Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 121: Complaints

Chapter 121: Complaints

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Jiang Yan Ran's parents arrived shortly after.

Hearing the knock on the door, Ye Wanwan braced herself and then immediately went over to open the door.

"Where's Yan Ran?! Where's our Yan Ran?!"

"Where's my daughter?"

Mr and Mrs Jiang were so anxious that they were sweating buckets.

"Uncle, Auntie, you're finally here. Yan Ran's lying in bed--hurry and take a look at her!" Ye Wanwan said quickly.

Both of them immediately rushed to the bed and after seeing their daughter lying there, their hearts broke instantly.

Jiang Yan Ran looked quite haggard; her face was so pale without a trace of colour and her eyes were also completely red and swollen. Mr and Mrs Jiang probably wouldn't have any suspicions at all.

"Yan Ran, why were you so silly?! What exactly happened?"

"Yan Ran, hurry and tell daddy--did somebody in school bully you?"

Jiang Yan Ran looked at her anxious parents in shock. After seeing her family, she couldn't hold back the feelings that she'd been suppressing any longer and sunk into her mother's embrace as she cried in pain, "Daddy... Mommy... I feel so awful... So awful..."

Mrs Jiang's heart broke with her daughter's cries, "Darling girl! Oh, my darling girl! Are you trying to get mommy and daddy worried sick? What happened exactly?"

Ye Wanwan stood at the side, tears streaming down her face as well, "Uncle, Auntie, you must speak up for Yan Ran. Yan Ran was bullied so badly in school!"

Mr Jiang's face filled with rage instantly, "Who dares to bully my daughter?!"

Ye Wanwan replied, "It's Song Zi Hang and Shen Meng Qi!"

Daddy Jiang's expression changed, "Zi Hang and Shen Meng Qi? How could that be? Zi Hang would never bully Yan Ran and isn't Meng Qi Yan Ran's best friend?"

Ye Wanwan hurriedly explained, "That's not true at all. Song Zi Hang has never liked Yan Ran and even got together with Yan Ran's best friend, Shen Meng Qi, in secret. As Yan Ran's best friend, Shen Meng Qi not only kept this from Yan Ran, but she even hooked up with Song Zi Hang after finding out that Yan Ran and Song Zi Hang were engaged..."

Mr Jiang said sternly, "That's impossible! I know that kid's character very well--Zi Hang is true to our Yan Ran."

Mrs Jiang chipped in as well, "Yes, we see it for ourselves every day."

Ye Wanwan sneered in her heart. This Song Zi Hang was quite talented at leaving a good impression--no wonder Jiang Yan Ran was worried that her parents wouldn't believe her.

Ye Wanwan continued with her complaints, "Uncle, auntie, you guys were fooled. Song Zi Hang was just acting in front of you from the start. Whenever the elders of both families weren't together, he treated Yan Ran coldly and even told Yan Ran that he liked someone else.

But Yan Ran was too silly and loved him too much; she didn't care about any of this and would be over the moon when Song Zi Hang simply smiled at her. She thought that maybe she'd be able to change him someday.

As a girl, in order to please him, Yan Ran woke up early in the morning during the winter to travel over ten miles in the dark to buy him his favourite breakfast. In the summer, she'd run over to the basketball court to cheer for him every day under the scorching sun!

She's a princess and has led a pampered life at home but in order to please him, she was the servant for the entire basketball team; she'd get snacks and water for all of them silently and even wash those sweaty and smelly jerseys!"

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