Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1213 - I have a request

Chapter 1213: I have a request

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“Baby…” Nameless Nie walked closer with a cautious smile.

The little devil’s pretty features instantly turned into a frown.

Nameless Nie wanted to seek familiarity but upon catching the child’s warning look, he tactfully changed his form of address, “Ahem… Tangtang… I have one piece of good news… and one piece of bad news… Which one do you want to hear first?”

The child glanced at him. “You only have five minutes.”

And so, his guessing game approach also failed.

Nameless Nie had no choice but to talk. “Then I’ll say the bad news first…”

The sooner I die, the sooner I can reincarnate…

Nameless Nie sputtered for half a day before he falteringly said, “Um, well, actually, well, we accidentally made a mistake… The woman with you right now… isn’t actually your mom…”

The second Nameless Nie said “Isn’t actually your mom,” Tangtang’s face chilled.

Tangtang unblinkingly stared at Nameless Nie with his pitch-black eyes. “Uncle just said that Uncle was mistaken?”

When the little devil deliberately emphasized the “Uncle was mistaken” part, his eyes were as penetrative as x-rays.

Nameless Nie couldn’t withstand it anymore, so he could only tell the truth. “Fine, fine… I wasn’t mistaken… I intentionally lied to you… But I really had no choice! I was just worried you’d wildly run around and end up in danger, so I had to find someone to pretend to be your mom and ask her to temporarily take care of you before I found your biological parents…”

Before the little devil flipped out, Nameless Nie quickly took out the imperial sword. “But don’t worry! We found your biological mother already! It’s absolutely for real this time! The DNA results came out an hour ago, so I immediately came here to pick you up!”

Tangtang’s face remained expressionless the whole time. It wasn’t until he heard “We found your biological mother” that his gaze shifted slightly, however, his long eyelashes soon concealed his eyes again.

He was either silently exploding or silently destroying the world…

Nameless Nie was embroiled in worry when the silent child suddenly said, “What did my mommy say?”

Nameless Nie quickly answered. “Your mommy? I don’t know what she said. I haven’t seen her yet, so we have to wait until we go back…”

Anger surfaced on Tangtang’s face. “I’m talking about *my* mommy.”

“I *am* talking about your mommy…” Nameless Nie said before realization dawned on him. He probed, “Eh, are you talking about… Ye Wanwan? I told her your biological mother was found… but she didn’t say much… she just told me to explain it to you…”

“Um, Tangtang, well, I did indeed deceive you about this, but I really didn’t do it on purpose. Anyway, hasn’t your real mom been found now? I’ve made it up to you, haven’t I? Can’t you forgive me this once…”

Tangtang expressionlessly glanced at his deceptive uncle. “Uncle, do you think your deception skills are really good?”

Nameless Nie was startled. “Um… what do you mean?”

Tangtang didn’t answer him and merely sat there with a cold expression. “You want me to go back? I can. But I have a request.”

He hadn’t believed his unreliable uncle from the very beginning. He merely ignored all of his suspicions.

I like Mommy.

It has nothing to do with who she is.

Nameless Nie instantly exhaled in relief. Is Little Devil sparing me?

Nameless Nie immediately said, “Of course! Any request you have is doable! So what’s your request?”

Tangtang replied, “I want Mommy to go back with me.”

Nameless Nie: “…”

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