Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1231 - Become another person

Chapter 1231: Become another person

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Almost in an instant, the contents of the CDs in the Si family’s library re-emerged in Ye Wanwan’s thoughts.

Could it be that the contents of the video were recordings of real events? Was the woman on the bed in that laboratory really her? Her memory had originally been empty so she couldn’t possibly be Ye Wanwan…

Many years ago, Ye Wanwan died in a horrifying assassination overseas and she became Ye Wanwan because Si Yehan forcibly transferred Ye Wanwan’s memories into her brain.

But if she wasn’t Ye Wanwan, who exactly was she?

And why did Si Yehan want to erase her original memories and forcibly input Ye Wanwan’s memories…

What exactly was her previous relationship with Si Yehan… Were they enemies… Or was everything a scheme of Si Yehan’s. Why did he have to treat her like this? And what exactly were Si Yehan’s motives?!

In a moment, Ye Wanwan’s head was on the verge of breaking. She not only couldn’t believe, but she couldn’t accept that Si Yehan actually erased her original memories, causing her to forcibly become another person…


At that moment, Ye Mufan could tell Ye Wanwan wasn’t normal. He knit his brows with worry and lightly asked if she was alright.

Ye Mufan walked over to her when he saw she wasn’t replying and gently tapped on Ye Wanwan’s shoulder with his right hand.

Ye Mufan’s hand didn’t even settle on her shoulder before Ye Wanwan grabbed his arm and went into a defensive stance.

“It hurts, it hurts, it hurts. My arm is going to break!” Ye Mufan let out a cry.

At that moment, Ye Wanwan returned back to her senses and quickly let go of his hand.

“Younger Sister, did you have to do that… If it wasn’t for me who dealt with all those trash love letters, would you even be able to have such a handsome man right now? Even if you don’t want to thank me, you don’t have to hate me so much that you have to hurt me… Where’s the logic in that…” Ye Mufan rubbed his right arm with his left hand as he said this.

Ye Mufan continued without waiting for Ye Wanwan to reply. “However, aren’t you too dramatic? Since when did you become so violent…”

Ye Mufan stared at Ye Wanwan. Being violent wasn’t the scary part, what was scary was the strength Ye Wanwan displayed and the ability to use that strength against him…

“Younger Sister, aren’t you defying the laws of science too much? You only learned taekwondo for a short while, yet you’re already this powerful? I think even those so-called masters can’t match up to you especially when you get drunk,” Ye Mufan said.

Ye Mufan’s words caused Ye Wanwan to become sensitive. “What am I like after I get drunk?”

Hearing Ye Wanwan’s question made Ye Mufan laugh dryly. “Before drinking, you’re my younger sister.”

“And after drinking?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“After drinking?” Ye Mufan smirked. “After drinking, you’re my ancestor.”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

“After drinking, with one punch, you can break heavy metal. Once you see anyone good-looking, then you’ll go flirt. It feels as though you’ve become another person,” Ye Mufan said, seemingly helpless about the matter.

“Become another person…” Ye Wanwan went deep into thought.

Originally, Ye Wanwan thought that her fighting abilities were innate and possibly because she might be a genius in martial arts, however now, it seemed as though…

She had only learned taekwondo for a short amount of time. If she followed common sense like Ye Mufan mentioned, she shouldn’t possess such incredible fighting capabilities where even so-called masters and top fighters of taekwondo weren’t worthy opponents…

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