Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1190 - Nearly didn’t recognize you

Chapter 1190: Nearly didn’t recognize you

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Ye Wanwan glanced dryly at Liang Shihan and Ye Yiyi and answered the call, ignoring them.

“Hello, President Chen,” Ye Wanwan greeted.

When Chen Yanfeng heard a girl’s voice from the other end, he reflexively started. “Eh, you are…”

“I’m Wanwan.”

Chen Yanfeng immediately regained his wits and said with a chuckle, “Oh, it’s Wanwan! I didn’t realize at first! You haven’t arrived at the banquet yet?”

Chen Yanfeng knew Ye Wanwan used the “Ye Bai” persona on the outside, so he unsurprisingly found it strange when he heard Ye Wanwan speaking with a female voice.

Ye Wanwan answered, “I’ve arrived. It’s just that I ran into some trouble.”

Chen Yanfeng quickly asked with worry, “Trouble? What is it? Don’t worry and hold on! I’m outside already. I’ll be right there.”

“Alright.” Ye Wanwan then hung up.

Liang Shihan snorted. “Eh, you’re done faking already? Why didn’t you pretend more realistically?! At least put the call on speaker!”

Liang Shihan merely thought Ye Wanwan couldn’t keep faking it when Ye Wanwan stopped talking. She looked at the manager and said, “Manager Zhang, can’t you see it now? This person clearly sneaked in here, and everyone knows why. In order to prevent guests from being disturbed, the organizers can’t just stand by and do nothing, right?”

Too many pairs of eyes were watching him, so Manager Zhang naturally couldn’t overlook it. Hence, he could only assertively tell Ye Wanwan, “Miss, I’m very sorry. You didn’t receive an invitation, so please leave the premises immediately.”

Ye Mufan’s eyes narrowed, and he was about to say something when a commotion was suddenly heard from the doors. The artists all automatically stood to the side to yield a path and were reverently looking at the newcomer.


“President Chen is here!”

There were a few higher-ups behind Chen Yanfeng. He casually greeted the guests before hastily headed straight for Ye Wanwan.

“Ye Wanwan, President Chen’s here now! Let me see how you’ll keep faking it!” Liang Shihan was overjoyed when she saw President Chen’s arrival and instantly headed toward the president, wanting to ask him to settle this matter.

Chen Yanfeng seemed to have not noticed Liang Shihan and walked straight past her toward Ye Wanwan.

When Chen Yanfeng saw Ye Wanwan’s dress, he mirthfully teased, “Ah, Director Ye, why did you suddenly wear female clothes? I nearly didn’t recognize you!”

Liang Shihan, who was about to tattle, was startled. What did President Chen call Ye Wanwan? Director… Ye?

Isn’t Ye Bai… the only director surnamed Ye at Age of the Immortals?

Did Ye Wanwan somehow attain some director position too?

However, what did he mean by wearing female clothes? Why do those words sound so strange?

Chen Yanfeng saw many people surrounding them and Manager Zhang was present, so he looked at Manager Zhang. “What happened?”

Manager Zhang quickly explained. “This miss entered without an invitation card, so I’m currently talking to her and requesting her to leave…”

Chen Yanfeng’s expression dramatically shifted immediately. He angrily reprimanded the manager, “Utter nonsense!”

The president’s anger caused Manager Zhang to jump. He had no idea what he did wrong. “Eh, President… w-what is it?”

Chen Yanfeng looked enraged. “Do you know who she is? I managed to invite her with great difficulty, but you wanted to kick her out?!”

“Huh? President! Sorry! I… I didn’t know she was invited by you…”

Manager Zhang wasn’t the only one. The people around them were all dumbfounded.

What’s going on here?

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