Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1229 - Is that really all?

Chapter 1229: Is that really all?

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Ye Mufan secretly relaxed when he saw there weren’t any changes to Ye Wanwan’s expression. If he spoke the truth, she would still beat him to death without any drinking involved…

But this was fine. After so many years, Wanwan probably didn’t remember the exact situation back then, so couldn’t he make up the details however he wanted?

“Are you sure it was you who saved me?” Ye Wanwan’s eyes settled on Ye Mufan with a deep frown and dark expression on her face. Could it be that even this memory was mixed up? It wasn’t Ye Mufan who pushed her into the water, and it was she who accidentally fell into the lime pond?

However, Ye Mufan shuddered slightly when he saw Ye Wanwan’s expression and hastily said, “Eh… maybe… actually, well… you can’t blame me. Back then, we were both young. I accidentally pushed you inside…”

It wasn’t until Ye Mufan said those words that Ye Wanwan’s expression eased. It was identical to her memory.

“And then?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“Then, then I saved you! Really! I swear!” Ye Mufan snuck a peek at Ye Wanwan, feeling fairly guilty.

“I remember we had a neighbor in the countryside. The neighbor didn’t pay much attention when they first saw us playing by the lime pond. But then the next time they looked back, they discovered you were the only one left next to the lime pond and I was missing. Isn’t that what happened?” Ye Wanwan seriously looked at Ye Mufan.

Ye Mufan trembled when he heard that and inwardly thought, ‘Wanwan remembers everything to begin with…’

“I also remember that the neighbor asked you where I went when they noticed I was missing. How did you answer?”

Ye Mufan’s lips slightly twitched. He had no choice but to tell the truth. “Our neighbor in the countryside asked me where you went after you disappeared in the blink of an eye… I was still young and couldn’t utter a single word out of panic. Thankfully, you were still struggling inside the lime pond and popped your head out… Our neighbor instantly went to look for Mom in fright… As soon as Mom came over, she grabbed you by your hair and pulled you out of the lime pond…” Ye Mufan wiped the cold sweat from his forehead.

Ye Wanwan was somewhat speechless. This useless troublemaker…

Thank goodness their neighbor arrived in time, or else…

However, both she and Ye Mufan were young back then. Ye Mufan also suffered a huge fright and lost all composure after accidentally pushing her into the lime pond, so Ye Wanwan didn’t truly blame him.

“We lived quite a long time in the countryside, so this shouldn’t be the only thing that happened, right?” Ye Wanwan continued to ask.

In her memories, she went to experience life in the countryside with her parents, but this was the only thing she remembered.

“There’s isn’t! That’s really all!” Ye Mufan frantically nodded with a ghastly expression.

“Oh?” Ye Wanwan sardonically looked at him. “Is that really all?”

Instantly, Ye Mufan looked miserable. “Sister, what do you want… That time, I said I wanted to be a doctor, so I filled a syringe with water and poked your shoulder; it was just a prick… You screamed like a dying pig… I also didn’t end up well and our parents hung me up in a tree and gave me a thorough beating… Although the needle jabbed into your arm, it was really nothing compared to my thrashing from our parents, right…”

Ye Wanwan fell into a deep contemplation at Ye Mufan’s words.

She couldn’t recall this story at all!

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