye Wanwan could also confirm was that she underwent deep hypnosis and her original memories were erased and overwritten with the true Ye Wanwan’s memories before she was reborn. It was because of this that she firmly believed in her identity as Ye Wanwan without any doubt after she was reborn. However, in this second life, she ended up discovering the truth because of some changes…

A complicated glint surfaced in Ye Wanwan’s eyes when she thought of this.

Heh, it was rather ridiculous really. She lived life two times but in both lives, she lived as someone else and forgot her own self.

However, what Ye Wanwan couldn’t understand was since Si Yehan was a complete stranger to the true Ye Wanwan, why did he want her to live as Ye Wanwan? Perhaps Si Yehan had some secret, difficult-to-mention and involuntary reason?

Logically speaking, she and Si Yehan had known each other for a long time. So what was her relationship with Si Yehan back then? Lovers? Friends? Enemies?

Also, who were her parents…

Did she have any siblings…

A flurry of emotions assaulted Ye Wanwan, but she had no idea where to start. If she wanted to solve this enormous mystery, her only solution was to find Si Yehan and make him explain everything from start to end…

However, what was laughable was that at a critical moment like this, Si Yehan fell off the grid, and even Xu Yi couldn’t find a single trace of him.

Since Ye Wanwan couldn’t understand it no matter what, she decided to stop thinking about it.

Ye Wanwan soon arrived at the stadium.

There was already a sea of people at the stadium with fans tightly packed outside it.

After Ye Wanwan parked the car, several staff members from the organizers walked over.

“Hello… Are you… Mr… Um, Miss Wanwan…?” The leader, a middle-aged man, looked at Ye Wanwan, slightly embarrassed. Although he heard that the renowned Ye Bai crossdressed from a girl to a guy, he still couldn’t react in time after seeing Ye Wanwan herself.

“That’s right.” Ye Wanwan smiled politely.

This smile made the middle-aged man unable to look away. Her looks were exceptionally outstanding but she was different from meticulously packaged female celebrities in the entertainment industry who were beautiful but were akin to lifeless, artificial flowers. Her features were immortal and unworldly and contained the freeness of the vast horizons, she was akin to the great, desolate desert or the sun setting into the ocean…

After being in a daze for a moment, the middle-aged man coughed lightly and dissolved his embarrassment. He looked at Ye Wanwan and said with a smile, “Miss Ye Bai, please follow me. Xianyu is doing his make-up right now, so he couldn’t personally come and receive you.”

“Alright.” Ye Wanwan nodded lightly and followed the staff member into the venue.

There were waves of cheering and shouts erupting from the enormous stadium on occasion. Ye Wanwan was inside the stadium but could still hear the calls for Han Xianyu, as well as Gong Xu and Luo Chen.

What astonished Ye Wanwan was that there were quite a few calls for “Ye Bai” from the fans as well…

She had just gone backstage when Gong Xu and Luo Chen walked out from the dressing room.

“Brother Ye,” Luo Chen greeted her as soon as he saw Ye Wanwan.

Gong Xu looked at Ye Wanwan and was about to complain to her about her picking up Luo Chen’s call but ignoring his call, but his ability to speak disappeared when he saw her. His ears also turned redder and redder.

Gong Xu finally managed to recover from his inattention a moment later and quietly grumbled something indecipherable.

‘D*mn it…’

It was still the same person in front of him… but why did he feel like the vibe Ye Bai was giving off had changed somehow…?

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