People Found Out About The Base I Built On the Moon

Chapter 2

Moon Base

Today was the third day of the ninth month of the fifth year of the lunar calendar. It was a day worth celebrating.

Today, the construction of Zhao Yu’s star destroyer cannon was finally finished.


Five years ago, Zhao Yu was still an ordinary guy. Six months after graduating university, he broke up with his girlfriend. He was really drunk the night after it happened.

The only thing he remembered was that he was carried into his hotel by her friends. Next thing he knew, he woke up inside a car.

Outside the car’s window was a barren planet. The starry sky in the distance was dark. There was no blue sky or green grass. The ground was black and gray.

Just as Zhao Yu was about to ask what the hell was happening, the system appeared.

It told him that he was in a world yet to be found by other civilizations. It also told him that the rules between space civilizations were very Darwinistic. Once this place was discovered by other aliens, it would be facing the brutal attacks of other civilizations until its destruction.

Apart from that, the system also told him that in another six years, an alien spaceship would arrive at the galaxy he was currently in. The possibility of being exposed was extremely high.

Zhao Yu was stunned. At first, he almost couldn’t believe that he was transmigrated to a completely deserted planet. And what exactly is this about aliens arriving in six years?

After thinking for a while, he realized that six years was too long. He wasn’t really sure what he could do to pass the time.

Fortunately, the system talking to him was quite powerful. The car he was in was actually a base car, a vehicle capable of developing technologies after it stops moving.

Zhao Yu drove the base car and stopped it next to a deep meteor crater. He chose to create his own “civilisation” in the underground to reduce risk of exposure to any nearby aliens.

After nearly six years of development, Zhao Yu had already expanded his underground base to nearly one square kilometer.

Due to the threat of aliens, Zhao Yu developed his technologies in an oddly specific direction. Most of his focus went to developing weapons for his base. If there were anything that he developed that wasn’t for military purposes, it would be technologies that were absolutely necessary for survival. These include creation of air, AI assistants, energy storage, gravity regulator, water molecular extraction and greenhouse vegetable cultivation.

Yes, Zhao Yu’s other technologies were all related to war, such as refined combat computers, sentinel fixed defense, laser defense modules, combat AI, and so on.

Because of Zhao Yu’s decision, his base was pretty much surrounded with hidden fortifications designed for defense.

Apart from building his arsenals, Zhao Yu didn’t give up on exploring and expanding the planet he was on.

For this, he mainly relied on his army of intelligent mechanical robots that would patrol around the planet while putting on disguise. For instance, his robot dog, Menshen, would disguise itself as a boulder or a hill as it moved around the base.

He also had a robot dog, Xiaotian, who would disguise itself as a stone that would roll around the planet as it collects useful resources.

There was also the combat robot dog, Nezha, who would disguise itself as a volcanic crater as it waited for enemies to come close to the base.

Six years of solitude could drive anyone insane. To counter this, Zhao Yu built a big entertainment area for himself. He could play basketball, tennis, swimming, and all kinds of small games against AI.

Other than that, Zhao Yu also set up language systems for the intelligent androids that served him. They were all programmed to call him “Officer.” Other than that, they were all programmed to have their own personality.

For example, Android No. 8 was named Bajie. His character was set to be a pervert. He would often peep at female androids.

In order to make life less boring, Zhao Yu divided all the androids in the living area into genders according to their numbers. Even numbers were male, and odd numbers were female.

To make it interesting, he even programmed these androids to live out lives like characters in a melodramatic novel.

“Boss, something bad happened!”

In the distance, an android with the number 6 on its head ran over in a panic.

“What did you call me?! ” Zhao Yu frowned.

Bionic No. 6 quickly stood up straight, “Sorry, Officer!”

After pretending to be serious for a while, Bionic Number 6 revealed a smirk on his face.

“Boss, do you know what I just saw? ”

“What did you see?” Zhao Yu looked left and right. After making sure that there was no one around, he smiled and listened to the gossip.

“Sister Qian Jiu was writing love letters to Brother Wang Er, but Li No. 4 was the one who received it all this time. The two of them had now been in a relationship for half a month now. Just then, they decided to go offline to meet in person…”

“Sister Qian Jiu had a breakdown when she saw that it was Li No. 4 writing to her this entire time. She sat on the basket and refused to come down. She said she wouldn’t move unless Brother Wang Er came to her…”

“And then?” Zhao Yu listened with great interest. He did decide the general pattern in which these androids would behave, but that was about it. He had no idea how the plot would develop after a certain point.

“Then, well, you know, Brother Wang Er’s wife Big Sister Zhang is a pretty strict one. After knowing what happened, she just wouldn’t let Brother Wang Er go. Even told him to just let Sister Qian Jiu die.”

“Now, here’s the interesting bit. You know how Li Zong Heng is always trying to please Sister Qian Jiu? After seeing her getting all emotional like this, he just had to keep trying to persuade Big Sister Zhang and Brother Wang Er.”

“Well, they’re not going to listen to him, that’s for sure. Just watch, Boss. In a while, Li Zongheng will come looking for us…”

As he spoke, another android ran over from afar. Number 10 was written on its head.

“Boss, bad news!”

Number 10 was the same as Number 6. He shouted from afar. He was behaving the same way as Zhao Yu programmed him to.

“Boss, hurry up and save Sister Qian Jiu…”

“He’s here…”

Zhao Yu and Number 6 looked at each other, as if they had expected it.

At this moment, the red light above their heads lit up. Number 6 and Number 10 immediately stood up straight, restrained their expressions, and did not move at all.

“Sir, Xiao Tian No. 18 has returned…”

Zhao Yu was disappointed. Just as he was about to hear the key, the base butler came to disturb him again. He said impatiently, “Alright, alright, alright! We’ll talk about this later! Hurry up and leave. They won’t feel comfortable with you here!”

“Yes, sir!”

The red light disappeared, and No. 6 and No. 10 returned to their original state. A smile appeared on Zhao Yu’s face again.

On the other side, at the entrance of the base, Xiao Tian No. 18 was dragging a spacecraft behind it. Inside the spacecraft were three terrified astronauts.

The red light lit up, and the base butler sent out an order through the wireless signal.

“The spacecraft will remain shielded. Drag it into the quarantine room for disinfection…”

“Three extraterrestrials are locked up in the detention room, awaiting your orders…”

Inside the spacecraft, the three astronauts were panicking. They did not expect to encounter alien technology on their first moon landing.

From what they could tell, a robot dog disguised as a rock had just disabled all the electronic equipment in their spacecraft.

Not only that, they also saw an electromagnetic net that was dragging their entire spacecraft away.

Apart from that, they also saw small robot dogs coming out of the big robot dog. These small robot dogs were constantly cleaning up the traces left behind, restoring everything to a state where no one could tell that any human activity took place.

“There really are aliens. What should we do now?”

One of the female astronauts was trembling. It was hard to tell whether she was scared or excited.

The older male astronaut was the captain of this operation.

He took a deep breath and said, “The training manual says that if we encounter aliens, we have to remain calm, smile, and show kindness. Our every move can have an impact on the future of our kind…”

“When you see the aliens, just smile. Leave the rest to me…”

Hearing this, the other two heaved a sigh of relief. They listened to their captain and smiled, trying their best to look friendly.

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