Pampered Consort of the Fragrant Orchard

Chapter 12

Becoming Enemies

Du Xiao Li didn’t expect that Han Ming Yi would react like this after waking up. Even if he was some family’s great young master, it was still unlikely to be like this, right?!

She got up from the ground, and rubbed her own aching bottom. And while the bodyguard was off guard, she walked up and kicked Han Ming Yi in the leg, yelling: “You sure don’t know how to be grateful! I saved you! I can’t believe you kicked me!”

“You!” Getting kicked by Du Xiao Li, Han Ming Yi almost had an attack again.

“Hmph!” Du Xiao Li gave him a roll of her eyes. Rubbing her own little b.u.t.t, she turned and went back into the house.

Han Ming Yi glared at Du Xiao Li as she entered the house. Seeing how she rubbed her own b.u.t.t the whole way, he said with a disgusted look, “Actually rubbing her own b.u.t.t in front of a guy, offensive to public morals!”

The bodyguard knelt down on one knee and lowered his head, “This subordinate deserves death, didn’t notice that she would kick young mater, letting her get away with it. Asking young master to punish this subordinate.”

“Whatever, help me up.” Han Ming Yi retracted his gaze and extended his own two hands.

The bodyguard got up and and carried Han Ming Yi onto the guifei couch. Afterwards, he went into the house to get water for him to rinse his mouth.

Han Ming Yi rinsed his mouth, and had the water spat into a small basin to the side. Then used the towel handed to him by the bodyguard to wipe his mouth. Finally, he opened his mouth and asked, “Leng Yi, she said she saved me. What did that mean?”

Leng Yi had the things put away, and upon hearing Han Ming Yi asking him, he narrated what had happened just now. Afterwards, he said: “Doctor Niu once said, if young master out when having an attack, if too much time, then will die from shock. But he doesn’t know what should be done in this kind of situation either. Can only hope for young master’s illness to be cured before it becomes more severe. Didn’t expect that young master would have an attack this soon, and even fainted. If not for Miss Xiao Li, one dares not to imagine the consequences.”

“Oh?” Han Ming Yi never thought that she was holding his leg for the sake of letting him wake up. Then that wasn’t intentionally offending him? No wonder after getting kicked by him, she actually even dared to kick back.

“However young master,” Leng Yi hesitantly said, “At first, when she saw young master having an attack, she was somewhat taking pleasure at another’s misfortune, but when she saw you faint, she began to panic, even instructing this subordinate how to treat. She said this is epilepsy, and even knew that this illness would often acted up at random times, seemingly understanding this illness a lot. But she’s only seven year old, how could she be this familiar with this kind of weird disease, and even knew things doctor Niu didn’t know?”

Han Ming Yi was also thinking of this problem. This illness was extremely rare even in Ming Feng. Out of the entire imperial physician’s court, only Niu Jing knew a bit. Why did that girl know about such a strange disease? Even more familiar than Niu Jing. Could it be that with her, his illness can be cured?

Thinking to here, he shook his head again, feeling himself to be somewhat indulging in fanciful thoughts. No matter how smart she was, she was still only a seven year old little girl. How could he cast his hopes onto her?!

Awhile later, Niu Jing and Leng Er returned together. Leng Er even carried a super big bucket on his back. As soon as Niu Jing entered the courtyard, he saw that Han Ming Yi’s complexion was even more pale, lying on the guifei couch with an exhausted look. He quickly ran over, asking: “Young master’s illness acted up?”

Leng Yi nodded.

Niu Jing went forward, grabbed Han Ming Yi’s hand, and began checking his pulse, his expression turning extremely grave. Awhile later, he finally put down his hand and said, “Young master’s illness has become even more serious.”

“Niu…..” Leng Yi wanted to explain the situation just now to Niu Jing. Just as he opened his mouth, Du Xiao Li came out from the house.

Du Xiao Li already knew that Niu Jing had returned. She knew that Niu Jing would definitely check Han Ming Yi’s pulse first, thus waited for a while in the house.

“Granpa Niu, You’ve come back!” Du Xiao Li ran to Niu Jing’s side and asked.

Niu Jing didn’t expect that Du Xiao Li was also present and gave Leng Yi an inquiring look, ‘She saw young master’s illness acting up?’

Leng Yi nodded.

“Grandpa Niu, I wanted to come ask you. Can I begin digging for herbs now?” Du Xiao Li asked.

Niu Jing was currently worried about Han Ming Yi’s illness, then thinking again to how Du Xiao Li’s grasp on differentiating medical herbs lately was quite good, thus nodded his head, “You can try digging for some commonly seen ingredients. Just like those I’ve told you about previously.”

“Alright, thank you grandpa Niu, then tomorrow I won’t be coming over. Go with big brother into the mountains to dig for medical herbs. Grandpa Niu, I’ll head back first then!” Du Xiao Li said as she waved her hand at Niu Jing and left.

“It’s only been a few days since young master’s last attack, how come it acted up again today?” Waiting until after Du Xiao Li left, Leng Er asked.

“Not only that, young master even fainted this time.” Leng Yi said.

“What!” Niu Jing and Leng Er both were shocked.

Leng Yi recounted the matter to Niu Jing and Leng Er. After he finished, the atmosphere in the courtyard became somewhat heavy.

“You say young master was woken up by Li girl when he fainted?” A moment of silence later, Niu Jing thought of another problem and asked.

“Yes.” Leng Yi said.

“She’s just a seven year old little girl, how would she know this?” Leng Er somewhat didn’t believe Leng Yi’s words. He shifted his gaze onto Han Ming Yi and asked, “Right, young master?”

Han Ming Yi touched the jade pendent at his waist. Seeing Niu Jing and Leng Er both looking at him, nodded his head and admitted, “It’s her that saved me.”

“So it really is true! But how would she…..” Leng Er’s personality was a bit more livelier than Leng Yi’s. Seeing that even Han Ming Yi admitted to it, his expression became even more surprised.

“Alright, this matter I’ll ask Li girl about later. Since the method she thought of is effective, next time if this kind of thing happens again, just use this method.” Niu Jing said, “Right now, move the bathtub in first, and prepare to give young master a medicine bath.”


Leng Er picked up the super big tub he’d placed on the ground just now and walked into the house. Niu Jing went to go prepare the medical herbs for the medicine bath, planning to let him soak in the medicine bath in the afternoon.

And Du Xiao Li, at this moment, was somewhat regretting how rashly she’d handled today’s matter. If they begin to suspect her, then that would be troublesome. But she couldn’t really just watch him die and not help either. She could tell Niu Jing very much cared for Han Ming Yi. Just treat it as for the sake of not letting Niu Jing be heartbroken then.

Recalling that today there needed to be two people to be able to save Han Ming Yi’s life, she began to miss those two silver needles from her past life. If she had those silver needles (acupuncture needles) in hand, she could take care of it with a few injections. Where was there still the need to have two people present?

Furthermore, the silver needles from her past life, not only were they her tools for saving people, they were also her weapon to kill. Two silver needles, one to kill, one to save. No wonder she kept feeling she was missing something. She only noticed today that without her silver needles, she kept feeling empty inside.

“Tomorrow, when going to the county seat, see if I can get a pair made.” Although she decided to live a normal life this lifetime, but in this medical science lacking time period, even if it’s for the sake of herself and her family, she still can’t abandon them.

When she returned home, while eating the afternoon meal, Du Xiao Li discussed with Du Xiu Heng about going to the county seat tomorrow. Du Xiu Heng was already planning on going to the county seat tomorrow to sell the firewood from last time anyways. Now that Du Xiao Li wanted to go together, he thus agreed.

Thus, the morning of the next day, Du Xiao Li and Du Xiu Heng descended the mountain together, planning to go see just exactly what the cities of this time period looked like.

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