Peasant Woman's Decreed Life as a Wife

Chapter 177 - Chapter 177: Let Me Do It

Chapter 177: Let Me Do It

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Chu Heng was right. From the beginning to the end, Ye Muyu had been trying to earn money. As for the tasting of the food, of course, he enjoyed it himself.

Because of this, the living standards of the family had improved a lot.

Chu Ziluo and Chu Jin had grown fatter than before. At least, they had some flesh on their faces.

“Alright, read me the recipe for the fish with pickled vegetables.” “I’ll go to the county in a while and help you talk about this.”

“I’ll help you buy medicine. If you want to buy anything else, just tell me.” Chu Heng was very decisive.

Chu Ziluo washed the dishes.

Chu Heng then went into the study and soon brought a pen and paper over. Ye Muyu dictated and soon wrote down the recipe.

“Oh right, there’s also the method of making the Soft Fragrance Cake.” Chu Heng hung the recipe for fish with pickled vegetables aside and waited for the ink to dry.

Ye Muyu continued to explain the recipe for the Soft Fragrance Cake, mainly about the size of the cake and the cream.

When he heard that the cream needed egg white, Chu Heng instantly understood the recipe for this Soft Fragrance Cake. It was extremely difficult for ordinary people to learn it.

Even when he ate it, he could not tell what ingredients were used.

As long as the Xie family could keep the recipe, no other shop would be able to make the Soft Fragrance Cake in a short period of time. Naturally, they would be able to dominate the market and earn more money.

“Father, I know how to make the Soft Fragrance Cake too. At that time, Mother discovered the method of making Soft Fragrance Cake because I accidentally got the eggs into the flour.” Chu Ziluo said expectantly.

“Oh?” Chu Heng was surprised. “Is that so?”

“Yes, at that time…” Chu Ziluo excitedly recounted how she had discovered how to make the Soft Fragrance Cake. She danced with joy. Now that the Soft Fragrance Cake could be sold for money, she was even happier.

“Dad, if you need to sell it in the future, can I help you make the Soft Fragrance


“Come with me to the kitchen now.” Chu Heng stood up and said.

“Ah?” Chu Ziluo did not react in time. She had only wanted to give it a try. It would be best if she could help her mother. She did not expect Chu Heng to be so decisive.

Ye Muyu heard Chu Ziluo tell him about how she had found the Soft Fragrance Cake and wanted to say something to Chu Heng.

Although it was an accident that Ziluo had beaten the egg into the flour, she did take advantage of the accident and started to make the cake to avoid suspicion.

So, in the beginning, she had deliberately ruined several pots of Soft Fragrance Cake in front of Ziluo.

It was also to let the birth of the Soft Fragrance Cake be attributed to an accident.

After all, it made sense to be targeted. As the saying went, it was more convincing to be true or false.

However, before she could say anything.

Chu Heng took Ziluo to the kitchen and started to make soft fragrant cakes.

Ye Muyu sighed, not knowing what to say.

Chu Jin looked at her curiously. “Mother, what’s wrong? Why are you sighing? Are you in a bad mood? Should I ask Father to bring me some candied fruits? I haven’t eaten candy for a long time.”

“Didn’t you just eat pastries?” Ye Muyu was worried that he would have tooth decay at such a young age, so she did not like to give him candy. “Your sister and father went to make the Soft Fragrance Cake.”

“Alright then.”

“Mother, then I’m going to school.” Chu Jin still had to study. As for Chu Heng, he had applied for a break and had already been back for four to five days.

“Go. Be careful on the road. Don’t walk on the sides of the bridge, understand?” Ye Muyu reminded him as usual..

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