Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1136 - I haven't reached the point of being starving and unselective

Chapter 1136: I haven’t reached the point of being starving and unselective

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Gong Xu was joyful. “Go! Go quickly! Brother Ye is calling on you!”

This was the first time Gong Xu was jumping for joy about Brother Ye calling on Luo Chen instead of himself.

Luo Chen hesitated for a moment before he stood up. “Brother Ye… It’s really nothing…”

Ye Wanwan raised her eyebrows. “If it’s nothing, why are you all looking at me like you’ve seen a ghost?”

Gong Xu quietly muttered, “No, no, no. Brother Ye, you aren’t a ghost. You’re Zhong Kui 1 ; you can even catch ghosts!”

Ye Wanwan was rendered speechless. “…”

Luo Chen faltered, not daring to say anything. In the end, it was Han Xianyu who spoke. “Ye Bai, don’t you remember anything from last night?”

Ye Wanwan scratched her head. “What about last night? I don’t really remember it. My memory blacks out after I drink…”

Han Xianyu said with an exasperated expression. “Ahem, after you drink… you’re a little…”

“A little what?”

Han Xianyu pondered over his wording. “A little… impulsive.”

It was Gong Xu who couldn’t bear it anymore and shouted, “Sh*t! How is that impulsive? That’s just utterly violent, bloody, and cruel! Brother Ye, do you know what you did to me last night?”

Ye Wanwan pulled a chair back and sat down. She propped her chin up with her hand. “What could I possibly have done to you? I haven’t reached the point of being starving and unselective yet, right?”

Gong Xu was triggered instantly. “Brother Ye, you’re too awful! What about me?! I’m so handsome! How am I unselective?! How?! You clearly said I was good-looking last night, why did you do a complete 180 now…”

Ye Wanwan felt a headache coming on and sighed. “Can I get someone who can talk normally instead?”

Fei Yang’s timid voice came from the corner. “Director Ye, after you became drunk last night, you came downstairs with us. Gong Xu also drank a bit much and insisted on comparing notes with you…”

“And then? I hit Gong Xu?”

“Well, you didn’t hit Gong Xu, but you did punch a giant hole into Gong Xu’s off-road vehicle…”

Ye Wanwan blinked. Then she asked in disbelief, “I made a hole in an off-road vehicle? With my fist? Brother Yang, are you kidding me?”

Fei Yang replied, “It’s true.”

Ye Wanwan turned to Han Xianyu, and Han Xianyu lightly coughed before also nodding. “You made the hole…”

“If you don’t believe it, look at the photos yourself! I towed my car to the shop to repair it this morning. The clerk asked me the cause of the damage. I said someone punched it, and they asked me if I was dreaming…”

Gong Xu quickly pulled up a photo on his phone to show Ye Wanwan. There was indeed a fist-sized hole on the car’s hood.

Ye Wanwan said, “I also think you’re dreaming…”

Ye Mufan muttered, “You punched it. Everyone here witnessed it with our own eyes last night. Why didn’t I know you could get so strong when you’re drunk? Also, that what’s-his-face of yours, oh, Ah-Jiu, also came last night and brought several bodyguards. You went into a drunken craze and beat up those bodyguards too. Then you left with that wild man. When I went over to pull you back, you actually asked me who I was, d*mn it…”

Ye Mufan’s point of focus was definitely his last sentence.

When Ye Wanwan finished listening to everyone’s accusations, she adopted the tone of a science show host and explained, “I think this must be a collective illness on your part and you had delusions. Not only did I wreck a car bare-handed but also had a group fight? Impossible! I never fight, OK?”

Gong Xu interjected, “Brother Ye, I think you might… have a little misunderstanding about yourself despite how long you’ve been alive…?”

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