Pampered Consort of the Fragrant Orchard

Chapter 34

Dangerous Figure

On a mountain several kilometers from the village, the men in black stood at the edge of the cliff looking at the scenery in the distance. The scorching sun covered their heads, yet they didn’t feel it in the slightest.

“You’ve returned.” Hearing the sound coming from the left, someone spoke.

Everyone looked to the mountaintop nearby. Very soon, two men similarly dressed in black clothes appeared, one of them even holding a bundle in hand.

“Second master.” After the two arrived, they greeted the person in the lead.

“Where’s the person?” The person called second master looked to the two of them and asked. From the sounds of his voice, should be a thirty-four year old middle aged man.

“Replying to second master, we searched following the bloodstains the whole way, but didn’t see fourth young master. In a mountain, we saw a patch of blood and some torn clothes, also there were some unfinished flesh bits. He should have gotten eaten by a wild animal.” One of the men replied.

“Got eaten by a wild animal? Not getting saved by someone?” The man wasn’t too convinced.

“Yes.” That person continued. “Fourth young master at the time had fallen into a dense underbrush. We only saw markings of a wild animal in the underbrush, and didn’t see any human tracks. Furthermore, the clothing scattered there was indeed fourth young master’s. However, it got torn to shreds by a wild animal. On the ground, there were also some unfinished human flesh.”

“Then how did you know that was Luo Qi?” The second master continued to ask.

“We discovered a scar on a rather large piece of flesh. This scar can only be cause by second master’s weapon.” The other person had that large piece of flesh wrapped in a handkerchief in his hand handed to the second master to see.

The second master took it and looked it over. That scar certainly could have only been caused by his weapon.

“This looks like bite marks of a wolf.” Someone next to the second master saw the bite marks on that piece of flesh and said.

“Indeed the bite marks of a wolf.” The second master threw the piece of flesh in hand onto the ground. Someone next to him immediately handed him a top quality brocade handkerchief. The second master took the handkerchief and wiped his hands a few times, following which he threw it on the ground, continuing to ask, “Where’s the thing?”

That person had the bundle in hand handed over. The person that had just spoke about the bite marks earlier went forwards and looked it over, saying to the second master, “It’s the style of knot that only fourth young master knows how to tie.”

Since the manner was the same, then that meant that the bundle haven’t been opened by anyone before. Ordinary people would all a.s.sume this. But encountering someone like Du Xiao Li, even if she opened it, she still wouldn’t let you all know.

“Open it.” The second master ordered.


The bundle was opened, and inside were a few change of clothes, some ingot of silver, and also a plaque to prove his ident.i.ty.

“Second master, the thing isn’t here.” The person examining said.

The things in the bundle were very simple. One could finish looking with a glance. The second master naturally also saw. Seeing that the thing he wanted wasn’t there, his face darkened, and a cold air exuded from all over his body.

“Second master, could it be that fourth young master played a trick on us, and that the thing wasn’t on him, but had let someone else take it back?” Someone voiced their guess.

“Go investigate, have everyone that Luo Qi had interacted with previously all investigated.” The second master said.

“Yes!” The men in black behind him accepted the order, and immediately after some of them flew away, only leaving behind the second master, the person that spoke just now, and also the two guards that had just returned.

“Second master, since fourth young master has died, how should we explain to eldest master?”

“Explain? Just say we got separated by the people that came to steal, and by the time we found him, he’d already been eaten by a wolf.” The second master coldly snorted, “He Shun, say, Luo Qi’s death, how big of an impact will it have towards Luo Yun Feng?”

“Fourth young master is eldest master’s precious treasure. If he learns of his death, eldest master will naturally be heartbroken for a long time.” He Shun, also the person that had just spoken earlier, pondered for a moment and spoke.

“Hahaha, I precisely want him to also taste this feeling of heartache!” The second master said, howling with laughter. The then laughter stopped, and he ordered the two men in black, “Take us to that place just now.”

Without seeing the corpse, he still refused to believe that Luo Qi was already dead. After all, his marital arts were that good, even if he was severely injured, he still ran this far, even shaking his people off his trail!


That said, the four flew towards the direction of the Du village.

However, after the second master arrived at that place, he only just confirmed the matter. Because even they couldn’t tell if someone had came by. Rather, they saw the clothes fragments torn by a wolf, and also a few strands of wolf fur.

Soon after, the four quickly left the place.

A few days later, Du Xiao Li stood outside the underbrush. Seeing that the bundle from that time had disappeared, and also there were traces of people coming by in the underbrush, she couldn’t help sighing in relief.

Du Xiao Li cooked some meat porridge, and drank a bowl herself. Then she fed half a bowl to Luo Qi. Afterwards, she stayed in the room reading, periodically checking on his condition.

All the way until nighttime, Luo Qi’s condition was still fine, but in the middle of the night, he suddenly began having a fever. Du Xiao Li long predicted that it would be like this. She warmed up the medicine and fed it to him. Afterwards, she used gauze dipped in alcohol to repeatedly wipe down his body. By the time Luo Qi’s body temperature finally dropped, Du Xiao Li was already beyond exhausted, and directly fell asleep on the side of the bed.

Hazily, Luo Qi felt his body burning all over, like he was about to burn to a crisp. Then, it was like as if something was brushing against his body, leaving behind a burst of coolness. He tried to slightly open his eyes and saw a little figure doing something on his body. Before he could see her face clearly, he once again fainted.

The next day, Du Xiao Li had gotten up really early. This time wasn’t because she was a light sleeper, but because her sleeping position was just too uncomfortable. She sat up, rubbed her somewhat stiffened arm, and then reached out to feel Luo Qi’s forehead. Learning that he didn’t have a fever anymore, she sighed in relief.

“Luckily you’re not burning anymore, otherwise it would’ve been dangerous.” Du Xiao Li muttered.

Before she could retract her hand, the person on the bed suddenly opened his eyes. Two pairs of eyes suddenly intersect, somewhat startling the both of them.

“You’re awake? How do you feel?” Du Xiao Li once again looked to his eyes, noticing that this time they felt different from yesterday’s. Sh retracted her little hand and asked.

“Who are you? Where is this place?” Luo Qi asked.

“I’m Du Xiao Li, this is my house. My family’s Silver found you collapsed in the underbrush yesterday, and insisted on saving you, so I saved you back.” Du Xiao Li said, “Didn’t you walk back yourself yesterday, don’t you remember?”

“I walked back myself?” Luo Qi looked to the worn-out house, then to Du Xiao Li asking, “Who am I?”

Du Xiao Li saw Luo Qi’s confused look, and couldn’t help slapping her forehead, scolding, “Can’t be this unlucky!?” Afterwards, she still took Luo Qi’s pulse again, even peeling open his eyelids for a look, then lastly reached out and felt around Luo Qi’s head. When she felt a large protruding on the back of his head, she softly cursed again.

She sat back down on the stool and shrugged, “Who you are, I don’t know either.” She paused for a moment, then said, “You only have temporary amnesia, it’ll get better after some time.”

“En.” Although Luo Qi lost his memories, it wasn’t where his intelligence regressed. That’s why, even if he was facing this kind of thing, he who has always been steady didn’t have too big of a reaction either. Just, his stomach very much refused to cooperate, and began grumbling.

T/N: I learn from later chapter that Silver is a boy, so I will be using the male p.r.o.noun for Silver from now on. The novel uses the p.r.o.noun for animals which gender neutral so I wasn’t sure before.

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