Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1209 - Know how to charm girls

Chapter 1209: Know how to charm girls

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Nameless Nie looked lost. “Eh? Why’s Sister Famous Ye so angry about us picking up the little devil?”

Devotee was taken back briefly before saying, “Right, why’s Boss Famous so angry?”

Spray of Flowers curled his hand so that his middle finger and thumb were touching while the rest of his fingers were extended and he ran his hand over Nameless Nie’s face. “You terrible men, you don’t understand a girl’s mind at all. Boss Famous clearly doesn’t want Little Devil to leave…”

Devotee asked, “Boss Famous doesn’t want to part with Little Devil? A woman’s mind… is truly like the bottom of an ocean…”

Nameless Nie slapped away Spray of Flowers’s hand and rubbed his chin. “That… can’t be, right?”

Spray of Flowers gave him a reproachful look and raised his brows. “Why can’t that be? Your little devil acts differently in front of Sister Famous Ye than when he’s with us. He knows how to charm girls!”

Devotee impatiently said, “Enough with this useless nonsense! So what about our food? You promised we would have food to eat when we got here! I don’t care! Little Sweetie, you made trouble, so you better pacify her and fix this!”

Outside the house, it had turned into a messy dispute. Inside the house, Ye Wanwan placed down all her bags and sat down with a terrible expression.

Why are they suddenly taking Tangtang home?

Could it be…

“Boss Famous! Open the door!”

“Boss Famous! Little Sweetie’s Chinese isn’t good! Don’t listen to his nonsense!”

“Boss Famous! I’ve already tied up Little Sweetie! You can beat him however you wish! I beg for some food!”

“Boss Famous! How about we give you Dead Man as collateral? Deal?”

Ye Wanwan speechlessly listened to the group of five beggars howling and crying outside the door.

“Shut up!!! You want to eat? Eat sh*t!!!”

After Ye Wanwan’s lion roar, there was about a minute of silence outside.

Ye Wanwan subconsciously turned to look at the door due to the lack of noise.

Did they really leave?

Then Ye Wanwan saw something being sneakily stuffed inside from underneath the crack between the door and the floor.

Ye Wanwan looked at it and saw… it was… a one-dollar coin…

And then… another coin was pushed inside…

And then… as though it was with great heartache, a moment later, a third coin was slowly pushed inside…

Ye Wanwan’s expression was dark as the bottom of a pot as she stared at the coins pushed inside.

Bloody h*ll! Do they think my house is a public bus? They actually pushed coins inside!

Do they think pushing a few coins inside will be enough to dismiss me?

“Sister Famous Ye… this is our life savings!”

“Boss Famous! O-open the door!”

“Boss Famous! Saving a life is more meritorious than building a seven-floor pagoda!”

A certain someone was on the brink of forgetting his own religion to beg for food…

Ye Wanwan’s mind was already a mess when she remembered that these people were there to pick up Tangtang. Now, her head hurt from the clamor outside.

At this time, a loud commotion was heard from the kitchen.

Ye Wanwan followed the sound and saw Jiaojiao, Heidi, and their group curiously peeking their heads out of the kitchen and looking at her.

When Ye Wanwan saw the five-member mercenary group, she instantly ordered, “You all! What’re you waiting for?! They’re being noisy to death! Hurry and help me get rid of that howling group outside!”

The five-member mercenary group: “…!!!”

The five people revealed immensely terrified expressions and simultaneously retreated several large steps back.

After all, back in Myanmar, they had seen these five people’s skills. The leader was especially inhuman…

Heidi was on the brink of tears. “M-master… that’s… that’s impossible, right… We’re kicking… kicking out those five people?”

Tang Bin: “Any one of them could trounce the five of us to death…”

Song Qiang: “Exactly, exactly…”

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