Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1188 - Truly does like men

Chapter 1188: Truly does like men

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“Gong Xu, don’t be rash!” Luo Chen hastily pulled Gong Xu back.

However, how could Gong Xu be stopped? He had already reached out and grasped Liang Shihan’s wrist. “Apologize to her!”

Liang Shihan started to shriek exaggeratedly, “Ah! It hurts! Let me go! You think you can bully me just because you’re a Best Actor? If you don’t have some illicit relationship, why would you get so worked up?”

The commotion was too loud, so it instantly attracted attention from other guests. Everyone looked at Ye Mufan and the girl next to him strangely and pointed at them while whispering.

When Gong Xu was about to explode, Ye Wanwan calmly said, “Gong Xu.”

Ye Wanwan didn’t say anything, but a mere look from her caused Gong Xu to automatically and obediently release Liang Shihan’s hand and patter back to Ye Wanwan’s side.

When Luo Chen saw this, he glanced at Ye Wanwan, imperceptibly shocked.

Liang Shihan stared at Ye Wanwan like she was looking at some disgusting object. “Ye Wanwan, you’re truly outstanding! Have you already used your looks to climb into the bed of everyone in the agency? That Ye Bai is probably also mesmerized by that face of yours, right?! Otherwise, why would he willingly stay at your brother’s tiny, lousy company!”

Liang Shihan’s words elicited a wave of whispers from the crowd.

“It turns out that beautiful woman is Ye Mufan’s sister! But why do I keep feeling like that beauty is familiar looking and that I’ve seen her before?”

“Liang Shihan’s words make sense though. Think about it—couldn’t a fearsome person like Ye Bai work anywhere? Why did he have to choose an abandoned son expelled from his clan like Ye Mufan?”

“Pft, maybe she really did use a honey pot trap on Ye Bai!”

The horrible chatter around them naturally made their way to Ye Hongwei as well.

Ye Hongwei looked at Ye Wanwan with a deep frown. “What happened? Why is Wanwan here?”

Ye Shao’an, who was next to him, watched the show in amusement. “Mufan probably brought her here! Ah, that Mufan, doesn’t he know what’s proper and improper? If he used that kind of shameful trick, then he should keep a lower profile! Why did he bring Wanwan to this kind of place? How is that girl presentable?! Isn’t he just incitig other people to humiliate them?”

Ye Hongwei became infuriated. “Why are you still standing here?! Hurry and make that girl disappear!”

If this type of scandal was publicized about his granddaughter, the entire Ye Group would be humiliated as well.

Ye Wanwan’s expression didn’t change at all as she listened to the increasingly awful assumptions around her. She looked at Liang Shihan and sardonically said, “You bought some internet navy just moments ago and said Ye Bai was gay and liked men. Now you’re saying Ye Wanwan climbed into Ye Bai’s bed? Can your esteemed company please remember to stick to the same story before defaming someone next time? Don’t make such idiotic mistakes.”

Liang Shihan stomped her feet in anger. “You… who bought an Internet navy to defame someone?! Don’t slander us venomously! A fly wouldn’t choose an uncracked egg! It’s clearly Ye Bai who has a fault! If he doesn’t actually like men and is a perverted crossdresser, why would that kind of rumor be floating around?”

Gong Xu was about to explode from his anger. What f*cking bullsh*t logic was this?

Ye Wanwan cast her eyes down and chuckled lowly. She furtively said, “You’re right. Ye Bai does like men.”

The second Ye Wanwan finished speaking, an uproar erupted in the area.

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