Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1211 - You're handsome, you go first!

Chapter 1211: You’re handsome, you go first!

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Northern Europe was already far away, let alone that place riddled with danger, utterly beyond the imagination of normal people.

Ye Wanwan was currently despondent due to this piece of news when Devotee went out to take a call and hastily returned after a brief moment. “Captain, Old Madam is hurrying us. Ling Feng and Ling Yun are already waiting outside. The plane will arrive soon…”

Spray of Flowers stretched lazily. “This miserable mission is finally coming to an end… I’ve had to be exposed to the elements day and night. Look at how mangled my face is…”

Devotee disdainfully rolled his eyes. “Stop focusing on your coarse skin! Hurry and explain the situation to Little Devil so we can take him back!”

Spray of Flowers was immediately taken back. “Explain the situation? Who?”

Devotee promptly answered, “How would I know? It won’t be me anyway!”

Spray of Flowers: “I’m giving you a forewarning! I’m not going!”

Brick-moving Foreigner: “My Chinese isn’t good!”

Iceberg man: “…”

What a joke! Are we running to the little devil to explain to him that we all deceived him?

And so, the four of them turned to look at Nameless Nie in unison.

Devotee said with a big grin, “I think it should be the liar who does the explaining! That’s most appropriate!”

Spray of Flowers adamantly agreed, “Captain, you’re handsome. You go first!”

Nameless Nie rubbed his chin. “How about… we have a fight, and whoever loses will go?”

The other four people: “…”

Sh*t! Isn’t this too shameless?

He should just say he absolutely won’t go!

Just when the five-member group was still fighting incessantly about who was going to explain, the sound of footsteps came from the entrance, quickly followed by a large and small duo entering the house.

Si Yehan was wearing a light gray leisure outfit with a cool and aristocratic aura about him. Meanwhile, Tangtang was wearing the cartoon-print child outfit that Ye Wanwan bought for him and was holding a red bucket in his hands, which contained several small fish and shrimp happily swimming around inside.


Tangtang cheerfully ran inside with the bucket, but his joyful, soft, and adorable expression disappeared the instant he saw Nameless Nie and his group.

Spray of Flowers: “It’s… it’s over…”

Devotee: “It’s over indeed… Captain is simply courting death… He actually had the guts to deceive Little Devil… I hope the fact that Little Devil’s real mom is found can pacify Little Devil’s fury… Otherwise, we’re all done for…”

Spray of Flowers stared at the man next to Tangtang. “F*ck… I think I’m going to cheat on Captain…”

Devotee: “Wha?”

Devotee followed Spray of Flowers’ line of sight and saw the man standing next to Little Devil. His lips twitched. “You two-timing, adulterous person! How could you be so easily moved by any slightly handsome guy you see? Are you worthy of Captain?”

Spray of Flowers questioned, “Slightly handsome? You’re telling me this is slightly handsome???”

“Eh… Wait, hold on, why do I feel like Little Devil’s expression and mannerisms… are so similar to this man? Isn’t Boss Famous too reliable? She even managed to find a fake dad that resembles Little Devil’s real dad to this extent?!”

When Ye Wanwan saw Tangtang, she forcibly suppressed the rolling, chaotic mess of emotions inside and walked to the little fella with a faint smile. “Tangtang’s back! Come quickly! Your uncle is here. Why aren’t you greeting him?”

Tangtang looked up and obediently said to Nameless Nie, “Uncle.”

Nameless Nie was currently drinking tea to soothe his anxiety. When he heard “Uncle,” he immediately spat out a mouthful of tea and nearly choked to death.

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