Peasant Woman's Decreed Life as a Wife

Chapter 633 - Chapter 633: Why Is Mrs. Xie Here?

Chapter 633: Why Is Mrs. Xie Here?

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Master Xie stroked the beard on his chin and explained the situation.

The Eldest Young Master and Second Young Master of the Xie family looked at each other. They had just returned two days ago, and they often went out to do business. How could they not know that a merchant could not run a business just because they had a ship? Along the way north or south, they needed to take care of everything. Not to mention the possibility of encountering bandits along the way, they needed channels to buy cheap goods in the northern capital. Otherwise, with the prices in Jing City and other places, it was simply a small profit.

Not only that, but the river would freeze in winter, which would also delay some time.

They could only do business for eight months a year.

The influence of these objective conditions was not mentioned. After all, doing business had risks.

Just based on their connections alone, how could an ordinary merchant be able to do business in Jing City without a backer?

If that was the case, then it was too easy to be an imperial merchant.

Therefore, there was really something fishy going on behind the Wang family.

The two of them thought to themselves.

Hearing this, Shen Qin nodded and said no more. After finishing his meal, he took Ye Hao and got up to leave.

Ye Muyu heard the voice and quickly got up. She found an opportunity to ask the servant of the Xie family to get Ye Hao.

When Ye Hao was called by the servant boy, he was about to leave with Young General Shen. When he heard that his sister was looking for him, he subconsciously stopped.

Shen Qin noticed his actions and turned to look at him in confusion.

The servant trembled and did not dare to say anything.

Ye Hao quickly cupped his hands and bowed. “Young General, it’s my sister. She wants to talk to me. Please go to the living room next door and rest for a while.

I’ll be back soon.”

“Go, I’ll wait for you.”

Shen Qin let the servant bring him to the living room.

Ye Hao rubbed his red face from drinking and quickly walked to the small open room outside the dining room.

Ye Muyu was waiting inside. When she saw him coming, she handed him a bowl of hangover soup. “It’s for hangovers. Big brother, drink it first. ‘m just passing a message to you on behalf of my husband.”

Ye Hao felt a little dizzy, so he did not refuse. After drinking two sips, he heard the news about the mountain bandits that Ye Muyu mentioned.

He only drank two mouthfuls of the hangover soup and felt very clear-headed. His voice was a little hoarse. “Sister, is what you said true?”

“Big brother, this information was given to me by my husband. I don’t know how he got it either. You can go and check it out. You can only act when you are confident. After all, my husband isn’t here. The details might change.” “Tang Chuan should know Tang Rou’s exact location.”

“By the way, big brother, if you have the chance, help me introduce horseshoes to Young General Shen,” Ye Muyu said. Of course, it was more convenient to do business with a general than to follow the soldiers. However, these generals should have their own temperaments and requirements. Ye Muyu could not

force them. She would give it a try first.

Ye Hao’s mind was filled with the matter of exterminating the bandits. It was a bit abrupt to suddenly hear about business.

However, when he thought about how his family had relied on his little sister to survive all these years, he realized that doing business was also a way out, at least for ordinary people like his family.

“Alright.” Ye Hao nodded.

“Then I won’t keep you any longer. When you have time, come to my house and I’ll personally cook a meal for you.”

“Alright,” Ye Hao agreed.

After watching Ye Hao leave, Ye Muyu turned around and was about to leave when she suddenly saw Mrs. Xie behind her. She was shocked, not knowing how much she had heard.

“You’re here, Mrs. Xie?” Ye Muyu bowed to her..

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