Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1023 - The one who stole your man

Chapter 1023: The one who stole your man

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When Feng Qinyu saw Ye Wanwan standing next to Si Yehan like the mistress of the Si family, she angrily stomped her feet. “Sister Ruoxi, look at how cocky she is! Mr. Mu is merely making polite conversation with her out of consideration for the patriarch, but who does she think she is!”

Qin Ruoxi looked at the girl next to Si Yehan. The spot that should belong to her. Her eyes glinted…

“Ruoxi!” Suddenly, a girl’s voice came from behind Qin Ruoxi.

“Xuezhen, why are you here?” Qin Ruoxi passionately asked when she saw the newcomer.

In contrast to the extravagant gowns worn by all the female guests, Sun Xuezhen was unconventionally wearing a clean outfit of black workout clothes.

However, no one inside the banquet hall expressed any criticism about it.

The Sun family was a famous martial-arts patrician family of China. China emphasized the promotion of traditional martial arts, and the Sun family made several appearances on television. Sun Xuezhen’s elder brothers all held important positions in the military while Sun Xuezhen also wasn’t inferior to men and had superb martial arts skills. She went everywhere in workout clothes.

The Sun family and the Qin family were longtime family friends and were quite close, so Qin Ruoxi and Sun Xuezhen’s relationship was also quite amiable.

“I was having dinner upstairs and remembered you were here, so I came to say hello to you!” Sun Xuezhen said and glanced at the girl next to Si Yehan. “I thought it was some outstanding woman. She’s the one who stole your man?”

As soon as Feng Qinyu saw Sun Xuezhen, she started complaining, “Sister Xuezhen, it’s that fox vixen! She’s taking advantage of her beauty and is shamelessly seducing our patriarch! She even delusionally wants to be the mistress of the Si family! Allowing a woman like her to be the patriarch’s female companion and receive Mr. Mu is simply too disrespectful! I have no idea what our patriarch was thinking!”

Sun Xuezhen assessed Ye Wanwan with a face full of disappointment. “Heh, I was anticipating meeting Miss Ye quite a bit before coming here and wanted to know who on earth receive favor from Si Yehan. I didn’t expect someone like her…”

“A princess raised in a greenhouse can be found by the dozen outside. I truly can’t see what’s so special about her that made Ninth Brother give up a marriage alliance with the Qin family.”

Feng Qinyu scoffed. “Of course she’s special! She’s especially shameless and especially slutty! No matter what, the patriarch is nothing but a man! How could he escape her trap! However, Sister Ruoxi has been wronged and has to suffer humiliation from this trash!”

Sun Xuezhen smiled and said, “Oh, you. You’re still too easy to anger. Look at your Sister Ruoxi and how little she cares about it. However, a woman like Miss Ye does qualify to be a toy for amusement. But that’s all she’ll be. She’s still novel to Si Yehan, so he’s naturally indulging her like a treasure. After the novelty wears off, who will remember her?”

Feng Qinyu answered, “Sister Xuezhen, you’re right! Blah, she wants to be our matriarch? How could she qualify?!”

“Alright, enough about this. There are no problems with the matter I discussed with you earlier, right?” Qin Ruoxi asked Sun Xuezhen to confirm.

Sun Xuezhen said, “Don’t worry, it’s fine. As soon as we get confirmation from you, my father will hold a martial arts conference immediately! Father just happens to want to befriend Mr. Mu too, so if it succeeds, we’ll have to thank you instead!”

Qin Ruoxi replied, “What’s there to be polite about with me? I’ll let you know when I have news.”

“Alright then, I’ll take my leave now!”


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