Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1040 - You're competing with me on stage!

Chapter 1040: You’re competing with me on stage!

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After that, the Sun family won two more matches and ended up winning this round.

The referee stood on the stage and announced the result: “The Sun family wins!”

Below the stage, Qin Ruoxi said with great admiration, “Uncle Sun’s disciple is outstanding as expected. Thank you for providing such a good opportunity to learn from each other today, Uncle Sun. I’m certain the five of them gained a lot from today’s competition!”

Sun Lizhong broke into bright laughter at the Sun family’s victory. “The juniors of the Qin family each have their excellent points and are all extremely talented. Their futures will be boundless in due time!”

Mu Suifeng also made a positive evaluation of the experts from the two families. “The rising generation is to be reckoned with!”

They conversed happily and the experts from both families felt accomplished. Even though the Qin family lost, they lost beautifully. However, the five people from the Si family were invisible, as though they were mere decorations.

At that time, Sun Xuezhen said, “Since the competition between the experts of the three families has finished, if no one has any objections to the results, let’s proceed to the competition between the representatives!”

Following the end of the experts’ competition, it was time for the three representatives to go on stage and compare notes.

Everyone’s gazes instantly landed on Ye Wanwan when they heard Sun Xuezhen.

Although the girl was wearing proper workout clothes, she was bonelessly sitting there with her chin propped on her hand, looking dainty. She didn’t look like she could go on stage to compete at all and looked more like some pampered daughter of a wealthy family who came to watch a show.

In contrast, Qin Ruoxi and Sun Xuezhen both stood straight like rods and were valiant and formidable-looking. People could tell they were martial artists based on their energy and aura. The difference between them and women like Ye Wanwan was like day and night.

However, when the five guards of the Si family heard that their representative was about to go on stage, their faces turned ashen. They humiliated themselves enough already. They were afraid they would be even more humiliated after this woman went on stage.

“Alright, we can begin,” Qin Ruoxi said without any objections.

Mu Suifeng also revealed an expectant expression. The match between Qin Ruoxi and Sun Xuezhen would be worth a watch. “I heard Miss Sun received Mr. Sun’s authentic teachings!”

Sun Xuezhen replied, “Mr. Mu’s praise is too much, I still have a ways to go before catching up to Father! Ruoxi is the truly awesome one. She’s been learning from famous masters since she was young and has assimilated teachings from many schools!”

When Qin Ruoxi heard this, she glanced at Ye Wanwan and humbly said, “Miss Ye is the truly brilliant one. She has personally taught the Si family’s guards before.”

Sun Xuezhen sneered, distrusting Qin Ruoxi’s words since she thought Qin Ruoxi purposefully said that for Si Yehan’s sake.

“Is that so? Then I look forward to it!”

Like before, the referee walked over with a bamboo tube and had them draw lots.

Sun Xuezhen drew a lot and looked at it. “Ye Wanwan” was written on it.

Qin Ruoxi caught the name from the corner of her eyes, a glint flashing in her eyes.

Sun Xuezhen sneered at the name on the lot, her eyes brimming with disgust. She had to compete with this woman.

Upon seeing this, the referee announced, “The first match will be between the Sun representative and the Si representative!”

Sun Xuezhen glanced at Ye Wanwan. “Miss Ye, please! Ruoxi keeps saying you’re strong. I would like to see that for myself today!”

When Ye Wanwan, who was dozing off, heard this, she looked up. “What?”

Sun Xuezhen frowned deeply with impatience. “You’re competing with me on stage!”

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