Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1116 - Rapid Progress

Chapter 1116: Rapid Progress

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Their company couldn’t support gods but inexperienced staff wouldn’t cut it. People like this were perfect.

From the girl’s resume, they could tell she was a hard-working individual.

Ye Wanwan sent Ye Mufan a look then coughed lightly before saying to Yao Jiawen: “Nice to meet you. Miss Yao, was it? My friend mentioned you to me before.”

Yao Jiawen hurriedly replied, “You must be… Chairman Ye? Last night, I accidentally bumped into your friend then she gave me your card. But I didn’t dare give you a call out of the blue so I directly came to your company to interview…”

Ye Wanwan nodded, indicating that she understood. “You two can continue.”

Thus, Ye Mufan asked Yao Jiawen several questions and she was able to smoothly answer all of them.

After ten minutes passed, Ye Mufan nodded his head in approval then glanced at Ye Wanwan. “Boss, what do you think?”

“Not bad. Pretty good. If there are no other issues, you can come to work tomorrow,” Ye Wanwan replied.

Yao Jiawen was speechless with surprise but then showed a conflicted expression.

“What is it, is there a problem?” Ye Mufan asked.

Yao Jiawen appeared depressed with several degrees of embarrassment. She hesitantly asked Ye Mufan, “I… Can I… Can I receive three months’ pay in advance…”

She hadn’t even started work yet she wanted three months’ advance pay. No matter which company it was, they would never agree.

From the looks of Yao Jiawen, she had evidently worked in this industry for many years, so she should understand this unspoken rule. It was likely she had no other choice, which forced her to make such a request.

Ye Mufan said tentatively, “Regarding advanced pay, if you worked here for a while, I might still consider your request. But you haven’t even started working yet, and you want advanced pay… Do you have any reason for asking this?”

Yao Jiawen’s expression became even more embarrassed. “I… I’m really sorry. I know this request is unreasonable, but because the competition at Wisdom was too fierce… I put a lot of my own money into my work to help new trainees… I haven’t been able to save up in recent years… I also just quit my job and my dad suddenly got sick…”

“Ah, I really sympathize with you, but this isn’t in line with company procedures…”

If this was before, Ye Mufan would’ve directly given her money after seeing how pitiful she looked. But now, he first needed to think of the company, which showed his dramatic growth.

Ye Mufan thought for a while before turning to look at Ye Wanwan. “Boss, what do you think?”

Yao Jiawen watched as Ye Mufan asked Ye Bai. She appeared rather confused.

Isn’t the boss of this company Ye Mufan?

Why does it look like Ye Mufan’s asking Ye Bai for permission?

Moreover, Ye Mufan appeared to be afraid of Ye Bai…

Ye Wanwan replied, “It’s fine. Have her report to the finance department to get her pay tomorrow.”

Three months’ pay in exchange for a suitable employee. It wasn’t a bad deal.

Yao Jiawen let out a sigh of relief and gratefully said, “Thank you, thank you Director Ye. Thank you Chairman Ye!”

Ye Wanwan: “No need for thanks. Your capabilities are reason enough for us to fulfill your request.”

Yao Jiawen went silent. Her heart just got a shock. Ye Bai was saying he agreed not because of sympathy but rather because of her abilities. With that one sentence, he not only acknowledged her skills but also dissolved her embarrassment.

Yao Jiawen: “Thank you…”

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