Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1095 - My mind would be completely focused on you

Chapter 1095: My mind would be completely focused on you

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Tangtang was hesitant. “Wouldn’t I disturb Mommy?”

Ye Wanwan hastily said. “You won’t, you won’t! You definitely won’t! With you by Mommy’s side, Mommy will be incredibly motivated! Hm, but Mommy is worried you’ll be bored…”

The little fella frantically shook his head. “Tangtang won’t get bored! Tangtang likes to be with Mommy!”

The mother and son duo entered the room. Ye Wanwan sat in front of the desk and sifted through the information required to write her thesis while Tangtang obediently sat close to her and watched her intently.

Whenever she got tired, she would pinch Tangtang’s cheeks and have Tangtang give her a loving kiss.

This was the first time Ye Wanwan realized that slaving over a thesis could be this enjoyable!

Si Yehan had shown up by the door at some point and was silently watching the mother and son.

Later that night, after Ye Wanwan coaxed Tangtang to sleep, she happily told Si Yehan, “Tangtang baby is too cute! With Tangtang baby by my side giving me loving kisses, I feel like I can fight 100 more rounds!”

As Si Yehan tucked Tangtang into bed, he glanced at Ye Wanwan. “Is that so?”

Ye Wanwan immediately sensed something amiss in Si Yehan’s tone and blinked. She added tactfully, “Although I really want you to keep me company like this too and give me loving kisses… if you gave me loving kisses… how could I focus on doing my homework?”

“Why can’t you focus?”

“Because my mind would be completely focused on you!”

Si Yehan’s mouth twitched slightly. “…”

I once thought she was too timid and too scared of me…


“Oh, right! Ah-Jiu, I found a film that’s perfect for Jiang Yanran! It’s Director Peng Yuanhu’s Jasmine . The topic, characters, and production crew are all top-notch. Peng Yuanhu also never does the whole casting couch or bribery thing and only chooses artists he respects. So, this is truly an excellent opportunity. I’m planning to let Jiang Yanran audition for the film!”

“I’m meeting up with Yanran tomorrow to talk about this. Hehe, if Yanran gets the role and wins Best Actress, I’ll be over the moon…”

Si Yehan listened to Ye Wanwan’s confident analysis. He had watched her transform and grow step by step until she could stand on her own. An indescribable feeling overcame him.

He was glad. He was glad he had chosen to believe in her back then. He was glad he repressed the poisonous vines inside him that were growing and getting out of control day by day.

True protection was a nourishing type of care, not a possessive enclosure…

The next day, Ye Wanwan arrived at the chosen restaurant for her meet-up with Jiang Yanran.

“Sister Wanwan! Over here!”

Ye Wanwan could see Chu Feng waving at her from far away and hastened to their table.

Ye Wanwan smiled and said, “To celebrate Yanran being the top scorer, the meal’s on me today. Order whatever you want!”

“Then we won’t be polite!” Jiang Yanran happily said.

“Oh, right. Congratulations to you too, Chu Feng.” Ye Wanwan looked at Chu Feng meaningfully.

She thought Jiang Yanran wasn’t as enthusiastic about Han Xianyu the night before because she had shifted her focus onto her boyfriend.

“Huh? Why are you congratulating me?” Chu Feng scratched his head in confusion.

Ye Wanwan didn’t say anything. Instead, she took out the signed photos of Han Xianyu from her bag and handed it to Jiang Yanran. “Yanran, for you!”

“Thank you!’ Jiang Yanran accepted the signed photos but had an embarrassed expression. “Um, Wanwan…”

“What’s the matter?” Ye Wanwan asked.

Jiang Yanran hesitated for half a day before continuing, “Wanwan… actually… I…”

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