Pampered Consort of the Fragrant Orchard

​Ch. 089.2: She's One of Moon Water Paradise's People?! (2)

Ch. 089.2: She's One of Moon Water Paradise's People?! (2)

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"Since this is the case, we'll just have no choice but to offend you. Burst of Ripples."

The moment Fairy Shui Qing finished talking, the women accompanying her swiftly flew over to surround the black-clothed people. Then the women started playing the musical instruments in their hands simultaneously, and like ripples, waves of power attacked the people in the center.

"Ah-_" Each of the black-clothed people screamed while cradling their head with a very pained appearance.

Fairy Shui Qing placed her flute by her lips and gently blew a few notes. These notes were like a talisman cursing someone to have an early demise as those people who were just screaming a moment ago all fell to the ground dead. Even at death's door, they still had pained expressions on their faces.

It was only after all the white-clothed women killed all the black-clothed people that they returned to stand behind Fairy Shui Qing, with not a single drop of blood on their clothes.

Du Xiao Li already knew the formidable power of Sound Arts, so she wasn't particularly astonished. However, Beiling Yi Cheng got a fright from seeing this scene.

Fairy Shui Qing took off her veil and looked at Du Xiao Li with a smile while saying, "And so we meet again, Miss Du."

Arriving before Fairy Shui Qing, Du Xiao Li cupped her hands together in greeting and said,

“Many thanks to Fairy Shui Qing for your grace in rescuing us. May I ask why you are here?"

“Miss Du is being too polite. Miss Du, I think it would be best for you to bind up this gentleman's wound first. We can talk about the rest later." Fairy Shui Qing got down from the rock. Her aura, which was untainted by the mundane world, remained totally unaffected by the corpses covering the ground.


Du Xiao Li looked at Beiling Yi Cheng's shoulder wound and thought of that river from earlier, so she brought him back there. When they reached the river, she had him sit on a rock and then stripped off his upper garments to reveal the hideous shoulder wound.

"It is fortunate that the wound doesn't reach your heart. However, you've lost a lot of blood, which is why you feel so weak. Luckily, the wound has already stopped bleeding. I'll clean up your wound first." Du Xiao Li wet her hand cloth in the river water and then spent a moment wiping away all the bloodstains surrounding Beiling Yi Cheng's wound. Just when she intended to go into the woods to see if there were any herbs she could use, a bottle of medicine appeared in front of her.

"This is a top-quality Jin Chuang (1) medicine," Fairy Shui Qing said with a smile.

Du Xiao Li accepted the bottle of medicine and returned a smile, saying, "Thanks."

She carefully poured the medicinal powder onto Beiling Yi Cheng's wound. After that, she folded a clean hand cloth into a square shape and used it to cover the wound. Then she tore another piece of fabric and bound the hand cloth over the wound.

"All done," Du Xiao Li stated and got up.

"Thank you," Beiling Yi Cheng said gratefully.

"If anyone's to be saying thanks, it should be me." Du Xiao Li patted Beiling Yi Cheng's other shoulder. This was because the two of them could be considered to have gone through a life or death experience together. "You rest here for a while. I'll go over there for a moment."

Beiling Yi Cheng knew Du Xiao Li had things she wanted to say to the members of Water Moon Paradise, so he just nodded and said okay.

After giving Du Xiao Li the bottle of medicine, Fairy Shui Qing had returned to where the other members of Water Moon Paradise were resting. She was currently in conversation with Feng Li Shang right when Du Xiao Li came over.

"This student greets Teacher." Du Xiao Li gave Feng Li Shang a greeting bow.

Feng Li Shang took off his conical bamboo hat and looked at Du Xiao Li while saying, "You still managed to recognize me."

"So it turns out that Teacher truly is a member of Water Moon Paradise." Du Xiao Li thought of the first time she saw him, which happened to be a time when he had been using Sound Arts to play the qin [2]. He hadn't used much strength, but the notes had still failed to escape her ears.

"You've known all along?" Feng Li Shang asked.

"I only just found out," Du Xiao Li answered. Right after, she gazed over at Fairy Shui Qing and said, "Many thanks to Fairy and Teacher for your grace in saving us. I won't reveal Teacher's identity to others. When I return home, I will tell my father about today's matter, and he will definitely properly express our thanks to Water Moon Paradise for your kindness. I still need to rush back to Phoenix City, so I won't disturb your journey anymore."

Du Xiao Li finished talking and wanted to leave, but she was called to a stop by Fairy Shui Qing.

"Miss Du, don't you wish to know why we're here?"

"It must be that you, Fairy, have some matters to attend to and just happened to pass by here. So, in passing, you rescued Elder Brother Beiling and me." Du Xiao Li smiled.

Despite that, she actually felt that her own explanation was a little far-fetched. After all, how could there be such an uncanny coincidence?! Nevertheless, she still hoped the situation was as she said. Otherwise, she was definitely going to have a major headache. However, Fairy Shui Qing's appearance suggested she was going to say precisely what Du Xiao Li didn't want to hear the most.

As expected--

Fairy Shui Qing got up. Staring fixedly at Du Xiao Li, she said, "Miss Du, you're wrong. We came here specially to find you."

Hearing Fairy Shui Qing's words, Du Xiao Li's heart sank unceasingly, and her entire body emitted a wave of cold air.

What should she do if they had come for the secret book, Wind Blowing Snow? Should she take on a laissez-faire attitude and just let them expose the fact that Wind Blowing Snow was in her possession, or should she return kindness with animosity) and kill to silence them?

When Fairy Shui Qing saw Du Xiao Li's sudden change in temperament, she felt alarmed and knew that Du Xiao Li had misunderstood. So she hurriedly explained, 'We came to find you because we have something to request of you. It's not at all like what you're thinking."

Du Xiao Li regained her smile and withdrew her cold aura before saying, "Like what I'm thinking? Fairy seems to have misunderstood. I wasn't really thinking of anything at all."

"Miss Du, actually you know the reason why we're looking for you," Fairy Shui Qing said. She glanced at Beiling Yi Cheng who was seated nearby and refrained from speaking openly about the matter. "We haven't come here today in order to snatch away the secret book."

Hearing the mention of 'secret book', Du Xiao Li concluded inwardly that the situation was as she expected; they knew that the secret book was in her possession. However, she didn't actually sense any killing intent from Fairy Shui Qing or Feng Li Shang. It was as if they didn't have any intention at all to snatch away the secret book.

"In that case, why are you looking for me?" Du Xiao Li asked nonchalantly.


1.1 - 1.25 - directly translates to: gold sore medicine

2.1 - A stringed musical instrument. Gu qin or zither.

3.1 - Okt - a similar idiom in English would be: to bite the hand that feeds you

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