Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 123: Cruel and wicked

Chapter 123: Cruel and wicked

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"Your dad's right, Yan Ran. If anything happened to you, we wouldn't know how to continue living!"

"Sorry... Sorry... Daddy... Mommy... I'm so selfish... I'll never do it again..."

Jiang Yan Ran let out a big cry in front of her parents and poured out all of her troubles.

Ye Wanwan waited for the three of them to calm down a little before asking, "Uncle, auntie, how are you going to do her justice?"

Mr Jiang snorted coldly, "Obviously we'll go along with that Song family's cruel and wicked bastard's wish and call off the engagement!"

Jiang Yan Ran revealed a worried look, "But both our families have had such a long relationship and have many intertwined businesses and projects..."

Mr Jiang gave his daughter a reassuring look, "Yan Ran, don't you worry about this and let daddy handle it. Thankfully we found out now--if we were a day late, our one billion would've been transferred into the Songs' account! I'd rather take the money and feed it to the dogs now than let them have it so easily!"

Seeing Mr Jiang's reaction, Ye Wanwan was relieved, " Mr Jiang, you're awesome! Yan Ran, you have nothing to worry about anymore! You must pull yourself together for the sake of uncle and auntie!

"Wanwan's right, how could daddy's daughter be so weak? We must never let others look down on us!"

Mrs Jiang looked at her daughter on the bed with a worried look, "What should we do now? We can't stay in school for too long. Yan Ran, would you like to come home with us for two days?"

Jiang Yan Ran shook her head and said firmly, "Daddy, mommy, I'm fine. I've thought things through and I don't want to interrupt my studies."

Hearing their daughter say that, they thought she must've straightened things out. Both husband and wife were relieved.

"Wanwan, then we're going to have to trouble you to take care of Yan Ran for the time being. We really don't know how to thank you!"

"Yes! It's all thanks to you!"

The couple thanked Ye Wanwan again and again. Then, since they were still worried about Yan Ran, they talked some more sense into her again for awhile before they finally parted reluctantly.

Although they hated to part with their daughter, they had to go back immediately to seek justice for her!

After the couple left, Jiang Yan Ran suddenly looked towards Ye Wanwan earnestly, "Ye Wanwan..."

Ye Wanwan turned and asked, "What is it?"

Jiang Yan Ran's eyes were slightly red, "Thank you! Thank you so much!"

If it wasn't for Ye Wanwan, with my character, I would've probably kept this from mommy and daddy. Even if I came around to telling them, it'd be too late then.

Ye Wanwan smiled and teased, "You can't just thank me verbally, if you really want to thank me, then you have to devote your body to me~"

Jiang Yan Ran was amused, "Got it. If I enter the entertainment field in future, I'll definitely turn to you. I could tell just from today that your acting skills surpass those of even the top actors and your PR crisis-solving skills are top-notch!"

"That's right, good call!" Ye Wanwan nodded as she agreed and said casually, "All right, since we've settled things with your parents, you don't have to worry about anything now. Just put on a facial mask and have a good night's rest. Ask the teacher for a break tomorrow too. Rest a little and readjust your state of mind. We'll start with step two after school tomorrow!"

"Step two?" Jiang Yan Ran was surprised.

"Giving you your makeover!" Ye Wanwan nodded earnestly.

Tsk, I just remembered that after school tomorrow, Qing He's going to have a basketball match against the neighbouring high school! It's the best chance to stir something up!

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