Peasant Woman's Decreed Life as a Wife

Chapter 44 - Chapter 44: Chu Qjngxiang

Chapter 44: Chu Qjngxiang

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“If you go, your Sister Qingyu will also go.” Ye Muyu did not tell her much as she was still young. She just needed to grow up slowly. There was no need to Imow that her father had gone crazy and insisted on doing this.

Chu Heng did this because he was dissatisfied with the original host’s raising two children.

No matter how indifferent she was, she could not tell an eight-year-old child that her parents were not on good terms.

When they got home, Ye Muyu put the things in the basket in the kitchen. The things that were to be sent to the old mansion were put in the same basket.

Just as Ye Muyu was ready, Chu Heng walked over.

She said, “I’ve prepared five catties of meat, one catty of tea leaves, two bags of sugar, and two rolls of cloth. As for the cloth, the brown one is yours. You still have two rolls of cloth. It’s enough to make summer clothes.”

“The other thing is about the filial piety silver.”

“How much should I give?”

Ye Muyu was very thoughtful. Chu Heng felt that Madam Ye was really good at acting. He wondered who taught her.

In his previous life, he had never seen her so polite. Instead, she was so petty.

Chu Heng hid these thoughts in his heart and replied, “I’ve already given the filial piety money, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

He did not even tell her how much he had given.

Ye Muyu’s expression turned a little fainter as he nodded to show that he understood.

Ye Muyu helped Chu Ziluo change into a pair of clean shoes.

The family of four then set off for the old mansion.

Outside the old mansion, the door was wide open.

Madam Chu and her eldest daughter-in-law, Madam Zhang, were washing clothes.

Chu Zhiwen and Chu Lin were not around.

Chu Sheng and Chu Ming were both studying at the village school and were not at home.

Only Chu Qingxiang, who was about to be married, was doing needlework at home.

“Mother, Sister-in-law,” Chu Heng shouted. Ye Muyu and the two children followed suit.

“Ah Heng is here. Come in and talk.”

“Daughter-in-kaw, don’t wash the clothes first. Go and call your husband and Ah Lin back.”

“Oh right, there’s also Second Brother’s family. Call them over. We have something to say.”

Madam Chu had originally hoped that Chu Heng would not come over. This meant that what she said yesterday was a joke.

Unfortunately, she did not get what she wanted. Madam Chu sighed in her heart as she made arrangements in an orderly manner.

When Madam Zhang heard this, she responded, got up, patted her pants, and went out to call for help.

Chu Heng went straight into the central room.

Madam Chu shouted, “Qingxiang, come and boil tea.”

“Got it, Grandma.” Chu Qingxiang had been learning the rules recently. She only found out last night that Chu Ziluo might come over to learn the rules with her.

She did not care much about it. She was already much older than her two

cousins. Now, all she thought about day and night was life after marriage. She was looking forward to it but had no confidence. She was willing to listen to the guidance of the elders in the family.

Chu Qingxiang brought the tea over and started to boil it, but some of her actions were obviously wrong.

Seeing this, Chu Heng gave some advice.

“Thank you, Third Uncle.” Chu Qingxiang was a little shocked, thinking that he was knowledgeable. Fortunately, he helped her correct her mistakes. Otherwise, if he poured tea on the guests, it would be embarrassing.

“Third Uncle, Third Aunt, have some tea.”

“Sister Ziluo, Brother Ah Jin, have some tea.” Chu Qingxiang’s movements were smooth. It was obvious that she had learned it for a long time.

Chu Ziluo’s eyes were filled with envy as she held her teacup and whispered,

“Thank you, Sister Qingxiang.”

Chu Jin was much calmer than Chu Ziluo. He had been pampered by Madam Ye since he was young. Moreover, only his father was a scholar. He was the only child in the village who was envied. Therefore, when he saw Chu Qingxiang’s smooth actions when making tea, he felt that it was very beautiful, but he was not envious..

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