Pampered Consort of the Fragrant Orchard

Chapter 44

Emergency Treatment

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Du Xiao Li felt around the wound and said, “He’s injured the artery in the leg, that’s why he’s bleeding this much. Leng Er, do you have fire?”

“There’s fire here.” Someone took out a fire-starter.

“Go find some firewood.” Du Xiao Li ordered.

Han Ming Yi waved his hand, and they immediately went to go find firewood.

“Bring some water over.” Du Xiao Li continued.

This time, without even waiting for Han Ming Yi’s order, someone immediately picked up the household utensils on the ground and went over to the river to draw water.

Du Xiao Li had the water placed to one side. Using her left hand, she pressed on a place above the wound, and the continuous bleeding slowed down.

Thereafter, she let Han Ming Yi tear his own inner clothes, used her right hand to wet the cloth strip in the water and had the bloodstains near the wound wiped clean. Then, she let Leng Er take out her silver needles, pulled one out and held it over the fire. Afterwards, in the place where she was just pressing, she slowly inserted the needle. Next, she inserted a few more needles into his leg and body.

Du Xiao Li inserted very slowly, but as her silver needles went in one by one, Leng San’s expression no longer looked that painful, and his wounds also no longer bled.

“The bleeding stopped.” A bodyguard said in surprise.

Du Xiao Li waited a while, then had the silver needles pulled out one by one. She wiped the sweat off her forehead and said, “Done. Now let some people lift the wood plank back, remember to be steady. Afterwards, just let grandpa Niu treat him, and he’ll be good.”

“Go then.” Han Ming Yi said.

Leng Shi, Leng Wu, Leng Liu, and Leng Qi immediately went forward, each person lifting a corner, and simultaneously flew off.

Du Xiao Li had the silver needles wiped clean one by one and carefully put them back in their case, then placing it back into her bag. Afterwards, she went to the riverside to wash her hands.

“Girl, thank you.” Leng Er came to Du Xiao Li’s side and said.

“Your thanks, I’ve accepted. However, if you can let them not have today’s matter leaked out, then that would be even better.” Du Xiao Li said.

“I understand.” Leng Er replied.

“Then let’s go back.” Du Xiao Li got up and said.

Han Ming Yi left a few uninjured people behind to clean up the corpses here. Afterwards, he lead the others back to Du Village.

Niu Jing was currently at home fiddling with the medical ingredients, when he suddenly saw four people land in his courtyard, and quickly rushed out to look.

“Doctor Niu, quickly save Leng San.” Leng Shi spotted Niu Jing and urgently cried out.

“What happened?” Niu Jing asked. Then, seeing Leng San on the wooden plank, he said, “Quickly carry him inside!”

The four had Leng San lifted into the house. Leng Shi then had him carried onto the bed, after which, he withdrew to one side, letting Niu Jing examine him.

Niu Jing checked his pulse, then looked at the wound on his thigh, and said, “His injury is very serious, to have been able to hold on until now is not easy. However, he clearly injured an important area, but why isn’t the wound bleeding?”

“Before coming back, there was a little girl that had used needles on him.” Leng Shi said.

“Oh? Is it Li girl?” Niu Jing said, “Then there’s nothing strange. I’ll go prescribe a medicine, and then check again after he drinks it.”

Niu Jing left the room to get the medicine, and not long after, Han Ming Yi and the others returned. Seeing quite a few injured, even Leng Er had gotten injured, Niu Jing quickly went to bandage their wounds for them.

“Li girl, you also come help.” Niu Jing said to Du Xiao Li.

“Okay.” Du Xiao Li didn’t refuse. With this many people here, Niu Jing can’t possibly handle them all by himself. She came to Leng Er’s side, first using alcohol to clean his wound before applying the medicine, and then bandaging it up.

“Since you didn’t injure the muscle and bone, it’s not that serious. It’ll be fine after a few days, just don’t touch water.” Du Xiao Li said as she bandaged.

“I know.” Leng Er replied.

After Du Xiao Li finished bandaging Leng Er, she went to help the others. Just as she finished, she saw Silver and Luo Qi arrive.

Silver ran to Du Xiao Li’s side, rubbing against her leg with all his might. Smelling the blood scent on her, it restlessly moved.

“Silver.” Du Xiao Li crouched down and rubbed its head. She then lifted her head and asked, “Big brother Luo Qi, how come you both came over?”

Seeing that Du Xiao Li didn’t have any injuries, Luo Qi let out a breath in relief, saying: “Silver was very restless at home, continuously trying to dash out. I opened the courtyard gate, and he immediately ran here. And so I followed over. Did something happen?”

“Nothing.” Du Xiao Li wrapped both arms around Silver’s neck, turned her head to Niu Jing, and said, “Grandpa Niu, if there’s nothing else, I’m going to head back now.”

“Alright.” Niu Jing replied.

Du Xiao Li took Silver and Luo Qi back to her own home and simply explained today incident.

“What’s that boy’s origins, to think that someone would actually come to kill him.” Luo Qi curiously asked.

Du Xiao Li shrugged her shoulders and said, “I don’t know either, probably some family’s young master. Ai, forget it. I’m gonna go take a bath, feel so sticky all over.”

After taking a bath, she then laid in bed, thinking about today’s matters. No matter how it seems, this Han Ming Yi’s ident.i.ty wasn’t simple. Also, those people’s martial arts made her feel that she definitely needed to take the time to properly practice her martial arts. Else, she would not have any sense of security in this society.

In the following few days, Du Xiao Li had gone to Niu Jing’s courtyard to look. Those bodyguards, after having their wounds bandaged, left right after, concealing themselves in a secret place carrying on protecting Han Ming Yi, while Leng Shi and the others* stayed behind. One side is to protect Han Ming Yi, and one side is to take care of Leng San.

(T/N: I’m guessing all the Leng brothers stayed behind, it doesn’t exactly specify.)

After learning that Du Xiao Li had saved Han Ming Yi, Leng Shi and the others’ att.i.tude towards her changed. Although they didn’t flatter and fawn over her, they did stop coldly frowning at her.

“Leng Er, how’s your wound?” Du Xiao Li called out to the silent Leng Er in the courtyard.

Leng Er glanced at her and said, “You’ve come.”

Du Xiao Li, seeing that he wasn’t teasing herself like before, walked over and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Why did you come over?” Leng Er asked.

“I came to see if there’s still anything I can help with.” Du Xiao li said, “Also, see how Leng San’s wound is doing.”

“He’s already much better. That day, it really is thanks to you. Else, Leng San……”

“It’s nothing. You all normally take care of me a lot, so your brothers, I naturally have to save.” Du Xiao Li said, “If it’s someone I don’t know, I wouldn’t have saved them!”

“Heheh.” Leng Er got amused by Du Xiao Li’s words.

“The dead has already pa.s.sed. Some things, once it has pa.s.sed, there’s no need to be too concerned about it. Although I don’t know what happen in your past, people always need to look forward. Blindly thinking about the past will only let the past hinder your steps. Then you’ll forever be unable to move forward. I like the previous energetic Leng Er!” Du Xiao Li finished saying, and then entered the house.

“She’s right.” Unknown as to where he came from, Leng Yi appeared next to Leng Er and said, “At the time, we all didn’t blame you, and Leng San was also fine. That’s why, don’t continue to blame yourself.”

Leng Er rubbed his face with both hands and heavily let out a sigh, saying with a smile, “I’ll try my best. To think I actually got preached by that little girl, really….”

“Don’t looked at how she’s still small, sometimes her thoughts are even more meticulous than ours.” Leng Yi said.

Master’s thoughts, he understood the most. Don’t know if coming here and meeting that girl is a blessing or a misfortune…….

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