Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife

Chapter 331


Su Qingwu carefully observed Mu Yunyao, and only after a while did he retract his gaze. “The Baohua Temple has suddenly been set ablaze, and Yuyi is also injured, so this prayer will end today. Pack up your things, and we will head back to the residence later.”

Mu Yunyao shook her head slightly, “I’ve not finished copying the Buddhist scriptures that I copied for Grand Princess Yi De, so I need to stay for two more days. Cousin, you should bring Elder Sister Yuyi back first. Once I’ve finished copied the Buddhist scriptures, Mother and I will naturally return to the Su family.”

Su Qingwu was silent for a moment, then turned around.

Mu Yunyao sneered: I didn’t expect that Su Qingwu would just leave after saying a few words. Such a light and casual action is not like the style of the Su family, or is it better to just wait for her to return home and settle the score together?

Si Hua brought the medicine bowl over. “Miss, madam’s medicine is ready.”

Mu Yunyao withdrew her gaze, “Give it to me.”

Su Qing woke up as soon as she walked into the room. She was slowly sitting up, and when she saw Mu Yunyao wanting to speak to her, she realized that her throat was hurting so badly that she couldn’t make a sound.

“Mother, don’t move. Your throat has been choked with smoke and needs some time to recover. Don’t be in such a hurry to speak. Drink your medicine first.”

Su Qing caressed her throat and nodded. After which, she took the medicine bowl and slowly drank it up.

Mu Yunyao took the medicine bowl and placed it on the table. When she turned around, she saw Su Qing pointing outside with her finger. She couldn’t help but smile and say, “Mother, did you hear what I said to Cousin just now?”

Su Qing nodded.

“Elder Sister Yuyi was injured. Eldest Cousin wanted to take her back to the residence first and ask if we should go back with her. I thought about the Buddhist scripture that Grand Princess Yi De want me to copied had not finished, so I refused.”

Injured? Su Qing tried to recall carefully. Last night, she seemed to have seen Su Yuyi’s figure, and the other party seemed to have suffered some sort of injury.

Mu Yunyao helped Su Qing lie down and said, “Mother, you should sleep a little longer. I’ll have Si Qin bring some porridge over later. Before your throat recovers, you can only eat light food.”

Su Qing held Mu Yunyao’s hand and squeezed it slightly. She mouthed three words of Young Master Ning.

Mu Yunyao nodded: “It was dark last night. It was not convenient for me to visit him. I will take something to thank him later.”

Only then did Su Qing relax. She laid on the bed and pulled up the quilt. Not long after, she fell asleep again.

At this time, Su Yuyi was angrily tossing a medicine bowl on the ground, and her entire person seemed to have gone insane. When he saw Su Qingwu walk in with large strides, she hurriedly got up from the bed and moved to the side on the bed: “Elder Brother, where is that bitch Mu Yunyao?”

“Yuyi, don’t be so blunt.”

“What’s the point. Nothing to hide? Right now, I have the heart to hack her to death with one slash. Where’s Mu Yunyao? Why didn’t you tie her up and bring her over!” Su Yuyi was so emotional that she accidentally pulled on her arm and her face turned pale because of the pain.

“I’ll arrange for a carriage to take you back to the residence. Once we return, Mother will find the imperial physician to treat your wounds.”

“Elder Brother, did you hear what I said? Mu Yunyao broke my arm and even placed a dagger on my neck to kill me! Why didn’t you arrest that bitch and help me vent my anger?” Su Yuyi had nearly lost her mind. When she woke up, Mama Qi just so happened to be pressing down on her broken arm. The heart-wrenching pain caused her to be filled with terror, and what made it even more difficult for her to face it was the mess on the bed. She actually lost control of her mind due to fright…

Su Yuyi bit her lips tightly. Her heart was filled with dark clouds, lightning flashed, and thunder rumbled. Thinking of this matter, she wanted to immediately die, but her brother did not tie Mu Yunyao to avenge her, but instead wanted to send her back home!

Su Qingwu frowned. “Yuyi, this matter isn’t as simple as you think. We still need to consider long-term considerations.”

“Long-term considerations? Mu Yunyao broke my hand and even knocked out Mama Qi. Can’t you trust the words of the two of us? She was only a lowly bitch. Why did I have to be so afraid of her? Fine, if you don’t help me, I will go back to find Mother. She will definitely believe my words and help me to uphold justice!”

“There was a fire in the room. Aunt was almost trapped in it and burnt to death inside. Did you do it?” Su Qingwu asked in a low voice.

Su Yuyi’s body stiffened, then she denied anxiously: “It has nothing to do with me. It was Mu Yunyao who framed me. I was obediently resting in my room, and I didn’t even know why the fire was ignited.”

“Yuyi, don’t you feel that your words are full of loopholes?” Su Qingwu stared at her, his expression extremely cold.

Su Yuyi’s pupils shrank, but her tone was extremely unyielding. The fire from yesterday had left no evidence at all. So who could prove that it has something to do with her: “How come I am full of loopholes? Do you not trust your own sister?”

“You said that you smelled the smoke while you were sleeping, and then you saw the fire in the room, so you took advantage of the fire not strong to escape. Then why didn’t you call someone to put out the fire in the first place and inform Aunt Su Qing who was in the room, telling them to flee?”

“I… I didn’t know that Aunt Su Qing was also in the room.”

“If you really don’t know, why did you say that you didn’t see her escape when Mu Yunyao asked you?”

Su Yuyi was flustered: “Are you helping Mu Yunyao to interrogate me?”

“If I really were to help Mu Yunyao, then I wouldn’t help you hide the evidence!” Su Qingwu’s expression froze. “Although I said that the fire burnt those rooms clean, in the end, there are still some things that are left behind. For example, a metal piece that fixed the door and the window so that people can’t be opened from the inside.”

Su Yuyi’s face turned pale. She bit her lips and took two steps back.

Su Qingwu stared at her in disappointment. “Mother has always doted on you, and no matter what you want, she’ll bring the best to you. She slowly spoils you so that you can talk and do whatever you want regardless of propriety! No matter how famous Mu Yunyao was, she couldn’t compare to you in her background. Even if she was highly regarded by Grand Princess Yi De, she has limited influence on you. To kill Aunt Su Qing, other than provoking her insane revenge, what other benefits do you have?”

Su Yuyi was originally a little guilty, but after hearing Su Qingwu speak up for Mu Yunyao again and again, she immediately became so angry that she lost all reason: “Why am I spoiled? I want to seek justice for myself. Is it wrong too? Su Qing was fine in the end, yet you still scolded me? Is Mu Yunyao your little sister, or I’m your sister? My arm was broken by Mu Yunyao. Not only did you not help me vent my anger, you even scolded me here. What kind of bewitching soup did Mu Yunyao give you? Did you like that bitch?”

“Shut up!” Su Qingwu coldly snorted, and a suppressed pressure burst out from his body, causing Su Yuyi to be startled.

“I guessed it right....” Su Yuyi’s eyes flowed with hatred, and she didn’t dare to believe it, “Elder Brother, this is the first time I’ve seen you like this. I’ve guessed your thoughts, right? That’s why you’re so angry? That’s why you protect Mu Yunyao, and don’t help me vent my anger!”

“Think what you want. If you are willing to blow up this matter, then it will be a big deal. If you are unable to end this matter in the end, don’t blame me, your Elder Brother, for not warning you!”

“An Elder Brother who only cares about outsiders. I don’t care. If you want to send me back to home, then I will go back.” Su Yuyi smiled coldly, “If Mu Yunyao dares to enter the Su family’s gate, I will break her arms and break both her legs, making her life but unable to beg for death!”

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