Peasant Woman's Decreed Life as a Wife

Chapter 26

Chu Heng Is Unhappy

Ye Muyu did not realize that the identity of a scholar’s wife was so useful. It was completely different from the novels she had read where scholars were worthless.

It seemed that as long as one was a scholar, they were superior to others in this dynasty. Even elementary scholars were far from ordinary people.

She became more cautious.

Before she understood the background and customs of this dynasty, she could not think too one-sidedly. Being cautious in her words and actions was Ye Muyu’s request for the next few days.

“Tang Rou wants to scheme against you?” When Madam Liu heard this, she was slightly angry. She thought to herself, The Tang family is indeed greedy. Chu Heng was not willing to pay attention to them, so they actually sent the women of the family to come.

It would be a joke if word got out.

At the thought that her family’s reputation might be dragged down by the Tang family, Madam Liu’s expression became serious. “Madam Ye, in the future, when you see the Tang family, make a detour. Don’t bring them into the house again.”

“In short, don’t have anything to do with the Tang family.”

“Mom, you probably don’t know, but Tang Rou isn’t here to befriend me.” After Ye Muyu heard this, she knew that Madam Liu had not thought about this. After knowing Tang Rou’s thoughts, how could she let her do as she wished? Naturally, she had to let the entire family know about this so that they could be on guard.

Ye Muyu knew from Madam Liu that this dynasty valued clans.

Thus, Tang Rou’s desire to seize the position of Chu Heng’s wife was not just a matter for her, but a matter for the entire clan.

“What do you mean? Could it be that she still wants to marry into my Chu family?” Madam Liu sneered, her expression as if she was looking down on Tang Rou.

Chu Heng was out of Tang Rou’s league.

Ye Muyu frowned. Seeing Madam Liu’s reaction, she had an ominous feeling. Could it be that the status of women in this dynasty was not high?

Although Tang Rou was not a good person, that did not mean that all women were bad.

She had to understand this point well.

“Mom, Tang Rou does want to marry into the Chu family, but she doesn’t like the other unmarried kids in the family. She only likes my husband.” Ye Muyu was still in the mood to drink tea.

Chu Liushi’s sarcastic smile froze. After a few breaths, she finally understood Ye Muyu’s words.

She turned pale with fright and stood up abruptly. “What did you say? Tang Rou wants to marry Chu Heng?”

“What did she come in for?” Madam Liu was so angry that her body hurt. “I knew that the Tang family was not a good. They even dared to think of such a wicked thing.”

“She really can’t get married. No wonder I met Tang Rou on my way here. She’s a girl, but she called Chu Heng so intimately.”

“No, we can’t let this matter go just like that.”

“Madam Ye, tell me in detail what she did.”

Ye Muyu was just about to tell him what Tang Rou had done when there was a sound at the door.

Ye Muyu and Madam Liu both looked up and saw Chu Heng, who was wearing a long robe, standing at the door with a strange expression.

Chu Heng’s gaze fell on Ye Muyu for a long time before he retracted his gaze and walked into the house.

He was tall, and after he casually found a chair to sit on, Ye Muyu instantly felt that the light that shone in through the window was blocked by him. She decided not to do the needlework in her hands anymore, as she did not want to hurt her hands.

Chu Heng’s eyes had been on Ye Muyu the whole time. Seeing her actions, his eyelids drooped slightly, and the unhappiness in his eyes was supressed.

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