Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 11: Did I scare all of you?

Chapter 11: Did I scare all of you?

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The atmosphere in the house slowly chilled. The relationship between Si Ye Han and herself seemed to return to the way it was before she was reborn.

The fear for the person in front of her started creeping back into her body.

Fortunately, at this moment, a pair of footsteps broke the deadlock.

Xu Yi brought with him a group of gardeners, florists, and builders into the dining hall and spoke, "9th master, the repair works in the garden... um..."

Xu Yi broke off mid-sentence and saw a girl sitting on the left of Si Ye Han. He paused momentarily while the workers behind him gave each other puzzled looks.

He wasn't just surprised because of this girl’s beautiful appearance but everyone knew that the master had a serious case of OCD and was disgusted with women. There was only one woman in the world that the master could tolerate and that was none other than Ye Wan Wan.

So who exactly was this woman?

Ye Wan Wan looked at Xu Yi and the workers. She took a bite of the prawn dumpling and said apologetically, "Uh, I forgot to put on my make up today, did I scare all of you?"

Ye... Ye Wan Wan!!!

Upon hearing this familiar voice, everybody including Xu Yi was flabbergasted.

That ugly creature looked appalling but had a great voice, like a clear stream in Jiang Nan, crystalline and bright.

Yet this beautiful voice caused all of them to have a reflexive reaction of revulsion. After all, ever since this woman entered Jin garden, all these people had suffered as well.

The girl that appeared beside the master now, as pretty as a lotus flower that rose from beneath the water, was actually Ye Wan Wan?

Seeing everyone's reaction, Ye Wan Wan thought seriously, "Surely I look better than before right? I remember all of you were most surprised when I dyed my hair green! Maybe I should change it back tomorrow?"

They weren't surprised; they were obviously horrified!

Xu Yi finally came around and shook his head fervently, "No no, Miss, you look really good like that!"

Little did he expect that Ye Wan Wan looked like this without makeup.

So all along this Miss Ye didn't have issues with coordinating colours, but actually, had mental issues?

Master's eyes must be really sharp. How is it possible that he was able to see her natural state through her makeup that's as thick as a wall?

If Ye Wan Wan knew what was running through Xu Yi's mind, she would definitely tell him that his master didn't need to see through the "wall", instead, his master had a fondness for the "wall"!

"Are all of you here to discuss the repair works of the garden?" Ye Wan Wan asked.

Xu Yi nodded instinctively, "Yes."

Ye Wan Wan then probed, "May I give you some suggestions?"

Considering that I'm going to live here for some time, why not make myself comfortable according to my liking?

I'm not allowed to go to school, but this should be fine right?

She remembered that aside from leaving, Si Ye Han would give in to any requests of hers.

But hearing Ye Wan Wan's request, Xu Yi felt like killing himself. He immediately turned to Si Ye Han for help, hoping that he could decide for himself.

9th master! Please, I beg you! Do not let her destroy the garden anymore!

Si Ye Han replied Ye Wan Wan with three words, "Up to you."

Xu Yi: "..."

Fine, I already knew it would be like that.

Xu Yi could only accept his fate miserably and asked, "Miss, what requests do you have?"

Ye Wan Wan thought carefully, "I don't like the roses and lavender, could you change that plot to sunflowers instead?"

Xu Yi was speechless for a moment. He asked instinctively, "Miss, you like sunflowers?"

Compared to "Burn those flowers" or "Pull all of them out" type of requests, Ye Wan Wan's current request was too normal.

Ye Wan Wan thought for a moment and replied, "They're so-so."

Xu Yi didn't understand, "Then why..."

Ye Wan Wan's eyes brightened, "So in the future, the seeds can be fried and eaten!"

Xu Yi: "Er..."

Si Ye Han: "..."

Ye Wan Wan then pointed to the far side, "Also, that pond over there, don't keep those dead expensive Kois anymore. They are so weak and inedible. Put in some grass carps, silver carps, little sea shrimps... Change the rose pergola to grape pergola... Actually, you can grow some sweet potatoes too..."

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