Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1038 - Too weak

Chapter 1038: Too weak

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The referee respected the decision of the competitor from the Sun family. Since Bing Xin didn’t need to rest, the competition could continue.

“Be careful. Bing Xin is really strong…” the young guard of the Si family squeezed out with a frown.

His strength was impressive already, but it was still inadequate compared to Bing Xin.

More than that, Liu Cen didn’t even see Bing Xin move, yet a split second later, he was flying from the stage and was defeated.

From the spectators’ area, Ye Wanwan couldn’t help but feel disappointed. Wasn’t that young guard of the Si family too weak? Bing Xin wasn’t worth mentioning to her. This martial arts conference appeared to be a bit boring…

After another discussion, the Si family guards decided to send the second strongest member, Li Yue, onto the stage.

“Si family guard, Li Yue. Please!” Li Yue walked onto the stage and greeted his opponent as he looked at Bing Xin and cupped his fists.

“You should leave,” Bing Xin coldly said.

Li Yue was surprised when he heard this. When he regained his senses, he involuntarily sneered. Bing Xin might be strong, but wasn’t he too arrogant?

However, before Li Yue could reply, fragments of a figure flashed in front of him and a shooting pain pierced his abdomen.

Immediately after, Li Yue shot into the air like the previous guard and was sent flying off the stage with a mere kick.

“Bing Xin of the Sun family won!”

The referee team announced the outcome of this match at once.

After Li Yue crashed to the floor, he was dumbstruck. Bing Xin was too fast! He couldn’t react at all!

“Don’t waste time. Continue,” Bing Xin coldly stated as he looked at the Si family’s guards.

The competition between the Sun family and the Si family was in accordance with the five-match-and-three-win rule. If the Sun family won another match, the Si family would lose the competition this round.

“F*cking arrogant!” Li Yue sneered before turning to a fellow guard. “Boss, you go up. However, you must be careful. He’s very strong indeed.”

A man in his 30s strode onto the stage.

Before the man could speak, Bing Xin shouted again, “Go down!”

Immediately after his shout, the audience watched the strongest member of the Si team walking in his previous two teammates’ footsteps and he was sent flying off the stage with a side kick in the blink of an eye.

“Three losses to the Si family and a total victory to the Sun family.”

The referee team announced the outcome of the first round.

Everyone couldn’t help but sigh.

After all, the Si family mainly focused on business and wasn’t a martial arts patrician family like the Sun family, so it went without saying that the Sun family would win with overwhelming strength.

Ye Wanwan’s expression didn’t change since this was in line with her expectations.

After all, the Sun family was a martial arts patrician family and thought highly of this martial arts conference, so they naturally picked the top experts from their family. Although the five guards of the Si family weren’t incapable, they were nothing in the face of the Sun family.

The guards of the Si family currently wanted nothing more than to burrow themselves into a hole. This was a five-match-and-three-win competition, but they suffered a total defeat and didn’t even reach the fifth match.

What was more unbelievable was that Bing Xin was the weakest on the Sun team.

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