Paragon Of Sin

Chapter 1666 1659: The Eight Doors (1)

Chapter 1666 Chapter 1659: The Eight Doors (1)

The Galactic Discussion was beginning!

The eight doors that led to the main hall were guarded by Sages or their Incarnations. Meanwhile, those who were brought here into the Land of Manu began to move away from their resting locations or recently delivered drop-off areas in an organized procession of eight various lines. These lines resembled great dragons as they made their way toward the doors.

With cultivators at the Mystic Overlord, Original Magistrate, World Emperor, and Rune King levels littering these lines, their gathered aura was certainly unprecedentedly majestic and unfathomable as they moved. Under the escort of a few familiar and well-renowned subordinates of the eight Sages, they made their way through the corridors.

The Land of Manu was a phenomenal palace with a rich essence, history, and majesty. The various artistic expressions such as busts, paintings, statues, and vases that lined the corridors left many awed and inspired. This was the Land of Manu! The legends of this place were scattered across every culture equally, and the hype in their hearts was rising with each step.

A few grew so riled that they couldn't help but circulate their cultivation bases to rapidly refine the ambient essence with haste. In many of the youngsters' minds, the essence contained secrets of the True Sage Phase. Who didn't wish to become the eleventh Sage of their galaxy?! Ambitions rampant, there was quite a stir. However, the escorts didn't interfere with their actions, only giving soft warnings to not disrupt the procession with their hasty attempts at seeking opportunity and fortune.

These were specific orders given by the eight Sages.

Those of the Mystic Overlord and Original Magistrate level could sense that the essence within the Land of Manu had traces of a unique essence that could stimulate the soul and focus the mind, so they immediately gave instructions to their juniors to cultivate diligently as they moved.

Some cursed internally that they couldn't sit down right then and there and circulate their Cultivation Method in full, but given the circumstances, they could only come along. Moreover, the further they traveled, the thicker the ambient essence in the air became, so they couldn't quite complain. 𝖋𝖗𝖊𝖊𝔴𝖊𝖇𝔫𝖔𝖛𝖊𝖑.𝖈𝖔𝖒

The unspoken agreement to grant unrestricted rights to cultivate within the Land of Manu's corridors were all signs that Sage Khonshu's earlier words to Cao Cuifen were not lies. The corridors were massive too, extending for miles. They had to travel quite a long way but no one complained. Given their pace, they would certainly take a few hours at a casual walking pace, and many of them were deliberately slow.

Sage Khonshu straightened out his robes and emotions, projecting a distinguished and extraordinary demeanor befitting a Sage of legend, often worshiped on the same level as a Divinity by his people. The shift from his aura was natural, and Cao Cuifen was intrigued by Sage Khonshu. Perhaps it was the subtle influence of Wei Wuyin, the fact she had an obedient maidservant who was a Mystic Overlord, or that her Heart of Cultivation had already set itself to reach greater heights, but besides the baseline of respect and admiration for Sage Khonshu's cultivation base, she didn't feel any sense of reverence within her heart.

She smiled calmly, containing a very similar curve to Wei Wuyin's calm smile, and asked,

"Can we try our hands at acquiring the Ascension Art etched within this door?"

Her words prompted Sage Khonshu's eyes to brighten. However, he then showed a conflicted look. The doors weren't something a casual glance could determine. It required one to extend their Spiritual Aura into the door. When he mentioned that those destined can acquire the arts, this was what he meant. The doors were rather selective, and without their approval by indistinguishable metric, there was no way to be blessed with knowledge of the Ascension Art.

Yet Cao Cuifen's question as a foreigner infringed on certain limitations. While the Neo-Dawn Alchemic Saint was impressive and they had invited him here, the eight Sages had agreed to not allow any foreigners access to the door long ago, and they had met up briefly and discussed it as well. They decided that...

The barrier that Sage Khonshu had erected to guard against spying was silently lowered, and he said deliberately:

"You wish to try your hands at acquiring our Secret Arts?"

His words seemed to trigger something from the once-again invisible Spiritual Senses, and the ambient essence within the region stirred.

Cao Cuifen's smile deepened into a half-grin. She was fully aware of the Sages' plan here. Moreover, they had a clear idea of the dynamic of wives for Wei Wuyin. While Yue Songli was likely his most treasured wife and Cao Cuifen was his most talented wife, she was certainly his most influential wife with prominent decision-making abilities. Not only was she considerably older, she wasn't a virgin. This might seem like a small detail, but it was similar to how concubines who didn't sleep with the Emperor had very little influence while the Empress had the greatest influence in his ear at his bedside. At least, in their minds.

What were their plans exactly?


In truth, she was excessively wealthy if the market price of things were considered, just based on the alchemical products and resources Wei Wuyin had given her. Moreover, Wei Wuyin didn't hold back on giving her extra wealth for general usage, and potential bribery needs, and she held the resources for Grey Rose's cultivation.

However, one must know that Grey Rose was a Mystic Overlord, and so there were dozens of peak-quality Mystic-Earth grade products tailored for Abyssals specifically and peak-quality Mystic-Earth grade products that were for general needs, such as recuperation, repair, and cultivation. And while Wei Wuyin's Alchemical Lineage only reached the low-tier of the Mystic-World grade, he had numerous other high-tier Mystic-World grade products either from looting or casual concoctions that were at the low-quality or high-quality, both of which his Astral Souls never used for themselves.

Cao Cuifen wasn't too direct yet she didn't beat around the bush too much,

"I do. Not only myself, but I'm sure my husband's subordinates would love to give it a try. Of course, Grey Rose here has served me well, and I would love it if she was given the chance too. Is there any racial compatibility issue with the arts?"

Her last question alluded to her belief that the opportunity was already acquired.

Grey Rose's eyes glowed with barely concealed excitement as she felt her heart pounding. This was part of the reason why she unhesitatingly decided to forgo her supreme status for the maidservant title! For opportunities just like this!! Crimson Blade would hate this development! Haha!

Back in the corridor with Sage Imentet, Luo Ning didn't have a powerful Spiritual Sense to eavesdrop on their conversation, so she simply felt the faint trembling of footsteps as her thoughts were quite lively. She seemed to be genuinely happy, far from her depressingly sullen and stoic self prior to meeting Wei Wuyin. Sage Imentet gazed at her lover's side profile with a glint of guilt in her eyes, but she already fought for and lost in her attempts at giving Luo Ning a free spot by convincing the other seven Sages. They wanted benefits. They couldn't be blamed for that, however.

Sage Pakhet licked her lips hungrily within her corridor, guarding her gate. While they were victims of a hectic robbery, no one truly understood the struggles of alchemical products versus natural resource-based cultivation. Not only was it a huge time-sink difference, but careless refinements of the volatile materials could also lead to damaged foundations or loss of soulspan, lifespan, or strength. As for Mystic-World products, they were suitable for World Emperors, Original Magistrates, Mystic Overlords, and True Sages, yet their rarity and concoction times were difficult. Even as Sages, how could they compete with the wealth of Resonant Soul Realm Supreme Sages' wealth and their descendants' needs?

Any useful Mystic-World product would be swooped up before they could even touch it from beyond their galaxy, while those within their galaxy were a matter of luck and fortune. As for trying to use this as a way to gain favor points, wasn't inviting them enough? They weren't THAT generous. Perhaps one of the main reasons they invited the Neo-Dawn Alchemic Saint was largely because of this!

The other Sages had similar anticipation.

Sage Khonshu smiled,

"There shouldn't be any issues with racial compatibility. The only potential issue is that her Cultivation Method might not mesh well with the Ascension Art itself. Moreover, as long as they are at the Realm World Phase or higher, they should have the ability to try."

Cao Cuifen nodded, and she didn't delay, offering directly:

"My husband has left me with some negotiation power for matters of great opportunities like this. May I ask if you want me to put in a request or...?"

Her words were enough to cause every Sage to spiritually jump with joy.

The Sages transmitted high-speed spiritual messages that were a full-blown discussion and debate itself, further clarifying their objective, including how they would split the profit.

Sage Khonshu placed a rather inscrutable expression, thoughtfully saying:

"The Land of Manu's legacy isn't normally meant for outsiders, and we'll have to consider a few factors. How many do you intend to try their hand at seeking this destined opportunity? Their cultivation bases will be important too."

Cao Cuifen nodded, and she counted Wei Si, Yue Songli, Qing Qiumu, Luo Ning, and Young Master Shang. As she reached the Prime Ascendants, she stopped before smiling:

"How about we simplify this? I can offer..."

She began to list out products and each word caused the Sages' eyes to widen uncontrollably.

"...for each of them to observe each door. What do you say?"

Luo Ning caught Sage Imentet's shift in emotions, and her slightly hastened breathing, asking with concern:

"Is everything okay?"

Sage Imentet broke out of her shock after Luo Ning's gentle words entered her ears, faintly calming her heart without any art or spell. She smiled beautifully,

"Your Majesty's wife has negotiated for permits to allow each of you to try your hands at acquiring a potential destined opportunity. Moreover, she wanted you all to try each one of them."


Luo Ning wasn't too shocked at hearing that, glancing at the door behind her with esoteric runes glistening on its surface. Given Wei Wuyin's personality, there was no way he wouldn't try his hands at acquiring these doors for his subordinates.

"Of course! Hahahaha! Of course!!"

Sage Khonshu didn't even try to negotiate. Cao Cuifen offered an extensive list of useful peak-quality ninth-grade products, Mystic-Earth grade products at the low to high-quality, and a few low-quality low-tier and high-tier Mystic-World grade products, including a few from the Neo-Dawn Alchemical Lineage! Even if they were to divide it into eight equal portions, it was more than enough!


Cao Cuifen replied with a bright smile of her own. But in truth, her disillusionment of Sages was amplified. The resources she offered weren't much in her eyes. However, she wasn't foolish or lacked the self-awareness to think that she wasn't excessively spoiled by Wei Wuyin. Xue Yifei had experienced a similar feeling when the Golden Life Pavilion was finding it difficult to provide her products, similarly spoiled by Wei Wuyin's excessive abundance and care.

Cao Cuifen used her Saint Ring to communicate with the Ascendants outside the Land of Manu. They could now enter and follow the native procession to cultivate the uniquely stimulating ambient essence and seek an opportunity at each door!

Sage Khonshu was a little shaken by her act of communication. One had to know that the Land of Manu prohibited transmissions except by those who had special permissions, yet Cao Cuifen's Saint Ring's transmission formation was capable of getting through?! When he sensed the pure Void Energy within it, similar to the emissions of that fiery-red void vessel, he found out how and why. Shocked, he couldn't help but realize that this Cao Cuifen was mounted with treasures.

Was the Neo-Dawn Alchemic Saint, or rather, the Neo-Dawn Ascendant Emperor...that wealthy and powerful?


Back on the Minor Elysium, Su Mei beckoned for Shui Fengbao, Yao Houyi, a middle-aged, pudgy man clad in grey with a bald head, Tuo Bihan, Ming Shufeng, and Young Master Shang to leave. At this time, Liu Suyin exited out of seclusion as well!

The Prime Ascendants and Valkyries were all moving out for this opportunity! Even the faintly wiggling shadow beneath Su Mei seemed excited.

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