Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1068 - The wrong mode

Chapter 1068: The wrong mode

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Ye Wanwan took a brief look but didn’t say anything.

When her father was still part of the Ye family, Ye Group was at their peak and their wealth was amongst the top 10 in Imperial City.

Back then, her room was the genuine embodiment of a treasure trove and was piled with all sorts of extravagant luxury goods.

They were purchased by Dad and Mom or were gifts from Ye Mufan. She also liked to buy sparkling jewelry herself.

Later on, the Ye family was grievously weakened by Ye Shao’an. After Ye Shao’an took over the company, the Ye family couldn’t recover its previous splendor.

Ye Yiyi didn’t only bring in Ye Wanwan, but she also called on Liang Shihan and a few heiresses from her friend circle.

“Sister Yiyi, you’re so beautiful today!”

“Yiyi and Mr. Gu are truly a match made in heaven!”

“I wish you both eternal love and a blissful marital life!”

The girls all surrounded Ye Yiyi in a buzz and exuberantly congratulated her while sending occasional mocking looks to Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan went to sit on a sofa out of boredom.

After the girls conversed for a while, a knock was heard, and Huang Mingkun entered the room with drinks on a platter.

“Miss Wanwan, here’s your tea.”

Ye Wanwan was casually flipping through a magazine. When Huang Mingkun placed a cup of tea in front of Ye Wanwan, he also swiftly snuck a tiny object into her purse at a very peculiar angle without her noticing. Then he feigned normality and continued to serve the other heiresses.

“Eldest Miss, the guests have all arrived and everything is ready downstairs,” Huang Mingkun told Ye Yiyi.

“Alright.” As Ye Yiyi said that, she furtively glanced at Ye Wanwan from the corner of her eyes.

Huang Mingkun immediately gave her a “success” look.

“I understand. You can leave.” Ye Yiyi finally relaxed.

“Yes.” Huang Mingkun left the room compliantly.

Ye Yiyi wanted to change, so everyone went back downstairs.

In the banquet hall downstairs:

Ye Wanwan had just arrived downstairs when she ran into Ye Mufan rushing toward her.

“Brother, why are you running?” Ye Wanwan asked upon noticing Ye Mufan’s hurry.

Ye Mufan mumbled, “Isn’t it obvious that Dad and Mom were worried about you and were afraid you would be bullied, so they forced me to check on you?”

Warmth surfaced in Ye Wanwan’s eyes. “I’m fine. Let’s go.”

“Ye Yiyi didn’t make things difficult for you, right?” Ye Mufan asked.

“There were outsiders there, so she would only treat me better and more politely. How could she possibly make things difficult for me?” Ye Wanwan answered before instructing Ye Mufan, “Brother, you should carefully study this side of her. It’d do you good even if you learned a point or two.”

Ye Mufan was rendered speechless: “…”

‘Sister, I’m showing concern for you, alright? Aren’t you in the wrong mode?’

Ye Wanwan pursed her lips and reflexively replied, “Okay, got it…”

Melodious music started playing, signifying the imminent start of the banquet.

The hall was bustling with activity when a commotion was suddenly heard from the crowd.

Huang Mingkun led a few servants and shuffled through the crowd with anxious expressions, as if they were searching for something.

Ye Mufan looked at Huang Mingkun with a slight frown. “What nuisance is that Lapdog Huang causing this time?”

Ye Wanwan calmly glanced at the crowd before surreptitiously touching her white handbag. “Pft…”

Ye Mufan caught Ye Wanwan’s expression and asked, “What is it?”

“It’s nothing.” Ye Wanwan shrugged. “I simply found out… someone thinks I’m a fool…”

“Huh?” Ye Mufan didn’t understand her.

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