Peasant Woman's Decreed Life as a Wife

Chapter 442 - Chapter 442: Protecting His Own People

Chapter 442: Protecting His Own People

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Lu Chuan was shocked by her words. “There’ll be more in the future?”

“Don’t tell me you think everyone in this world is smart?” Madam Hu glanced at him.

Lu Chuan suddenly remembered what he had experienced before and fell silent.

“It’s good that you understand.”

When the two of them arrived at the hall.


Many of the guests had already left. The farce just now seemed to be the end of the banquet. Most of the people who saw Madam Liu’s attitude knew that it was Madam Xu who had a foul mouth. How could they speak up for her?

As for those who were in-laws like the Zhang family and the Wang family, they were unwilling to offend the Chu family, so they did not say much.

When the last guest left, Ye Muyu turned around and poured herself a cup of tea.

“Madam, we’re back.”

Ye Muyu turned around and saw the wound on Madam Huts face. “What happened?”

“Ah, it’s fine. Madam Xu scolded you, so I hit her back.” Madam Hu calmly recounted her great achievements.

Lu Chuan listened from the side. He even suspected that the usually easy-going Madam Hu was just an act. It turned out that Madam Hu was really tough.

“Lu Chuan, go buy some medicine.” They were all on the same side, so Ye Muyu naturally would not hide it. She would protect them if she wanted to.

When Madam Liu heard that Madam Xu had been slapped, she smiled and said, “I should have slapped her more. This person really doesn’t know what to be afraid of.’

“Isn’t that so? She’s ignorant and yet she’s still spouting nonsense. I didn’t want to argue with her because we’re from the same village.”

“Who knew that she would actually take advantage of us? She doesn’t care about her face at all,” Madam Qian also said in disdain.

“Mother, Fifth Aunt, you don’t have to worry about this matter. Since there’s already a conflict, you can just stop interacting with the Cao family in the future.” Ye Muyu expressed her stance.

When Madam Qian heard this, she was a little worried.

Today, all the sisters-in-law had come, except for the clan leader’s wife, Madam Cao. Instead, Chu An’s wife came.

“If Eldest Sister-in-law helps the Cao family, then she is naturally not on the same path as us. If she can persuade the Cao family not to find trouble with us, it will be considered a merit.” Madam Liu’s expression was indifferent as if she did not care at all.

Ye Muyu naturally did not take it to heart.

After all, it seemed that the reason why Madam Cao did not come today was probably because the clan leader or Chu An did not want her to come.

She had never liked to live under the influence of others.

If in the end, the clan leader insisted on standing on the Cao family’s side, he would have to change his seat.

Ye Muyu lowered her eyes.

“Muyu, I won’t stay any longer. I’ll go buy some things and go back with your father later.” Seeing that it was getting late, Madam Liu held a pot of wine in her hand and stopped Ye Muyu from sending her off. She called Chu Zhang, Chu Sheng, and Chu Cai to go to the streets to do their things.

After Madam Liu left, Madam Qian did not stay any longer. She smiled and patted Ye Muyu’s hand. “Muyu, I’ll go home first. I have to make tea and cook for your Brother Xing’s house.”

“Is it convenient for Fifth Aunt to go back alone?” Ye Muyu did not stay any longer and asked with concern.

“There’s your Brother Xueqin. You must come to Ah Xing’s housewarming banquet.” Madam Qian invited.

“Is the time confirmed?” Ye Muyu nodded.

“The 26th of July is a good day. It doesn’t clash with Qingxiang’s marriage.” Madam Qian said happily. She was happy that her third son’s house was done, so they could start finding a wife for him..

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