Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1142 - A wooden club that's breaking apart an affectionate couple

Chapter 1142: A wooden club that’s breaking apart an affectionate couple

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“The time we have now isn’t bad for you. You can allow yourself to settle. Do more charity, read more books, learn more things, enrich yourself. Do you hear me?” Ye Wanwan said with concern.

Gong Xu dispiritedly slapped the table and said as though he was on his last breath, “Go crazy… I have no energy… I can’t see Brother Ye in female clothes… What meaning is there to my life…”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Can’t his life… be less boring? Can’t he do something more meaningful?

When Han Xianyu heard that, he shook his head and chuckled out loud. However, his face looked a little relieved.

“There’s also my Little Candied Plum. Ah, my Little Candied Plum… Why is our love so perilous…” Gong Xu peered resentfully at Ye Wanwan. “Brother Ye, I don’t like you anymore! Do you know what you look like right now?”

Ye Wanwan asked, “What?”

“A wooden club! A wooden club that’s breaking apart an affectionate couple!”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

“If you wore a dress for me, I’d reluctantly forgive you!”

“No need to be so reluctant. Thanks.”

Yao Jiawen pondered over it and realized this was all they could do.

If a little company didn’t have any background and was intentionally bullied by a large company, nearly every step forward would be strenuous.

Yao Jiawen said, “Now, all that we can hope is for A Life and Death Struggle to make it to the finals of the Golden Orchid Awards. We have two male leads, so either one who qualifies will contribute to our reputation at least…”

Otherwise, not only would they lose money, but they also wouldn’t gain any reputation.

Although they knew in their hearts that A Life and Death Struggle’s topic was advantageous for obtaining an award, it wouldn’t be good if they didn’t win the award even if they made it to the finals.

Yao Jiawen actually didn’t really understand Ye Bai’s thought process.

With Gong Xu and Luo Chen’s popularity, if they changed the film into a school drama and went the idol drama route, their box office performance wouldn’t be so awful even with a large company suppressing them. At least they wouldn’t lose money.

Although Ye Bai was truly capable, he was too new to the industry, so he was too idealistic sometimes.

Perhaps Ye Bai really did do this for Luo Chen and Gong Xu’s benefit to help them transform their image and didn’t want them to excessively exhaust their popularity, limiting themselves to earning money quickly. However, Ye Bai underestimated the cruelty of the market and the ability of big companies.

Although Ye Bai managed to obtain Xu Lin’s script, he offended Emperor Sky, so the gains hadn’t made up for the losses.

Currently, the company’s funding chain was very tight and completely relied on this film to recover.

If this film crashed and burned, it’d be questionable whether the company could continue to operate…

“Jiawen, arrange the upcoming schedule,” Ye Wanwan instructed.

Yao Jiawen returned to the present and quickly nodded. “Okay!”

In the following period, films from big companies were all being promoted and shown in theaters like wildfire. Meanwhile, Ye Wanwan took Luo Chen and Gong Xu to silently do charity work, going to mountainous regions to visit the children or to military bases to express their appreciation for the veterans. They completely transformed their original promotion schedule to perform charity and public welfare activities.

When Ye Wanwan learned that the Golden Orchid Awards nominated both Luo Chen and Gong Xu for Best Actor, she was with Gong Xu and Luo Chen and was chatting with a few veterans on some mountain.

As Gong Xu stared at his phone, his downcast face finally emitted an array of brilliant, eye-catching colors. “Ahahahahaha! Brother Ye! Brother Ye! I was nominated for the Golden Orchid Awards’ Best Actor!”

Ye Wanwan looked at the list of nominations sent by Ye Mufan. “Calm down. It’s just a nomination.”

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