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Chapter 1042 - Throwing the match

Chapter 1042: Throwing the match

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Soon, the matter with Ye Wanwan was overlooked and everyone focused their attention on Sun Xuezhen and Qin Ruoxi.

One of them was the eldest miss of a martial arts patrician family while the other was the eldest miss of the Qin family. The Qin family placed great importance on martial arts and was passionate about it, so Qin Ruoxi was considered one of the best amongst the younger generation of the Qin family. Hence, everyone greatly looked forward to their match.

Qin Ruoxi and Sun Xuezhen stood across from each other on the stage.

“Younger Sister Xuezhen, I’ll be under your tutelage,” Qin Ruoxi said while looking at Sun Xuezhen.

Sun Xuezhen chuckled lightly. “Sis Ruoxi, there definitely won’t be any tutelage. We’re merely comparing notes. I’ve wanted to fight you for a long time but didn’t have the chance until now.”

After saying that, Sun Xuezhen stepped forward. Her agile body was as light as the wind. She looked like a figure who leaped out of a painting but she also looked like an extremely fast nimble cat.

Seeing Sun Xuezhen’s actions, Master Mu and Wolf King finally started paying attention and nodded their heads with praise.

Sun Xuezhen’s technique was quite impressive indeed. Not only was it very practical but it also looked nice and was pleasant on the eyes.

Ye Wanwan sunk into contemplation as she watched their match.

These people could only compare to Heidi and her group. If they encountered true experts like Nameless Nie, Bewitching Devotee, and Spray of Flowers, they would instantly be obliterated in a single move.

Sun Xuezhen’s body technique might be unique, but its only advantage was its agility, and it was unsuitable for direct confrontation with people. If Sun Xuezhen was an assassin, however, she would be quite outstanding on the basis of her body technique alone.

Whether it was Sun Xuezhen or Qin Ruoxi, the weaknesses in their techniques were clear. If she went up, she could probably discover them within 10 seconds…

Currently, Qin Ruoxi was holding back against Sun Xuezhen on stage. Ye Wanwan could tell that Qin Ruoxi wasn’t going at full strength.

Qin Ruoxi was quite clever indeed—purposefully throwing the match so that Sun Xuezhen could win…

After all, this martial arts conference was hosted by the Sun family, so there was no point even if Qin Ruoxi won. Why not relinquish the match as a favor to the Sun family and Sun Xuezhen instead?

It had to be said that Qin Ruoxi’s skills in currying favor were truly top-notch.

Qin Ruoxi was incredibly intense and every move was difficult for Sun Xuezhen to ward off. However, moments later, she would purposefully leave a few openings so Sun Xuezhen could exploit them.

As time went on, everyone could tell that Qin Ruoxi’s skills in martial arts were higher than Sun Xuezhen’s.

Every time Qin Ruoxi purposefully forced Sun Xuezhen back and displayed her strength, she would quickly fall back into a disadvantage, and this continued back and forth.

About seven or eight minutes later, Qin Ruoxi made a “mistake” in her movements and Sun Xuezhen instantly took advantage of it and slashed her hand through the air like a knife. Qin Ruoxi “had no choice” but to flee outside the boundaries of the stage.

“Miss Sun Xuezhen wins!”

The second Qin Ruoxi left the stage, the referee team announced the winner of the match.

Upon seeing this result, Sun Lizhong looked pleased and looked at Qin Ruoxi with great appreciation.

With his attainments in martial arts, how could Sun Lizhong not tell that Qin Ruoxi intentionally yielded to Sun Xuezhen? Otherwise, the winner this time absolutely wouldn’t have been his daughter.

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