Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1140 - His acting skills are illogical

Chapter 1140: His acting skills are illogical

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Ye Wanwan sweet-talked him. “Yes, yes, yes. Handsome already. Let’s go wait in the lounge.”

Gong Xu, who had just exploded and wanted to fight with someone, instantly turned cheerful and docilely followed Ye Wanwan to the lounge.

Yao Jiawen watched with surprise on the side. Was Gong Xu… easy to pacify or hard to pacify?

She was fruitless after half a day of persuasion, but a single sentence from Ye Bai got Gong Xu to comply.

The crew shot Ling Shaozhe’s portion first, so Gong Xu and Luo Chen had to wait a whole two hours before it was their turn.

But then, they finished shooting in barely 10 minutes when it was their turn.

Yao Jiawen repressed her fury and said to Director Hou. “Director Hou, we’re done recording already? Isn’t there something wrong?”

Director Hou was currently busy ingratiating himself with Ling Shaozhe. Upon hearing this, he impatiently turned around to look at Yao Jiawen. “Wrong? What’s wrong?”

“Too much of the original script got deleted. This isn’t what we initially agreed on. And the blocking isn’t right either. Gong Xu and Luo Chen’s positions are too far back when they come out…”

“The plans can’t keep up with our changes. This is pretty typical. As for the blocking, it’s naturally according to their ranking and popularity, so I placed Shaozhe in front. I’m sure no one has any objections about that, right? What’s the problem then?”

Yao Jiawen wanted to contest further but was pulled back by Ye Wanwan. “Let’s go. We need to get to the next assignment.”

There was no point in wasting time here. They were only finished recording the show because of their principle of respectfully completing the job as per the contract.

Yao Jiawen’s mood was still low. “After these 10 minutes of camera time is edited, it’d be decent if we even ended up with five minutes… That’s too little…”

A cold smile turned up on Ye Wanwan’s lips. Five minutes? That’d be overestimating Ye Yiyi’s kindness.

Ye Wanwan had already predicted these hurdles. Their time was very valuable right now, so they didn’t have time to waste on arguing about these minor matters. The more assignments they could take, the better. These assignments would help the box office as best as they could, but they weren’t the most important thing.

Her goal this time had never been the box office. Otherwise, she could’ve done what Emperor Sky did in her previous life and directly revamped the script.

Her goal was the Golden Orchid Awards.

Time passed by in the blink of an eye, and it was soon the premiere date of A Life and Death Struggle .

A thing to celebrate was that all the people who saw this film gave it a positive rating on the internet.

Gong Xu’s performance in the film was undoubtedly the most shocking factor for fans…

[Omg! What did I see? Is this still my Baby Xu? He was so handsome that I couldn’t even recognize him as his mom fan!]

[I originally went to watch it to see Luo Chen and Gong Xu being gay for each other, but I surprisingly started crying while watching it! It’s too moving! Gong Xu’s acting skills are off the charts this time! Did he take the wrong medicine?]

[Luo Chen was too excellent! He’s improved a lot! Gong Xu… Mmm, I also wonder whether he suffered some kind of a shock… His acting skills… are illogical!]

Gong Xu sighed as he looked at the zero-star ratings on the internet. “Tsk, when I didn’t care and carelessly acted back then, they all scrambled to spend their money on watching my stuff. Now that I’m seriously acting with all I’ve got, not a lot of people are going to see it… Ah, this must be the nature of the entertainment industry…”

Ye Wanwan glanced at Gong Xu from the corners of her eyes. It was a rare occasion that this guy expressed so much depth.

While she was thinking this, she suddenly saw Gong Xu slapping his phone. “What the heck do they mean by ‘take the wrong medicine’?! What the heck does ‘illogical’ mean?! Who said I can’t have acting skills? Why can’t they hope for the best for me? They must be looking forward to me eating sh*t instead! Are they really true fans?”

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