Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1207 - Don’t walk the normal path

Chapter 1207: Don’t walk the normal path

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A smile immediately spread across Ye Shaoting’s face. “Oh, child…”

Ye Mufan, who had buried his head into his bowl of rice and was silently eating, finally relaxed. Younger Sister was still the fearsome one and pacified their parents instantly. If it were him, his efforts would’ve been futile even if he spoke for three whole days.

After dinner, due to her parents’ adamant request, Ye Wanwan told Si Yehan to take care of Tangtang and stayed the night at her family home.

On the balcony:

Ye Wanwan sat on a rattan chair next to the circular table and read the relevant information on Emperor Sky Entertainment. “Don’t be careless. Ye Shao’an and Ye Yiyi will definitely take action in the near future.”

Ye Mufan nodded. “Yes, I understand. I won’t relax.”

Ye Wanwan saw how Ye Mufan looked as though he was about to face a great enemy, and she chuckled lightly. “No need to be too nervous. We have Age of the Immortals now; we don’t have nothing anymore…”

Ye Mufan looked at his sister in a daze. He never would’ve expected that Wanwan’s joking words from back then all actually turned out true.

He hadn’t detected it because he was with Wanwan the whole time, but suddenly thinking back on it, his sister’s transformation lately was too drastic. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say she had turned into a completely different person…

However, no matter what, she was still his most beloved sister.

Ye Wanwan stayed the night at her parents’ place and didn’t leave until the next morning.

Yao Jiawen was getting more and more used to the work, so there were many things she could handle, and Ye Wanwan became a lot freer. She didn’t have any obligations that day, so after attending a meeting at the office, she decided to return to the Little House of Rose.

Before going home, Ye Wanwan specifically went to a bakery to buy some cakes and desserts.

When she passed by a children’s store, a very adorable pair of shoes caught her eyes, so she decisively bought them.

How could she not have any clothes to match the shoes? And so, she bought an outfit for Tangtang.

How could she not have a hat to match the clothes? And so, she decisively bought a nice hat she found…

In the end, Ye Wanwan ended up buying an entire outfit for Tangtang and carrying a bunch of bags simply because she saw a pair of shoes from the crowd.

After Ye Wanwan put her trophies into the car, she called Tangtang.

“Hello, Tangtang!”


“Baby, Mommy will be home soon! What are you doing? Have you gotten up yet?”

“I’m up! Daddy is taking Tangtang to go fishing.”


She had Si Yehan take care of the child and he was taking the child fishing? Couldn’t he have taken Tangtang to do something more fun?

“Baby, after Mommy comes back, Mommy will take you to do something fun! Mommy also bought yummy food and pretty clothes for you!”

“Okay! Tangtang will wait for Mommy~”

Ye Wanwan soon arrived at the Little House of Rose.

Ye Wanwan carried her bags of trophies and pushed open the courtyard door while humming a tune. She was passing by a large, sturdy tree in the courtyard when a head abruptly hung down from the tree.


Ye Wanwan jumped in fright and reflexively kicked without even thinking.

In the next second, a “bang” was heard, and an arm blocked her kick.

Nameless Nie jumped down from the tree with a bird’s nest sitting on his head and a dog’s tail grass. He rubbed his arm with a giant pout and accusatory eyes. “Sister Famous Ye, isn’t screaming a normal person’s reaction? Why did you have to kick me?”

Ye Wanwan’s soul was nearly jolted out of her body because of him. When she saw that it was Nameless Nie, she shouted, flustered, “Normal people walk properly too! So why don’t you also walk properly?! Who would jump into a tree for no reason like you?”

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