Pampered Consort of the Fragrant Orchard

Chapter 31

Fermenting Grape Wine

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Du Xiao Li and the others had just returned home, when Ji Liu Feng made Du Xiao Li quickly go make the grape wine, letting him broaden his horizon. But before the grapes were even done washing, Han Ming Yi’s twitching symptoms acted up again.

Although the symptoms this time didn’t last as long, Han Ming Yi’s complexion still became deathly pale. Consequently, everyone all lost the mood. Ji Liu Feng directly carried Han Ming Yi on his back and flew back to Niu Jing’s house.

“What’s wrong?” Niu Jing saw Ji Liu Feng carry Han Ming Yi back and immediately became tense, asking: “Did young master’s disease act up again?”

“Yes.” Ji Liu Feng had Han Ming Yi carried over to the guifei couch, before placing him down.

Niu Jing hurriedly took Han Ming Yi’s pulse, discovering that he was mostly fine. Everyone finally relaxed.

“When can Ming Yi’s disease be completely cured?” Ji Liu Feng looked to Han Ming Yi’s weakened appearance and anxiously asked.

“When once the five color fruit matures.” Niu Jing said.

“Then when will that five color fruit finally mature?” Ji Liu Feng asked.

“After autumn.” Niu Jing replied.

“Liu Feng, I’m fine.” Han Ming Yi said, “This many years have already pa.s.sed, would I still care about this bit of time? Don’t be impatient.”

“But…!” Ji Liu Feng knew that it was useless for him to worry. He sat his b.u.t.t down on the stool nearby, deeply sighing.

Du Xiao Li saw Ji Liu Feng hastily take Han Ming Yi away, and could only wash the grapes herself. Using a clean bamboo basket, she had the water drained, and then placed all of it into a clean basin. Afterwards, she washed her hands clean, and had those grapes all crushed, squeezing out the juices. Right after, she put in white sugar according to the given proportion. Then she found a jar to store it.

“Phew—” Although it looked very simple, but from selecting the grapes to the final step, Du Xiao Li had spent an hour or so of time. Looking to the purple skin and green pulp, she contently had the jar sealed up.

Soon after, she went out again to look around, discovering that this mountaintop was already mostly fixed up. In her heart, she sighed. As expected, the more people, the greater the power.

Looking at the blistering hot weather, Du Xiao Li went back and boiled a big pot of water, letting Shi Er help carry up the mountain, while she herself followed behind with some bowls.

“Xiao Li boiled some water for everyone. Anyone who wants to drink water can all come over.” Shi Er placed down the pot and said to the working villagers.

Those villagers were indeed a bit thirsty and successively went to pour a bowl to drink.

“This weather sure is hot!” Someone said with a sigh.

“Right! This sun is getting more and more poisonous.” Someone else added.

“It hasn’t even entered the seventh month and it’s already this hot. Looks like, this year will be hot for a long time!”

After finishing the water, everyone continued working again, striving to quickly help Du Xiao Li develop this mountain.

Everyone came to work for Du Xiao Li. A part of the reason was because the money she gave was high, and another part of the reason was because they found the siblings pitiful, especially with Du Xiu Heng having gone to the county seat to study, leaving Du Xiao Li alone at home. Everyone all wanted to help out.

At noon, Du Xiao Li told the villagers to go back. The sun was too big. If they worked any longer, she was afraid they’d get a heatstroke.

She simply ate her lunch and rested for a while. She also took out the medical books she borrowed and read for a while, and couldn’t help but sigh to herself inside. Right now, reading was probably the only form entertainment left.

In the afternoon, after the villagers came back to work, Du Xiao Li boiled another big pot of water for them, even saying to Shi Er’s wife that if the water runs out, trouble her to go boil another pot. After taking care of everything, she finally put on her back-basket and headed to Niu Jing’s house with Silver.

“Girl, come to deliver medical ingredients again?” Leng Er saw Du Xiao Li and warmly called out.

“That’s right, and also bring you all the grapes from this morning.” Du Xiao Li placed down her back-basket and took out a few large bunches of grapes, handing them to Leng Er. Then she turned around and had the medical ingredients poured into the wicker basket.


Silver saw the grapes and circled around Leng Er, jumping up and down. Leng Er plucked two to give to Silver. Du Xiao Li saw and said, “Don’t give it anymore, I gave it quite a lot to eat at home.”

Ji Liu Feng came out from the house, saw Du Xiao Li and asked, “You finished fermenting the grape wine?”

Du Xiao Li nodded her head and said, “Right now the weather is hot. Probably in about twenty some days, it’ll be ready. When the time comes. you all can just come drink.”

“Really a shame, I really wanted to see how the grape wine you speak of is fermented.” Ji Liu Feng said regrettably.

I don’t think it’s regrettable! Du Xiao Li inwardly muttered to herself.

“This is the grapes you all picked this morning?” Niu Jing saw the grapes that Leng Er had washed, picked up one and placed in his mouth.

Right now, everyone all liked to eat grapes, even Han Ming Yi was fond of it.

“Yes, a lot of grapes had matured, so we picked a lot today. I had the remaining fermented into grape wine. Later when it’s ready, I’ll bring some for you to taste.” Du Xiao Li said.

“Alright.” Niu Jing replied with a laugh.

“Oh right, grandpa Niu, this morning I saw big brother Yi have an attack again. Lately, has his disease been acting up a lot?” Du Xiao Li asked.

“Much less compared to before.” Niu Jing answered.

“Seems eating lots of millets, corn, green vegetables, celery, beef liver, chicken and whatnot is good for people with the twitching disease. Yep, and fruits like apples, grapes, and so on are also good.” Du Xiao Li said.

“Oh? Later, I’ll give young master some to try.” Niu Jing thoughtfully looked to Du Xiao Li and said.

Du Xiao Li sweetly smiled and said, “Eating lots of green vegetables is very good. Grandpa Niu can also eat a bit more!”

“En, I will give young master more of those to eat.” Niu Jing said.

“Then I’m going to go look for Leng Er.” Du Xiao Li said, then turned and left, off to find Leng Er.

Han Ming Yi was currently reading inside the house. Hearing Du Xiao Li’s words, he had the book placed on his own pair of legs.

“Leng Er, I have something, want to find you….”Du Xiao Li came to Leng Er’s side and mumbled.

Leng Er looked to Du Xiao Li in surprise, saying: “Speaking so hesitantly, this isn’t like you. If there’s something just say it.”

“Um that, can you teach me qinggong?” Du Xiao Li didn’t know if there were rules of not teaching martial arts to outsiders here, and didn’t know if Leng Er would be willing to teach herself.

“You want to learn qinggong?” Leng Er asked, somewhat surprised.

“Can’t I?” Du Xiao Li said, somewhat dejectedly.

“It’s not that you can’t, just, need to have young master to agree to this.” Leng Er explained.

“Need to have him agree……”Du Xiao Li suddenly felt that her thoughts were a bit too optimistic. In this current society, not everyone had freedom.

Han Ming Yi came from inside the house and looked to Leng Er and Du Xiao Li.

“Young maser, she….” Leng Er saw Han Ming Yi and said.

“Do as you please.” Han Ming Yi said. Leng Yi had the guifei couch moved out, and he laid back on.

Ji Liu Feng looked to Du Xiao Li and said, “Why aren’t you letting Ming Yi teach you? His martial arts is much better than Leng Er’s.”

“Him? A twelve year old little kid?” Du Xiao Li said in disbelief.

Han Ming Yi frowned, a twelve year old little kid?

“Even if he’s very impressive, I wouldn’t dare to let him teach me either.” Du Xiao Li continued.


Du Xiao Li glanced to Han Ming Yi and said, “Look at him, anyone with eyes can tell he’s wealthy and n.o.ble. A little village girl like me dare to let him teach me?”

After that, she casted a glance at Ji Liu Feng, aren’t you also the same?

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