Peasant Woman's Decreed Life as a Wife

Chapter 32

A Scholar Who Can Cook

“Oh, you mean that? That’s right, I wrote an example for Lil’ Jin to follow. The words he wrote before were too big and too wasteful. It’s not easy to study, so he should cherish it.”

“How do you know how to write?” Chu Heng finally found an opportunity to question this statement.

Ye Muyu looked up at him without any guilt. “You usually leave your books at home, and I watch Lil’ Jin read, so I learned a little.”

“Actually, I don’t know what those words mean, but I can write them according to the book.”

“Is this very difficult?” Ye Muyu asked on purpose.

For the villagers of this era, the number of times they touched a brush could be counted on one hand. The brush was not like the pen in the future. Only after long-term training could they write properly.

That was why Ye Muyu’s Pavilion Style surprised Chu Heng, causing him to keep thinking about it.

Chu Heng felt that it was not that easy to write in the Pavilion Style, nor was it something that a random country woman could write.

He was already suspicious. “Your Pavilion Style is not bad. Since the previous dynasty, the Pavilion Style has been strictly required to be used in the imperial examinations. Other than the imperial examinations, scholars usually practice other styles of writing.”

“Pavilion Style? Are you saying that there are names for the font? It’s really nice.”

“Then can I learn how to read and write with you in the future? Don’t worry, I’ll write with water first, not ink.” Ye Muyu naturally realized that Chu Heng was suspicious of the words she had casually written. She decided to use offense as a defense and take the opportunity to settle her studies.

After Chu Heng’s help, she no longer had to worry about being able to write. In the future, she would have to explain to others every time.

After all, this person was the smartest. If he was dealt with, the others would not have to worry.

Chu Heng did not expect Ye Muyu to climb up the ladder. He did not even get to ask what he wanted to ask, but the topic was changed to learning how to read.

It was rare for him to find himself being led by the nose by Ye Muyu, and he was a little unhappy.

“You can use whatever you want as long as you don’t waste it.”

Ye Muyu thought to herself, ‘This man is really weird. He only said a few words and he’s angry again. He’s not cute at all.’

Having achieved his goal, Ye Muyu was in a good mood and stopped talking.

Seeing that the water in the pot was boiling, she put the washed rice in.

When it was slightly soft, she scooped it up and placed it on the bamboo steamer.

There was a pottery basin under the bamboo steamer, and the rice soup leaked out. The rice soup could be drunk, and it was more delicious than plain water.

This was also because there was white rice at home. If it was coarse rice, even if there was rice soup, it would not taste good.

Ye Muyu had just scooped up the rice.

Chu Heng was already chopping meat.

At first, she had suspected that Chu Heng was a scholar and definitely would not chop meat. However, when she saw him methodically cut the meat into small pieces and then chop it again, she felt that she had underestimated Chu Heng’s ability.

This person was not only a scholar but also a worker. No wonder he had such a good reputation in the village.

There was indeed something outstanding about him.

“I’ll go get some spring onions.” Ye Muyu remembered that the meat stuffing still needed to be seasoned with spring onions, ginger, and other seasonings. Since the meat was not chopped yet, she went to get the seasonings back.

“Mmhm.” Chu Heng responded without saying anything else.

Ye Muyu did not find it strange. She wiped his hands and left the kitchen.

Chu Heng raised his head and looked at her back as she left. He suddenly felt that Madam Ye had suddenly become better looking.

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