Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1119 - Be a bit more vicious

Chapter 1119: Be a bit more vicious

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“This fight scene heavily emphasizes Xue Shao Yang’s drastic change in personality. He has to become extremely vicious, so you need to perform well!” Liu Qing said.

Ye Wanwan grumpily called Gong Xu over when she saw him bullying Jiawen. “Gong Xu, get over here. Director Liu is explaining the scene to you. Do you understand how you have to act later?”

This guy had completely reverted back to his former self upon his return. Who knew if he could even get back into his role when it came time to act?

Gong Xu looked as though this was a trivial matter. “I know, I know. Isn’t it just fighting?! That’s what I’m best at!”

Ye Wanwan: “When you fight, you have to look more vicious. Understand?”

“Is it like this? Or like this?” Gong Xu started wagging his imaginary tail while puffing out his cheeks like a chipmunk and making a vicious expression at Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan pressed her hand against her forehead. “Don’t act cute!”

This guy, can he really do it…?

Everything was going as planned except for this brat, Gong Xu, who wasn’t acting normal. She really couldn’t get a handle on him.

After the preparations were done, the first scene after the special training began.

“Three, two, one, and… start!!!” Liu Qing shouted.

The man who was going to film as the antagonist opposite Gong Xu was very tall and well-built. His body was very different from Gong Xu’s and he appeared to be the domineering and overbearing type.

If Gong Xu wanted to appear capable of suppressing him… It wouldn’t be easy…

After Liu Qing shouted for them to begin, the pair ran at each other.

Gong Xu seemed to change as soon as the clapperboard rang out. He was like a mad dog… No, he was like a wolf as he rushed at the man!

The fight scene was phenomenal. From the movements to the emotional control, everything was beyond their expectations. All their old worries didn’t materialize.

This was a performance that felt as though it was the result of going through a million training sessions…

Everyone present was watching in awe.

“F*ck… Gong Xu… is so… handsome!”

“Never did I imagine that I would witness this side of Gong Xu… He’s so hot-blooded…”

Ye Mufan, who had already given up hope, now had glittering eyes. “This brat isn’t bad! I thought he was only stuffing himself with buns at the training camp, but from the looks of it, he’s pretty capable!”

Ye Wanwan also let out a sigh of relief before saying, “He’s not bad, but if he wants to get an award, it’s still not enough. He needs to be even more vicious than that.”

After finishing, Liu Qing called Gong Xu over. “Not bad, not bad, Gong Xu. You acted really well just now but you could be even more vicious. Just a bit more. Think about it – you just saw your teammate die for you and you feel responsible for him. You’re in despair and you’re taking out your hatred on this scoundrel now. Let’s try this again!”

“I clearly performed to perfection already. I was even charmed by my own talent!” Gong Xu said, indicating his reluctance.

Ye Wanwan: “Not enough. Try again.”

Gong Xu: “Yes, immediately!”

After a brief break, Gong Xu obediently performed a second take.

This time was even better than his first time.

However, Liu Qing and Ye Wanwan still felt the scene was lacking a bit.

Liu Qing tried to explain the scene to Gong Xu again. “Hm, this was better than before, but you could still be even more vicious.”

“Gong Xu, imagine this. There’s a scoundrel who bullies the poor and hurts others for his own benefit. He’s ruined this country and a lot of your brothers-in-arms have died because of him.”

“You’ve wasted two years and you’ve finally caught him. How would you feel once you saw him? Embody those emotions and let’s try again!”

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