Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1138 - Enemies inevitably clashed

Chapter 1138: Enemies inevitably clashed

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The group quickly arrived at the show’s shooting location.

The backstage was bustling with people. Busy staff members dashed everywhere.

At that moment, a group of people arrived at the entrance with pomp and circumstance.

The newcomer was Ling Shaozhe. There were two bodyguards, three assistants, one make-up artist, and one stylist behind him.

Emperor Sky Entertainment’s Ling Shaozhe was the guest on the show this time. Ling Shaozhe’s new movie came out recently. It was a big production with a major cast from Emperor Sky Entertainment.

Supposedly, public opinion and box office success of the premiere was decent, and Ling Shaozhe’s performance in the film was remarkable. His popularity was also quite high among young actors. Plus, he had the grand tree, Emperor Sky Entertainment, standing behind him, so his previous dark history from slandering Gong Xu was nearly made pure again.

In addition to that, many fans thought that the good-for-nothing Gong Xu, who was like a malignant tumor in the entertainment industry, deserved it…

When enemies inevitably clashed, the expressions of each party could be imagined.

Ling Shaozhe could be considered to have turned over a new leaf with the help of this film, so he was currently riding on his success. He took the initiative to greet Gong Xu. “Young Master Gong, long time no see!”

Ye Wanwan was personally accompanying them today, so Gong Xu was in quite a good mood and didn’t bother paying Ling Shaozhe any heed.

Ling Shaozhe naturally wouldn’t spare this opportunity to put Gong Xu down, so he continued, “I heard your new film is about to premiere too? You even participated in the Golden Orchid Awards? I truly anticipate the results of the Golden Orchid ceremony!”

As soon as Ling Shaozhe finished speaking, another celebrity quickly snickered, “Yes, I do quite look forward to it! I heard Gong Xu made a dauntless promise that he would livestream himself eating sh*t if he doesn’t get Golden Orchid Awards’ Best Actor!”

“Pft, does he think his family is the organizer of the Golden Orchid Awards and he can get Best Actor merely by wishing it? Golden Orchid Awards is the most prestigious film award in the country!”

Gong Xu was irritated by the chatter buzzing around his ears, so he snorted and looked at Ling Shaozhe. “Pft, you merely got 30 million at the premiere’s box office, yet you dare to stroll around like a peacock in front of this young master? When this young master breaks into the billions, you won’t have climbed onto your sugar mama’s bed yet!”

Gong Xu’s mouth was quite malicious.

Ling Shaozhe’s expression shifted. “Gong Xu! Stop slandering people!”

Gong Xu raised his brows. “What about me? What part was I wrong about?”

“What’s there for you to be boastful about? Your sh*tty acting skills are simply conning people of their money! When people finish watching your work, they’ll nearly tear the theater apart! How can you be so shameless to gloat about it?” one of Ling Shaozhe’s assistants quietly muttered.

Gong Xu was about to explode when he heard that. Ye Wanwan saw the director coming from her periphery, so she pressed down on Gong Xu’s shoulders, telling him that was enough. Gong Xu pursed his lips and repressed his anger.

“Hello, Director Hou!”

Ye Wanwan led Luo Chen and Gong Xu to the show’s chief director and greeted him.

A slightly chubby, middle-aged man greeted them with a grin. “Ah, Director Ye is here! We’re about to start! Hurry and get your make-up done!”

“Great. May I ask where the makeup room is?” Ye Wanwan asked.

A glint flashed through Hou Chongliang’s eyes. Then he apologetically said, “Ah, Director Ye, truly sorry. There are too many people today, so the solo makeup rooms are all filled. I have to wrong you by having you go outside to do your makeup. Truly sorry…”

When Ye Wanwan heard that, her face turned a few degrees colder. “Go to the makeup room outside?”

Based on Hou Chongliang’s position and status, he shouldn’t be saying anything so unprofessional.

Luo Chen and Gong Xu were A-listers, to say the least. The standard for A-listers was their own private makeup room whenever they attended a show. How could he let them go outside to have their makeup done with the extras?


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