Pampered Consort of the Fragrant Orchard

Chapter 14

A Contest Between Ox and Horse Carriage

Currently, the ones standing in the ironworks shop were precisely Han Ming Yi, along with Leng Yi and Leng Er.

Han Ming Yi stood inside the shop, and upon seeing Du Xiao Li's look, knew that she was still angry at him for kicking her last time. Thinking back to how last time she'd saved him after all, collected his cloak and said, "We came to fetch some things."

"You actually replied to me?!" Du Xiao Li said in shock. This guy has never said anything directly to her before. Today, he actually replied to her, truly a rare sight.

Han Ming Yi saw Du Xiao Li's reaction, and his gaze sunk. He coldly turned around. This kind of uncivilived peasant, he should've just ignored!

At this moment, the blacksmith came out from inside, holding a case in his hand. After opening it, inside laid a long sword.

"Young master, this is the thing you requested a few days ago." The blacksmith handed the long sword over to Leng Yi and said.

Leng Yi took the long sword, and only drew two three inches of it from the sheath. He sensed the sharpness of the sword's blade, and nodded his head in satisfaction, following which he had the sword placed back and said, "Many thanks blacksmith Wang."

"You all spend money, we make the goods, there's nothing to thanks." Blacksmith Wang neither coldly nor warmly replied. Afterwards, he shifted his attention towards Du Xiu Heng and Du Xiao Li and asked, "What do you want to forge?"

"I want to forge a set of needles." Du Xiao Li said.

"Embroidery needles?" Blacksmith Wang asked.

"No, the needles I want are long and short, thick and thin, not embroidery needles." Du Xiao Li explained.

"How many do you want of each kind?" Blacksmith Wang asked.

Du Xiao Li described once over what she wanted. Then, afraid that blacksmith Wang would get confused, also asked him for some paper. Afterwards, she found a piece of thin charcoal, sharpened it, and wrote on he paper.

"What material do you want it made from?" Blacksmith Wang roughly glanced at what Du Xiao Li wrote and asked.

"Right now, I want silver ones, but don't have that much money, so can just use something that won't rust. In addition, I also want one more thing." Du Xiao Li said, and afterwards drew a dagger. This dagger was different from ordinary ones. A barb was designed on the rear section, and afterwards, the barb was linked to a groove. Once stabbed in, thus can let loose the blood.

Unfortunately, when she transmigrated, her two needle sets weren't brought over. In the future, when she has money, she can switch to a better set.

"Alright. One tael of silver. Come pick up in three days." Blacksmith Wang looked to the silver needles and dagger, calculated for a moment, and said.

One tael of silver!

Du Xiao Li looked to Du Xiu Heng. Right now, they only have a few taels in total. If this needed one tael of silver, don't know if he will agree or not.

Du Xiu Heng had brought some silver with him when they came out this time. Originally, he'd intended to get some clothes made for Du Xiao Li. Seeing Du Xiao Li gazing to himself, he laughed and said, "As long as you like it." Afterwards, he handed the bank note to blacksmith Wang.

"Ahaha, big brother, you're the best! You're the best big brother in the world!" This time, Du Xiao Li really was happy. She excitedly hugged Du Xiu Heng and kissed him on the face, exclaiming in joy.

"Offensive to public morals!" Han Ming Yi watched Du Xiao Li's indecent behavior and said.

"What does it have to do with you!" Du Xiao Li heard Han Ming Yi's words and shot a glare at him. Afterwards, she turned and said to blacksmith Wang, "I'll come fetch it in three days. If I discover something unsatisfactory, I will request altercations."

"I will make it according to what you just said. If it's not made well, you can request altercations. If it's because you didn't explain clearly, it'll cost more." Blacksmith Wang said.

"Deal!" Du Xiao Li said with a smile. Afterwards, she left together with Du Xiu Heng.

Leng Er watched the two of them leave, then poked Leng Yi, saying: "What is that girl forging such a set of needles for?"

"How would I know!?" Leng Yi rolled his eyes at him.

Han Ming Yi picked up the drawing on the table, looked at it, and then placed it back down, saying to blacksmith Wang who was preparing to start working, "Someone as skilled as you, holed up in this kind of tiny town, don't you feel it's a bit of a waste? Are you interested in coming to the major cities to develop?"

Blacksmith Wang's hands paused and said, "Wishes of the clan's deceased, one is not allowed to travel far from home. Won't be sending you off."

Han Ming Yi looked to blacksmith Wang, and then turned to leave. Leng Yi and Leng Er tightly followed after him.

"Young Master, didn't we precisely come for his skills? How come you just gave up?" Leng Er asked.

"Let someone go investigate what happened with his ancestors. Afterwards, have him recruited to our side as much as possible." Han Ming Yi said.

"Yes." Leng Er turned and left to go carry out his orders just now.

Du Xiao Li and her brother came out of the city gates and saw Qiao Mai. After reuniting with him, they got on the ox carriage and headed back to the village. Along the way, they saw a horse carriage brush past by their side and sped ahead in front of them.

Qiao Mai waved his whip and said, "Li girl, look, that's a horse carriage, that speed, tsk tsk."

When the horse carriage was passing by, Du Xiao Li had saw Leng Yi, who was driving the carriage, and knew that was Han Ming Yi's horse carriage. Hearing Qiao Mai's words, she muttered in her heart, "When I have money, I'll also get a horse carriage! Isn't it just a horse carriage, what's so impressive about that!"

However, looking at the current scorching sun overhead, then looking again at this unbearably slow ox carriage, she had to admit, having a horse carriage was indeed impressive!

By the time they got home, it was already after noon. Du Xiao Li randomly made something to eat, then afterwards, her entire body collapsed in exhaustion.

"No good, this body is too weak. Need to quickly start training. Else, later on, whatever I do will all be tiring to death."

The next day, the two of them ascended the mountain together. Du Xiu Heng chopped for wood, and Du Xiao Li looked for medical herbs everywhere. After digging up some commonly seen medical herbs, she also looked for some things they can eat. Among these, fungus and the like were the most abundant. However, she only picked ones without poison. And while she was far away from Du Xiu Heng, she also did some simple exercises in the mountains, beginning to slowly train her own body.

After returning home, Du Xiu Heng had the firewood properly set aside, drank a bowl of water, then entered the house. Du Xiao Li had the medical herbs she'd just dug up placed in a bamboo basket, preparing to bring them to Niu Jing when she has a bit more. Just as she finished, she heard Du Xiu Heng cry out from inside the house, following which sounds of things falling to the ground. She quickly ran into Du Xiu Heng's room, and saw him collapsed on the ground with a stiffened leg. A snake was currently entrenched nearby. Seeing Du Xiao Li appear, it flicked its tongue at her.

Venomous snake!

Judging from Du Xiu Heng's appearance, he must have been bitten by the snake. Thinking to here, she emitted a burst of cold air all over her body. Actually dared to touch someone she cared about, damn it!

This snake she'd seen before in her past life. It wasn't considered very venomous, but still can't afford to delay. She saw a small rock by the doorway and attempted to slowly crouch down. The venomous snake moved its head, but didn't attack her.

Got it!

Du Xiao Li grabbed the small rock, and slight relaxed a breath inside. Afterwards, she stood up. When she standing up, the venomous snake swiftly charged towards her.


As the venomous snake charged at her, Du Xiao Li threw the rock in hand, perfectly hitting the snake in the stomach. The venomous snake struggled for a moment on the ground, and very soon, stopped moving.

She walked over, and after confirming that the snake wasn't dead, only having fainted, she had it thrown out the door. Afterwards, she went over to Du Xiu Heng's side. She rolled up his trousers, and saw his entire leg swollen into a steamed bun. On his little leg were two teeth marks. She couldn't help but furrow her brows. It was already very serious, if it's not dealt with immediately, not only would his entire leg waste away, he might even lose his life.

"Right now, there isn't any other ways." Du Xiao Li said and ran out. When she came back, she was holding a knife in her hand. She had Du Xiu Heng moved to the bed, grabbed a stool, and had his leg propped up, saying: "Big brother, endure for a bit."

With that said, she raised the knife in her hand......

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