Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1205 - The position will be held by whoever is capable

Chapter 1205: The position will be held by whoever is capable

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Ye Hongwei sternly said, “Shao’an, I’ve already said the Ye Group is my blood and soul, and I won’t be biased toward anyone. I only have one principle: The position will be held by whoever is capable.”

“It’s true Mufan didn’t perform well before, so I gave him his deserved punishment. Now, he’s used his abilities to prove himself, so I gave him an opportunity as well. If he doesn’t do well, he’ll also have to leave.”

Just as Ye Wanwan expected, Grandfather Ye didn’t pay Ye Shao’an’s doubts any heed.

What Grandfather Ye cared about the most in his life was the company he founded with his life’s blood. It was as he said—he only had one requirement for his heir: The position would be held by whoever was capable.

The favorable impression they gained earlier was merely supplemental; the only thing that succeeded in persuading Grandfather Ye was their sheer abilities.

As long as they had results to show, no matter how Ye Shao’an and Ye Yiyi jumped around and made a commotion, Ye Shao’an absolutely wouldn’t change his mind.

Especially since Grandfather Ye had never been at ease about Gu Yueze.

Back then, Gu Yueze was selected merely because the Ye family was thrown into chaos and he truly had no one to fill the role, so he temporarily agreed to Gu Yueze being the interim general manager under persuasion from Ye Yiyi and Ye Shao’an.

And so, Ye Mufan’s entrance into Emperor Sky Entertainment was finalized like that.

The meeting ended this gloomy atmosphere. Ye Shao’an ignored Ye Yiyi’s advice and smacked the table before angrily leaving.

Outside the conference room:

Ye Yiyi concealed the jealousy in her eyes. “Mufan, welcome back. We’ll work together from now on. You can ask me anything you don’t understand.”

Ye Mufan snorted. Perhaps he might’ve really been deceived by her gentle and caring sister cousin persona in the past, but did she still think he was an idiot?

Ye Mufan was about to say something when he suddenly realized both Ye Wanwan and Gu Yueze disappeared. He quietly cursed before he glowered at Ye Yiyi, “Your concern is unnecessary. Please keep a closer watch on your man and keep him away from Wanwan. Otherwise, he has no one but himself to blame for the consequences!”

Ye Mufan hastily ran off to look for Ye Wanwan after saying that.

The second Ye Mufan turned around, Ye Yiyi’s expression couldn’t be any darker.

At the end of a deserted hallway:

Gu Yueze looked at the seemingly completely different Ye Wanwan and studied her appraisingly. “Wanwan, congratulations.”

Ye Wanwan expressionlessly glanced at him. “Speak frankly.”

Gu Yueze courteously asked, “Are you free tonight? Let’s have a drink together.”

Gu Yueze’s eyes were shining with a predator’s glint.

Gu Yueze had ingratiated himself in the Ye family for three years already, so his roots were nestled deeply and solidly. With Ye Mufan’s current strength, he still couldn’t shake Gu Yueze’s position.

Hence, he wasn’t in a hurry and merely sat on the sidelines, planning to reap the spoils later.

What interested him the most though was… Ye Wanwan…

This woman… truly made him more and more curious…

Why hadn’t he discovered before that this disgusting idiot also had such a seductive side?

Ye Wanwan originally didn’t want to come, but for some reason, her subconscious concern for Gu Yueze made her show up.

And so, she heard Gu Yueze taking the initiative to invite her out.

Gu Yueze, who viewed her as a dreadful monster, actually invited her out of his own accord with such a polite attitude too. The sun had to be rising from the west.

When had she not pesteringly clung to his back and ended up faced with disgust and indifference?

This looks-dependent world…

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