Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1075 - You started it, so I'll finish it

Chapter 1075: You started it, so I’ll finish it

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There was an uproar after Ye Wanwan spoke.

Liang Meixuan sneered. “What a joke! Evidence? What evidence could you possibly have? Can the ring talk? Is it yours just because you say it is yours?!”

Ye Wanwan smiled. “I’m sorry, Second Aunt, but this ring really does know how to ‘talk’.”

Liang Meixuan: “I think you’re making trouble without reason!”

Ye Wanwan ignored Liang Meixuan’s ridicule and the audience’s strange looks. “Let me ask you again, Second Aunt. You’re certain this is Ye Yiyi’s engagement ring, right?”

Liang Meixuan glared at her. “Nonsense, of course this ring belongs to our Yiyi! Ye Wanwan, stop with your rubbish. The truth can’t become false and what’s false can’t become the truth!”

“Oh?” Ye Wanwan raised her brows and took the ring from Huang Mingkun’s hand. She pensively asked, “Then can Second Aunt explain why Ye Yiyi’s engagement ring has my name carved on it?”

Liang Meixuan’s expression instantly froze. “What… what did you say?”

Ye Wanwan handed the ring directly to Ye Hongwei. “Grandpa, Grandma, take a look at what character is carved inside the ring.”

Ye Hongwei hastily peered inside, and his expression changed immediately. “There’s… there’s a ‘Wan’ carved… inside the ring…”

Tan Yi Lan was also shocked. “It really is a ‘Wan’! There are also several numbers that look like Wanwan’s birthday after it!”

“That’s impossible!” Liang Meixuan snatched the ring in a flash.

When she saw the carved character and number inside the ring, she was dumbstruck…

A countless number of guests shifted toward them and also saw Ye Wanwan’s name carved on the ring…

Immediately, everyone was stupefied.

“There’s really a ‘Wan’ carved in it! It even has her birthday!”

“This… this ring must belong to Second Miss Ye then, right? Otherwise, why would Ye Wanwan’s name be carved on Ye Yiyi’s engagement ring?”

“So Second Miss Ye spoke the truth? But why would Liang Meixuan do something like this with her status?”

“Liang Meixuan’s status? Did you forget how Liang Meixuan entered the Ye family back then? Liang Meixuan is Liang Wanjun’s younger sister and was merely residing with the Ye family. She somehow sunk her claws into Ye Shao’an later on.”

“Before Ye Shao’an gained control, he didn’t have any power or authority, so Liang Meixuan naturally didn’t gain anything as his wife. So I must say, it’s not impossible for her to steal!”

“Tsk tsk. The Second Master of the Ye family is in power now and has everything under his control. If it weren’t for the character carved inside this ring, Second Miss Ye would’ve probably taken the blame for sure today…”

As Liang Meixuan listened to the guests’ chatter, her complexion turned worse. She stared at the ring in disbelief.

She didn’t understand how Ye Wanwan’s name showed up inside the ring no matter how she thought about it!

Even Ye Yiyi and Huang Mingkun were stupefied, and Gu Yueze was also shocked.

This ring… he clearly bought it himself… so how could Ye Wanwan’s name be carved on it?

Liang Meixuan glowered at Huang Mingkun darkly, asking him what was going on. However, Huang Mingkun was bewildered and utterly clueless as well.

Ye Wanwan watched Liang Meixuan’s increasingly stiff expression and languidly said, “Second Aunt, I already said it wouldn’t be good to make this matter ugly.”

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